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August 2008
Difference between channels

Q.1 : What is the difference between satellite TV and a dish network or DirecTV? (Ali Nawaz Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: Satellite TV is a huge style dish made in the 90's usually but is the same as Dish Network and Direc TV. Also Satellite TV is another way of bringing you your network and local and favourite channels without having to pay a corporate company such as Cable one or Classic or COX or Cambridge. Dish Network and Direc TV or DTV. The differences in these two are simple... Basically here's the deal Dish Network runs of 6 Great Huge Satellites but only uses 2 to 3 depending on your local stations. Direc TV uses 4 satellites but they are overloaded with 20 million customers and cause Direc TV to pixelate or lose signal while Dish Network can hold 20 million and not pixelate or lose signal. Another huge deal between them are the dishes and storms. Dish Net can withstand 100mph winds and still not lose a signal DTV can withstand 100mph and lose signal constantly... The main deal here is the design of the dishes the switches and such and also a main factor is who installed them and the ends.

TV Channels

Q.2 : How do you programme and permanently save TV channels without losing them when the receiver is restarted? (Jamil Arif, Karachi)

Ans: I'm not understanding the question. are you talking the sterio receiver or TV receiver? if it is the TV, then you would have to do a "scan channels" as some TV call it. other TV's say "add channels" either or. and some will say something along those lines. but if you have a black out it most likely will lose the channels on some TV's. i have 5 TV's and 2 have to be "reprogrammed" after a power out. Another bit on info. The TV will scan and save to memory what it sees. If the TV is turned off by way of a cable box which might actually be causing the power to be cut off, rather than shut off properly, a part called an EPROM that stores data can become corrupted.

Euromax 5000

Q.3 : What is the master code for a Euromax 5000 receiver and how do you enter keys by remote control? (Asif Kamal, Islamabad)

Ans: 2142 is the code you'll have to go into your menu under parental controls to enter it.

Satellite Dish

Q.4 : Can you increase the power of a satellite dish by increasing its circumfrance? (Afzal, Karachi)

Ans: No, a receiving dish is used to capture signals only. However, by increasing the circumference you can increase the received signal. However, you're also dealing with a concaved surface and the receiving portion of the dish assembly, usually called an LNA (low noise amplifier) or an LNB (low noise block) would have to have its length from the centre of the dish extended to maintain its focal point.

Good Signal

Q.5 : There is problem with a satellite dish it keep doing on and off signal when listening music this is a good signal and how it keep doing that? (Amjad, Quetta)

Ans: Chances are that it's not your satellite receiver. More often than not, the program provider is having some type of technical difficulty and they may not even be aware of it. The other possibility is that the satellite company has a bad receiver (they get their programming from satellites too, and `pass it along.

Digital TV

Q.6 : What is the digital TV transition date for United States? (Parek, via e-mail)

Ans: The digital transition date is the deadline for all United States broadcast television stations to broadcast exclusively in a digital format. This means analog signals will no longer exist. This mandate was set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It only affects US over-the-air (OTA) broadcast stations.

Regular Cable

Q.7 : Are there any functional problems with satellite TV, as opposed to regular cable? (Faran Iqbal, Dubai)

Ans: Satellite television is most susceptible to interruptions caused by severe weather. We had satellite service installed about 20 months ago and have experienced a handful of short-term interruptions during this period. With one exception, where the outage lasted about 10 minutes, all of the service interruptions were only a couple of minutes in length.

Dish Network

Q.8 : Small digital dishes (DISH NETWORK & DIRECTV) WILL lose signal in a heavy rain, regardless of what anyone tells you, even 100% properly installed, this is a fact. What are the causes for it? (Anwar Jamal, via e-mail)

Ans: Most weather conditions don?t affect C-Band dishes with the exception of heavy snow or ice buildup, although very high winds can move the dish?s loose areas such as pivot points & the actuator arms slop in the tube or shaft, even straight from the factory there can be as much as ? inch ?play?. This is typically true for most acme-screw types? ball-screw are more expensive but have less play & offer more years dependable service & offer more lbs capability. Properly installed, very few interruptions related to weather.

CNN Transmission

Q.9 : My CNNI/CNN on W3-16 does not have any audio. All of my other channels have sound. How can I correct this? (Sajid Nazir, via e-mail)

Ans: You need to change your audio selection. On your remote, press the "SETUP" button followed by the numbers "1" and "2" and then the number "1" again. Next, press "ENTER" and then "VIEW". This should change your system’s audio setting for that particular channel from "Alternate" to "Primary".

G Kaboom

Q.10 : I have Echolink EL 700 FTA receiver. I can receive all the channels of Paksat satellite except G Kaboom. I tried a lot to receive it but was unsuccessful. Please give me a solution to this problem and tell me why do channels get missed? (Kashif Ahmed, Lahore)

Ans: It is a common problem to miss certain channels. Still, there is no receiver in the market, which does not miss channels. But we have a solution to this problem. Whichever satellite channel you cannot receive, add manually, the procedure of which is: Press the “List” button on the remote control of your Echolink receiver then press the “Yellow” button on the remote control. The receiver will ask for a password and type “3327”. After this, you will receive few options on your screen. Now press “Blue” button on the remote control then press “Green” button on the remote control. Now choose your required/desired satellite then enter the frequency, symbol rate etc. of the missing channel. Here you can name the channel according to your desire. You will also see V.PID and A.PID options below. For G Kaboom channel, enter “513” in V.PID and “769” in A.PID. You will also have a PCR option but ignore it. You will see “Save” button below, just press it and exit. You will receive the missing channel and you can also play it at the same time. You can receive other channels this way as well. Every channel has different PIDs. To get the desired PIDs, please visit our website You will get V.PID and A.PID with channel frequency as well very conveniently. Don’t forget to get your receiver upgraded frequently.


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