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August 2003

Q.1 : If I put the dish on an outside wall, will the roof overhang cause a problem? (Shoaib, Karachi)

Ans: The signal comes in about 20 degrees above the dish. Therefore, a large overhang could block the signal if the dish is too high and too close. If you have a large overhang have some one hold the dish in place and take a good look at the side view to be sure you have clearance.

Q.2 : Can I add a new Dish pro receiver to a dish 500 that does not have a Dp LNB? (Naeem, Sindh)

Ans: Yes, all dish pro receivers are backward compatible, meaning that they will work in an installation with the original LNBF's and switches. The software in the dish pro receivers will determine which components you have and function which components you have and function accordingly.

Q.3 : We have TV's in different rooms and we want to watch satellite channels in all the rooms. Can we connect the LNB to our existing cable box outside? (Mujtaba, Peshawar)

Ans: No, The receiver sends information to the LNB that would not get post the cable splitter. Therefore, the RG-6 cable from the LNB, or the Dp34 switch at the dish must go directly to the satellite receivers. The only expectation would be diplexers to combine the LNB signal with a regular TV antenna.

Q.4 : I am the regular reader of your magazine. It helps us a lot about the satellites. Kindly tell me how do I connect the TV's to the receiver to watch different kinds of programmes? (Javeed, Mianwali)

Ans: You should put the receiver on or near the most important TV set. With a newer TV, you should connect the S-video, or the video and left and right audio RCA output jacks on the back of the satellite receiver to the matching inputs on the TV. For older TV's an “out to TV” cable type connector on the satellite receivers which you can switch to either channel 3 or any other channel.

Q.5 : have hooked up the dish antenna right, but I can't find the satellites. What should I do? (Zulfiqar, Multan)

Ans: Remember that the satellites are 22,300 miles away. You have to set the East/West angle and the elevation angle. There is also a skew angle on the back of the dish 500, but it is much easier if you align the dish for the primary satellite first, set the skew angel. Fighten the dish on the mount, then loose it just enough so it will turn. However, when you do this, the front of the dish drops a little, so reach underneath the front and lift; it up enough to hold the elevation. Be careful not to block the signal with your hand. Turn the volume way upon your TV and slowly turn the dish a little at a time and stop for about 3 seconds. Continue until you hear the beeping noise speed up, turn the dish a tiny bit and wait, it takes time for the signal to get back from the satellites. When the beeping turns into a solid tone, you have found the satellite.

Q.6 : Kindly guide me about what the satellite receiver do? (Ahmed, Karachi)

Ans: The receiver receives the information from the dish and LNB and decomposes the digital channels. The output to your TV either, S-Vidio the raw audio video or the other channels. If your TV does not have the other connectors, Digital Dolby is also available for your home theater sound system on the better dish network receivers.

Q.7 : Sir, I am a great fan of your magazine, Dish Channels. Can you give me the frequency of Future TV and which satellite is transmitting it and also tell me, what is the size of the dish required to receive this channel? (Haroon, Abbot Abad)

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. Future TV is broadcasted by Arabsat at 26º East. This channel is available on C Band. The frequency is 3875 MHz. The 8ft. fiber glass dish is required to receive this channel.

Q.8 : I have a hotbird system receiving 120 channels with it. I have a package called Nova receiving 16 channels, My problem is that I get half the channels and not all the channels all the time. At night I got all the channels but in the morning half of the channels disappear. What should I do to solve this problem? (Faheem, Islamabad)

Ans: The Hotbird satellite is a drifting satellite. Nova package is transmitting at 12169 H at Ku band. You should use a bigger dish to tackle with this problem

Q.9 : I want to watch ARY Digital Asia will you kindly tell me its frequency and on which satellite it is available? (Ameen, Nawab Shah)

Ans: The ARY Digital Asia is available on PAS7/10 at 68.5º East. Its frequency is 3864 H on C band. Its polarity is horizontal and symbol rates are 19850.

Q.10 : Will you please tell me that can I watch C-band and Ku-band channels in one dish and one receiver, is it possible or not. (please give me advice? (Kamran, Faisalabad)

Ans: Yes, it is possible to see C-band and Ku-band channels in one receiver and one Dish. But you need coroter C+Ku and multiple receiver that can convert C-band to Ku-band frequency. In the market different kinds of receivers are available. You may select among them.

Q.11 : I want to know about Arabsat and Panamsat digital packages. Can I receive these packages on my Analog receiver or I have to buy another digital decorder? (Abid, Kohat)

Ans: For the receiving of Arabsat and Panamsat digital channel packages, you required Multichoice digital receiver and card. The decorder price is 22,500 and card subscription of Panamsat for one year is 51.850 and Arabsat subscription is 27,000.

Q.12 : Sir, guide me how I will receive the Indus vision and Indus music. Which satellite is broadcasting it and what will be the size of dish for it. I have a Neosat SX 7000 digital receiver. (Farman, Jehlum)

Ans: These both channels are broadcasted by Asiasat 3S present at 105.5º East. Their frequency is 3760, while polarity is horizontal. To receive these both channels, your dish size must be 10ft.

Q.13 : How can I get B4U Music channel what is its frequency and which satellite is transmitting it? (Yasir, Multan)

Ans: Panamsat 7/10 satellite is transmitting B4U Music channel through free to air digital receiver on C-band on horizontal polarity. Its frequency is 3836 while SR is 19850.

Q.14 : I want to buy free to air receiver for receiving digital channels. And what will be the size of dish to receive all digital free to air channels? (Shehzad, Quetta)

Ans: If you want to see all free to air digital channels, then Neosat and Humax are the best receivers for receiving the digital channels. The maximum size of the dish to receive these channels is 10ft.

Q.15 : My friend told me that RTV21 Sat has been started on Sirus 2. How I will receive it and what is its freuqneyc? (Asim, Karachi)

Ans: Yes, your friend is right. RTV21Sat has been started on Sirus 2 at 4.8º East. Its frequency is 11739 H. To receive this channel, you will have a 12ft Dish.

Q.16 : Can I use one cable to bring in the signal from my local antenna and the LNB at the dish? (Salman, Abbotabad)

Ans: Yes, for each receiver, you will need two highly quality diplexers to combine the local TV antenna with the signal from the LNB. A diplexer combines the cable from a TV antenna with the satellite signal. It looks like a two way splitter, with one output cable connector on one side and two input cables on the other side. For multiple satellite receivers, you can use a splitter from the TV antenna to supply the signal to more diplexers. Diplexers can not be used to split the signal from the LNB to add more receivers.


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