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August 2005

Q.1 : I would like to get some information about REN TV channel. Please give me information about this channel. What are the channel details viz. frequency, symbol rate, etc. I will be greatly thankful to you? (Raheem, Islamabad)

Ans: The REN TV channel can be received in some areas on the Express 6A satellite at 80 deg. East. The details are: Frequency 4175, Right Hand Polarisation, SR 20255, FEC 3/4. The channel is a Free to air channel.

Q.2 : I often update myself from your site. I have an 8 feet Spacelink dish antenna with a C band LNB and I am using Zee's STB for watching both DTH and C band FTA channels. I have 2 problems. One I am not able to tune to Express 6A and Yamal's Russian channels like Ren TV 2. Also how can I watch free Ku band signals from Hotbird 6. Please help me if you can? (Asif, Lahore)

Ans: I don't think that you would be able to receive Hotbird signals there. Also for the signals from Express and Yamal, the coverage area of these 2 satellites and you would need a larger dish than the one you are currently using - at least a 6 feet Ku band dish, in order to be able to receive them, if at all.

Q.3 : I am a cable TV subscriber in Raheem Yar Khan. I have seen the Euro Sports News channel on their network for one day. Later it was disconnected. When I contacted them, I got a reply saying that "because of some technical problem with ESPN, ESPN has given the feed of Euro Sports News channel" as an alternative? (Arif Bhatti, Raheem Yar Khan)

Ans: The Eurosport channel is available on the Insat 3A satellite as a part of the DISH TV DTH package.

Q.4 : It is heard that DD will provide FTA channels through DTH shortly. For that is the VC card and activation necessary since the channels are free? I would also like to know whether the VC card and activation required for any kind of DTH whether it is FTA channels or pay channels? (Asim, Karachi)

Ans: No, the DD DTH package is FTA and can be received by any FTA digital satellite receiver and associated equipment. No VC card, etc is required.

Q.5 : Whether any settop box (for example, one used for Dish TV DTH) will be sufficient for receiving these free to air channels or the specific settop box, different from the above model, or supplied or recommended by Doordarshan only is required? (Mohammad Ilyas, Multan)

Ans: Yes, your Dish TV box will also be able to be tuned for reception of FTA channels. Do note that the DD DTH and DISH transmissions are of opposite polarity. Hence you will need a dual port feedhorn, with 2 LNBs or you will have to manually re-align your LNB+Feedhorn to receive signals of the opposite polarisation.

Q.6 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I want to know Is REN TV currently a banned channel? Please provide the channel's details? (Azhar Kamal, Quetta)

Ans: Yes, The I&B Ministry had sometime ago passed instructions that the REN TV channels are not to be retransmitted by cable networks.

Q.7 : I read your magazine with great interest. Please let me know What is the minimum and maximum range for an MMDS System? (Fahad Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: The range of an MMDS system will depend primarily on the transmitter power licensed by the government. Other factors that affect the range of an MMDS system are a clear line of sight between the transmitting and receiving antenna. As a result not all customers in urban cities would receive MMDS. Even in rural environment, customers situated in a valley or behind a hill may not receive direct transmissions. Typically an MMDS system could cover a radius of 5 km to 40 kms.

Q.8 : Please tell me Are there any other wireless options for distribution of cable TV? (Waqas, Rawalpindee)

Ans: Incidentally, the current government policy is that any form of wireless connectivity will be licensed for distribution of the Internet. This includes MMDS. Hence, an MMDS system set up primarily for ISP operations would get quick clearance. Currently some ISPs in urban centres. supporting distances upto 40 kilometers for point to point Internet connectivity.

Q.9 : I am a new comer for satellite world. At present, I am having an analogue receiver with 240CM mesh dish. My Dish is aimed at NSS 703 at 57 east. I am receiving all the analogue channels from this satellite without any troubles. Now I am planning to buy a Digital receiver to watch Digital FTA channel (SUN NEWS) from same satellite (NSS 703, what did I need to see that FTA Digital channel? Can I use my existing Dish & LNB for digital channels? what is the appropriate size of the Dish and dish type? (Arsalan, Jehlum)

Ans: The existing antenna should be good enough for digital signals. Even the SUN package is transmitted over the East Hemi beam. The digital FTA receiver should be C-Band compatible and in addition to MCPC, should also be able to handle SCPC signals.. The existing C-Band LNB can at first be used. Tests have shown that even older LNB's are just as capable of handling digital signals despite fluctuating LOF's. Otherwise, a substantially more stable LNB would have to be purchased.

Q.10 : I have "Pacific Digital Satallite Reciver" But I could't get any information about this reciver.Do you know the producer of this reciver?Or do you know the web adress of this reciver?I want to download latest revision and want to know more about this reciver,also how can I download?and It also works only viaccess system? (Sabir, Hyderabad)

Ans: You did not mention the model-name, so I only can guees. Knowm to me is the Pacific Satellite DSR2000, which is clone of the Mediastar D7, but comes as Free to Air. The D7 is sold by MediaStar Communications.

Q.11 : I live in Saudia Arabia. I would like to know how can I receive Arabic channels (the more... the better). Is there any company that I can conatact to set me up? (Mohammad Mumtaz, Saudia Arabia)

Ans: please visit and search for the favorite channels and satellites. It´s the most up-to-date frequency chart on earth with daily reports on all changes or new programming.

Q.12 : I have discovered a problem with my satellite receiver..The signal strength on several channels have been dropping steadily throughoutthis summer.Channels who were previously almost sparklie free with good picture quality,has become much weaker,with a drop in signal strength,and has visually become worse with sparklies on the screen. It looks like the signal loss is much worse on the high Ku band than on the low Ku band. (Hameed Ullah, Abbotabad)

Ans: it´s a moisture problem in the lnb or in the cable/connector outside. Just disconnect the outside f-connect, have a look on the inside. If everything is black or grey, cut the cable until you come to a dry and clean inside. Exchange the f-connector.


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