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September 2009
C-band dish manual

Q.1 : I get a crackling sound from my TV every time I watch a subscription programme. What is wrong? I can't find my C-band dish manual. How can I determine its focal length? (Sarfaraz Naeem, Karachi)

Ans: First, check your cable connections. If you are satisfied with the connections, it could be your decoder module. Measure the diameter of your dish and convert this value to inches. Measure the depth of your dish in the middle by placing a flat board across the center of the dish and measuring from the board to the dish. Multiply the diameter of the dish by itself.

My pay channels

Q.2 : I can't receive one of my pay channels on a satellite. It is the only channel I can't get. What do I do? (Furqan Ali, Rawalpindi)

Ans: First, call your program provider and get a re-hit of programming. If this doesn't fix the problem, try pulling the decoder module out of the receiver and letting it sit out for an hour before reinstalling and testing. Third, try deleting that satellite from the receiver's memory and reprogram it in.

KU satellites

Q.3 : How do I program in the KU satellites with my older receiver? The names are different and it won't take the new names. (Babar Iqbal, via e-mail)

Ans: Go to the satellite location and attempt to program in a KU satellite using the parameters in your system that are closest to those of the actual satellite. All but a few KU satellites are part of a C/KU combo bird. Find the C-Band side first, then attempt to program in the KU side. Use whatever naming sequence you can remember since your system likely won't let you name satellites such as X4 or L5. It is tedious work since some of the new KU birds have 24 transponders that don't match what is preprogrammed in your receiver. The 4Dtv receivers automatically update these names as they occur.

Same receivers

Q.4 : I have two of the same receivers in my house and the remote I have changes both at the same time. Can I fix it so only receiver changes instead of both? (Mazhar Abbas, Peshawar)

Ans: Some remotes can be 'addressed' to work with just one receiver even though you may have similar models of the same receiver in your home. Most remotes are made to just put the batteries in and they work. Check your manual for programming your remote; if it is addressable it should be covered there. Sometimes this can be done by pushing the right combination of buttons on the remote and sometimes it is done by changing 'dip' switches inside the remote. If it can be programmed for other TVs or VCRs, those codes are listed in the manual also.

MPEG receiver

Q.5 : Are there many ways to hook up a Free-to-Air MPEG receiver? (Waseem Khan, Abbotabad)

Ans: Most MPEG receivers have a loop-through connection to hook the C or KU-Band LNB to and then loop it back to the main receiver. You will still need to hook the MPEG receiver to the TV. This can be done by hooking the output of the MPEG receiver to the antenna input on the main receiver or by hooking it directly to the TV if there is an extra input on the back. Another option is to use two high frequency splitters to split the C-KU cables before the main receiver, hook it to a DiSEqC switch and then to the receiver. This allows the MPEG to automatically switch between the two bands. All of these components are reasonably priced in our catalog.

TV via the coax cable

Q.6 : Do most Free-to-Air MPEG-2 receivers modulate the signal out to a TV via the coax cable and use channel 3 or 4? (Najeeb Ullah, Quetta)

Ans: Most analog receivers have a switch on the back of the unit for Channel 3 or 4 but this is not the case with most MPEG receivers. This is controlled through the menus. If you can't get the menus up and you have a rolling picture, change the channel on the TV to either 3 or 4 so you can view the menus.

FTA receiver

Q.7 : Can I use a FTA receiver to get premium channels from Dish Network or DirecTV? (Salaman Faris, via e-mail)

Ans: No, Programming from sources like Dish Network or DirecTV requires a subscription and special receivers supplied directly by the service provider. Tampering with your FTA receiver's hardware or attempting a software modification in order to receive premium channels without paying for a subscription is a violation of the law. In addition, this will also void your FTA receiver warranty and may render it unusable. Skyvision does not support unethical or illegal use of equipment for the purpose of stealing subscription programming.

DiSEqC and LNB

Q.8 : What are DiSEqC and LNB control parameters and how to set them for an installation containing three dishes (Arabsat 2-A, Hotbird, Astra). (Sabir Ikran, Hyderabad)

Ans: Dear reader, its not a difficult job you need a receiver with DiSEqC 1.0 or higher, a DiSEqC menu of your receiver A or 1 to Arabsat, B or 2 to Hotbird, and C or 3 to Astra. Then if cable from the dishes must be connected to the switch in the same order.

Clear channels

Q.9 : When collecting channels from the Free-to-Air MPEG receiver, why do I run across some good clear channels with no audio? (Raheem Aziz, Karachi)

Ans: Some channels are scrambled this way and will have no audio. This is controlled through the menus. If you can't get the menus up and you have a rolling picture, change the channel on the TV.


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