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September 2006

Q.1 : I am living in Iraq. I have a satellite receiver named Strong 4800II. Now I want to receive here US channels, but I am not able to pick up any US channels. News or BBC would be nice; anything in English. Is there a card I can buy or anything I can do? (Mohammad Zahid, Iraq)

Ans: Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to get FTA US channels in Iraq. One option would be the Orbit TV Network ( This is a PayTV service that provides a number of US channels among others to the Middle East in the Ku-band on the Arabsat satellites at 26 deg East and the Intelsat 10-02 satellite at 1 deg West. Available channels include CNN, Disney, Cartoon Network, ESPN, etc.

Q.2 : I have a goal that I would find a FTA receiver to the lowest possible price. Where would you recommend me to start searching? (Azeem Sardar, Multan)

Ans: Check Dish Channels regularly, you will find a low price FTA receiver easily. We’re lucky that as the technology becomes more and more mainstream, cheap FTA receivers are appearing all the time and even the most basic have the functions you need for everyday use.

Q.3 : want to upgrade my receiver. My receiver is a EURO-box type EURO 9700 plus. I am not getting many channels on Hotbird. How do I upgrade my receiver and from which site can I get the software to download? (Shahid Jamal, Oman

Ans: Firmware upgrades for this receiver and instruction on how to use them are available from the manufacturer at But unless upgrading the receiver’s software also includes an updated frequency list, this wouldn’t automatically result in an increase in the number of channels you can receive. It would be more beneficial to make sure the frequencies in the receiver’s database are up to date

Q.4 : I am quite sure that this subject has already been addressed but I was unable to find any reference to it on the web site so that’s why I am asking this question here: how large does my dish need to be to receive Astra at 19.2° in Abu Dhabi? (Qazi Ghulam Ali, Dubai

Ans: Astra 19.2° east is “Out of Footprint” reception. Continuous reception cannot be guaranteed. A five-meter antenna with an accurate parabolic form would do the job although you might have to deal with signal dropouts from sunset to about midnight

Q.5 : : I live in the United Arab Emirates and would like to receive PAKSAT 1. Can you tell me how large my antenna needs to be for reliable reception? (Asghar Ali, UAE)

Ans: Depending on what area of the United Arab Emirates you live, PAKSAT 1 delivers an EIRP from 34 to 37.54 dBW requiring at least a 310cm antenna in order to have some amount of signal reserve. Here is some set up information for Dubai: Azimuth: 214.7°, Elevation: 54.7°

Q.6 : On my satellite receiver there are four LNB’s connected via a DiSEqC switch for reception of HOTBIRD, ARABSAT, NILESAT and the C-Band on ASIASAT. I want to receive a fifth satellite but where should the IF connection go? A friend suggested using a 0/12 volt switch but didn’t have much more advice to give. (Naveed Hussain, Peshawar)

Ans: The power wire for the 0/12 volt switch is connected to the programmable switch output. The 0/12 volt switch has one IF output to the receiver and two IF inputs to which the two coaxial cables from the DiSEqC switches are connected. Your four existing LNB’s are programmed to the A, B, C and D inputs with 0 volts in the installation menu while any additional LNB’s would be programmed to 12 volts and A, B, C and D.


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