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September 2004

Q.1 : Last week I went to the market to purchase a DTH Receiver for receiving Doordarshan DTH. The shopkeeper told me that I should buy a specific brand (which he wanted to sell me). He said that receivers of any other brand will not work properly in future. Is this true? (Wahab Hassan, Islamabad)

Ans: It seems that the shopkeeper is trying to misguide you and sell you a product that he has in stock. DTH service is a free to air service.The full Doordarshan DTH bouquet is free to air. No subscription or encryption system is utilised. Hence all Doordarshan DTH channels can be received on ANY BRAND digital satellite receiver.

Q.2 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. The magazine is very informative for cable users but I am facing some problem regarding KU band free to air channels. Are there any FTA channels transmitted from 120 deg E ? (Riaz , Multan)

Ans: The satellite at 120 deg East is the Thaicom 1A. It mainly provides services for Thailand. It have signals for both C-band as well as Ku-band.

Q.3 : I am a cable operator and regular visitor of your site. Can I use 10 to 30 MHz modulators for a few subscribers (1 to 50) for selectable channels? What can I use for demodulation at the customer's premises ? Please advise me. (Imran , Karachi)

Ans: The frequency band of 5 MHz to 30 MHz is typically used for reverse path (from any point in the network, back to the headend) transmissions. You can however use this frequency band for transmissions in the forward path. However do note that a standard TV set will not tune to signals below 48.25 MHz for the video carrier. You would have to provide each of your customers with a reverse path demodulator to receive these signals.

Q.4 : I am located at 90 km north from Gilgut. I am not receiving the following signals from NSS 6 :Antena Pacific, Future TV USA, Tele Liban, ESC 2, Nile Culture, Leonardo World, BN TV, Nile TV International? (Yasir Iqbal, Hunza)

Ans: All the channels you cannot receive, since they are broadcast on a spot beam over Australia only. So you will need a better antenna position and receiver condition.

Q.5 : I am a cable TV user in Lahore and I am extremely disappointed with my cable operator's services. I would like to know about DTH in India. Can I choose the channels that I want? How good is the DD DTH in terms of international sports coverage? (Mohammad Shafeeq, Lahore)

Ans: Currently, there is only 1 DTH service: DISH TV The channels are arranged in various "Tiers" or groups. You have to select the channels as groups, not on a single channel basis. Currently, DISH TV includes ESPN & STAR SPORTS.

Q.6 : I am perfectly new to the world of satellites, but watch all the satellite programmes with great interest. What is C-band? (Imtiaz , Sindh)

Ans: C-band is a range of satellite transmission frequencies that TV and radio channels use to transmit to full-size satellite dishes

Q.7 : What is a transponder? (Gohar Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: Satellite TV and radio channels are transmitted back to earth via a transponder on a satellite. C-band satellites have 24 transponders.

Q.8 : My system consists of a 55-inch offset antenna, an Echostar receiver . I should be able to receive the programs that are on ASTRA 2A (28.2° East). But actually, I can only receive for example TCM and Boomerang on 12051V occasionally. At best the signal strength shown by Echostar varies between 32 and 43% and the signal quality between 24 and 30%. Most of the time however the actual values are less and the picture either appears sporadically or not at all.What could be causing this? (Sabir, Hyderabad)

Ans: No, switching LNB's wouldn't help much. In your case a "Sat Slope" might help. Manufacturers of these small, cheap but very helpful devices.The "Sat Slope" is simply inserted inline between the IF input and the coaxial cable.

Q.9 : At first, let me thank you for your web site and for the quality of the information you provide. In your web site, I could get 80% of the information I was looking for. Thank you very much, please go on. Then, I would like you help me to get the other 20%. The situation is as follow: I'm planning to get a satellite system to get ART Australia, LBC Australia and RAI international. They are using the PAS2 satellite which covers the area where I live. Now, what I would like to know is what kind of dish I have to use for a good quality reception. Above all, what would be a good dish diameter for that purpose? Would you please help me find this information, according to your knowledge or on the internet. (Niaz Bhatti, Punjab)

Ans: In order to receive the digital package on the c-band (Pacific rim) of PAS 2 a 1.7m dish is required. With this size a DTH-quality is given. Off course, you could start with 1.10m, but this would mean reception is near the threshold of your system and a liitle bit of bad weather would make reception impossible.

Q.10 : Need some help with picking up the Arabsat bouquet on Hotbird 13 degrees digital in particularly, Saudi 1 (12.654H 3/4). I require a receiver that can de-crypt Power Vu. I already have an 80cm dish pointing at 13 degrees east from my analogue days. Can you advice me on a receiver that will allow me to receive these channels please. (Rafiq Ullah, Saudia Arabia)

Ans: if you like to get reliable charts and backround information, please use for daily updated charts. SAUDI 1 is broadcasting as FTA MPEG-2 (DVB). This means, a 2500IP will do the job. But have a look on the Echostar 3000.

Q.11 : I situated my dish at 42 degrees east. Turksat 1C. I can receive the vertical polarized channels but not the horizontal polarized channels. I don't think there is something wrong with my receiver, because the horizontal polarized channels at the Astra-sattelite I do receive perfectly. Is it possible at all to receive them? (Arif, Swat)

Ans: There is no problem with your polarizer! All vertical channels on TURKSAT 1C are on the west-beam and the horizontal channels are on the east-beam, which can´t be received with your dish in your location.

Q.12 : I am interested in viewing TFC (The Filipino Channel) on ARABSAT 2A 26 degrees east. The channel is currently encrypted with IRDETO. My first question is, where could I purchase this IRDETO card? Second, would this IRDETO card work on my current digital receiver. which is a Scientific-Atlanta PowerVu, with a built in smart-card slot? I would very much appreciate your answers? (Faheem, Quetta)

Ans: Sorry, your S.A.-receiver is not able to work with a IRDETO C.A. In any case you will need a receiver able to work with IRDETO, like a Nokia etc.


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