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September 2003

Q.1 : I am living in a small town. Is it possible for me to receive any of the Indian FM stations from satellite? (Hassan, Raheem Yar Khan)

Ans: Yes, the Insat 2E satellite located at 83ºE, does carry Mumbai's 93.5 Red FM radio station as a digital audio carrier, on the same transponder as the headlines today news channel. The frequency of the radio on satellite is 3572 MHz, vertical polarity, SR 4340. The transmissions are free to air, you will require a digital satellite receiver to receive the signals.

Q.2 : We have seen PTV on Asiasat-3 at 105.5 deg. 4100 V, but now we don't receive this channel from this satellite we tried our best to receive the channel from Thaicom satellite at 78.5 deg., 3610 MHz and 3614 MHz, but could not receive them. Would these channel be available from a 6ft. dish? (Ibrahim, Abudhabi by e-mail)

Ans: Yes, PTV national is available from the Asiasat 3S satellite on downlink of 4090 V with SR 6666 and FEC 3/4. The PTV World channel is available on a downlink of 4108 V, SR 6666 and FEC 3/4. The PTV channels are also available on Thaicom-3 satellite located at 78 deg. East on a downlink of 3610 V, with SR 3333 and FEC 3/4. Another PTV Channel on the same satellite is available on 3614 with the same SR and FEC.

Q.3 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I need information about Sadhana channel. Also please tell me where the channel MCM Asia is located and what are the details of this channel. (Mamoon, Peshawar)

Ans: Sadhana TV is available on the Thaicom 3 satellite on a downlink frequency of 3626 V with SR 15556 V and FEC 3/4. The MCM is not available on any FTA feed over India now.

Q.4 : I would like to receive broadcast from Doordarshan or any other satellite broadcaster. What is the position of the satellite and how should they program their dish? (Haresh, by e-mail)

Ans: The dish antenna position needs to be continuously adjusted, for dynamically tracking the satellite. Tracking dish antenna is available in the international market for Ku-band channels.

Q.5 : I want to know the details of the following channels Ap Net, M Net, World Net. Please advice me? (Waqas Ali, Karachi)

Ans: Ap Net is a Ku-band channel available form the Insat 2E satellite at 83 degrees East. The channel is owned by the Andhra Pradesh government and is for rural education. M Net is an entertainment DTH platform intended for Africa and is available from the PAS 10 satellite. World Net is a C-band channel available from the NSS 703 at 57 deg East. Its frequency is 4055 R, While SR is 20395 with FEC 1/2.

Q.6 : Kindly give me the frequency details of Punjab to-day and Headlines today? (Inam, Multan)

Ans: Headlines News is available from the Insat 2E satellite downlinked at 3572 V with SR 4340 and FEC 3/4. While Punjab to-day is available from the Thaicom 3 satellite with a downlink of 3626 V with SR 15556 and FEC 3/4.

Q.7 : I am a regular reader of your wonderful magazine. Can I get Arabsat in my city and as there any FTA adult channels on Arabsat? (Farman, Abbotabad)

Ans: Yes, you may be able to get the Arabsat signals with a Hi-gain dish of at least 12ft size. There are no adult channels available on the Arabsat, certainly not in FTA.

Q.8 : Dear Sir, I am the regular reader of your magazine, but writing a letter to you for the first time. I have a Fortec Star FSCI 9800 digital receiver. Please guide me which CAM will be suitable for its installment, so that I may watch Zee TV? (Mohammabad Zahid, Punjab)

Ans: Thank you for having interest in our magazine. Viaccess CAM is the best to watch Zee channels. You may also put the Irdeto CAM, but you may not receive the signals clear. This CAM will serve you for a long time.

Q.9 : I am living in one of the small city of Sharjah. I take great interest in your magazine. Once I found some thing about PAKSAT in your magazine, but after that you have even not mentioned the name of the same satellite. Let me know the frequency of PAKS at and which LNB will be suitable for it? (Ahmed Raza, UAE)

Ans: Yes, you are right. PAKSAT was started at 38 deg East, but still not channel has been launched from this satellite. It is still a testing satellite. When the channels will start from this satellite, we will mention it in our magazine.

Q.10 : I am the new reader of your magazine. I used to watch Remo TV on Thaicom 3, but now I am not able to receive its signals. Kindly also tell me the freq. Of INSAT 3A? (Mohammad Saleem, Multan)

Ans: Remo TV has become a pay channel now. First it was free to air. The frequency of INSAT 3A is 93.5º E.

Q.11 : I am cable operator and a regular reader of your magazine as well as website. On public demand we tried to install the KTV channel at our network, but we were unable to get the frequency and symbol rate? Could you please provide us with some information on it. Is KTV a pay channel our Just a FTA? (Shoaib, Lahore)

Ans: KTV from the Sun TV group is a pay channel and requires the use of a decoder to receive the same.

Q.12 : Dear Sir, I want to see the HotBird channels on PORTOPIA 960 DV digital receiver on 12 ft. dish. Can I receive Star Movie, SET MAX, Zee Cinema and HBO in one decoder? (Arsalan, Hyderabad)

Ans: you can receive all channels of HotBird on your receiver. You can get Star Movie, Set Max, Zee Cinema and HBO channels in one decoder.

Q.13 : I have a digital receiver and Six ft. aluminum dish. I used to watch all the channels of C-band through my digital receiver. Now, I want to watch the hotbird, but after my great struggle, I am still unable to receive it. Please, guide me properly how I will receive KU-band channels? (Irfan Mughal, Jehlum)

Ans: It is possible that you may not watch the Ku-band channels due to mountains. Try to find the Ku-band channels through 14 ft. dish. But there should be nothing in front of the dish. In Karachi, one may watch all the ku-band channels by Six ft dish.

Q.14 : I have a Neosat SX7000 universal digital receiver. I want to watch the BW movies located on PAS 7. which CAM will be suitable for it. Please advice me? (Mohammad Nadeem, Hyderabad)

Ans: You will have to buy the multicam, because every card work properly in it. While for watching the B4U music, which is broadcasted on frequency 3836 H, you will require a plus card.

Q.15 : I am writing to any magazine for the first time. I have a Neosat Super Mix 600 Plus digital receiver. I want to place a CAM for discovery. Which CAM will be suitable for it? (Khalil Ahmed, Dalbadeen)

Ans: Multicam is the best for your digital receiver to watch the discovery. It will enable you to watch all the Zee channels free.


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