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September 2001

Q.1 : Dear Editor, When Star TV will launch Cantonese language Movie Channel?

Ans: Thank You for sending your query to dish channels. News Corp's Star Television plans to launch a Cantonese language Movie Channel for Hong Kong pay TV audiences according to the South China Morning post. The channel will be launched within the next year, and be the ninth feed in the Star and Phoenix movie channel series. There will be 25 new movies every month. Usually the films will be shown in the pay TV window nine to twelve months after their cinematic release.

Q.2 : I have installed a new dish to view channels like CMM, Mega, PTP, TMG. The Mega Channel says it is encrypted. Same is for Maynmar TV. However, your site indicates that it is Free-To-Air. Can I receive it on my Asiasat Digital receiver? Can you tell me about Mega Cosmos?

Ans: All of the channels mentioned by you are available as Free-To-Air channels from the Thaicom 3 Satellite. The Mega Cosmos Channel is also a part of the Unitel Hellas Package which contains all the scrambled channels except for the Mega Cosmos Channel, which is digital Free-To-Air with a downlink frequency of 3640H, SR: 28063 and FEC of 3/4. It can also be received with any normal digital satellite receiver. Do note that the polarization of this channel is Horizontal.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, we have a 70 cm Satellite Dish on our house, at the moment a single LNB is connected with the dish. I am planning to replace the single LNB with a twin LNB so that I can use two receivers at the same time. Would you recommend this or should I rather also get an 80 cm dish in order to make sure the signal quality stay good?

Ans: There is no need to buy a large dish because that will not change the quality of the signals. The only reason to buy the bigger antenna may be if you need a block LNB for the reception of two satellites with a single Satellite dish.

Q.4 : Dear Sir, I am a regular reader of your magazine since last three years, Please can you tell me when e-bird satellite will launch ?

Ans: Thank you for your entrust in our magazine. The e-Bird Satellite is launching in the second quarter of 2002, e-Bird will be positioned in GeoStationary Orbit (GEO) at 25.5 degree East and will provide 20 active Ku Band transponder connected to four spot beams over the European region.

Q.5 : I wish to see a Japanese Channel known as JSKYSPORTS 1,2,3 even though they may be pay channels. Is it possible for me? If yes, then please give me the required procedure and technical data to install it.

Ans: You must be referring to the Japanese channels available from the JCSAT 3 Satellite. Unfortunately, these are all scrambled and pay channels and cannot be received without authorization equipment from the broadcasters. The signals are not intended for India and therefore there is no company in India from whom we could purchase the decoder.

Q.6 : Dear Sir, I want to know when China Satellite 2001 will be held in Beijing? I am very thankful to you if you give me the information.

Ans: The China Institute of Communications (CIC) has launched that China Satellite 2001, the largest annual event for the satellite Industry in China, will be held on 18-20 September in Beijing, PRC at the ANA New Century Hotel. China Satellite 2001 is receiving full support from the Chinese Satellite sector.

Q.7 : I am a cable operator from Karachi. My customers are constantly asking me to show WWF wrestling by any means, from the day when Star Sports stopped its transmission. I found in your magazine that WWF is shown in other parts of the i.e. Hong Kong on Channel TVB, Indonesia on Channel RCTI which are free to air and are available PALAPA C2 at 113 deg East, when I tried to set my dish for TVB (analog) I was only able to find CNN International on vertical polarization and no other channels in that direction. What might be the probable reason? Is TVB now available on PALAPAC2 or does it require additional technical data other than that provided in your magazine for its reception?

Ans: The only analog channels available free on PALAPA C2 are CNN, MTV Asia, Singapore International TV, TV 5 Asia all of the other channels are either digitally compressed or scrambles or both. I presume the channel TVB you refer to from this satellite is TV Brunei, which is available as a digital channel for which you would require a digital satellite receiver. It is available on 3733 H, with SR : 6000 and FEC : 3/4.

Q.8 : How to receive C-Ku band analog and digital with one antenna. Its my intention to install an antenna to receive C band and Ku band satellite together. I would like to receive analog and digital transmissions with a 240 mesh antenna. Which corrotor do I have to use for digital/analog signals in C and Ku Band ? How to steer the antenna for inclined satellites ? Is it possible to use two different motor controllers ? Have I to use line amplifiers for a distance ranging from 25 to 30 meters ? How many signals will I lose on such distance ? Which is the best installation you propose me ?

Ans: For a Corotor you can use the Chaparral or the ADL. But it must be the European version (Ku-Band: linear/ C-Band: circular). A much more expensive but professional solution would be the use of a Savvy feed. Now, back to your antenna, if you use a mesh antenna, it should only be the best quality. The amplification of a mesh antenna is lower compared to a solid antenna. To be able to receive the inclined satellites, the most expensive solution would be the use of an EGIS/NITEC rotor. This device connected to the AGC out of your receiver - will also search for the inclined satellites. But you can also a horizon-to-horizon mount equipped with two motors. Simple positioners are available that can be used to control the two motors. If you use high quality coaxial-cable, you don't have to worry about spending money on line amplifiers.

Q.9 : I purchase you magazine every month. Sir, I want to know about Arabsat and Panamsat digital Packages. Can I receive this packages on my Analog receiver or do I have to buy another digital decoder. Please tell me Thanks !

Ans: For receiving Arabsat and Panamsat digital Channels packages, You require Multi Choice digital receiver and card. The decoder price is 22,500/= and card subscription of Panamsat for one year is 51,850/= and Arabsat subscription is 27,000/=.


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