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August 2002

Q.1 : Sir can you tell me, is this true that B4U Movies plans to encrypt & Go pay in 2002? Please tell me the complete information about this channel. Thanks.

Ans: Dear Mr. Jamshaid, this is true that B4U Movies has become encrypted & pay by 31 July 2002. B4U music is also likely to encrypt by the end of 2002. B4U plan an Initial Public Offer (IPO) before this year-end. The migration to pay is therefore part of the IPO strategy, since it will enable the company to project an additional revenue stream, for its new shareholders.

Q.2 : Dear Editor, I read a news item in your magazine this month that DD-World channel renamed DD- India. Please explain it?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in the information / news section of our magazine. Mr. Rashid, According to a Prasar Bharati news release, the international channel DD-World has been renamed DD-India from May 1. With floating global tenders and a move to revamp the channel not yielding results, DD World is being changed back to DD-India to attract viewers. The channel was launched in 1995 as DD-India, but was changed to DD-World two years ago. The DD logo with 'World' did not immediately convey the origin of the channel. However with 'World' being replaced by 'India', the channel would be identified as an Indian entity in the satellite markets of the West, feel Prasar Bharati decision-makers.DD-World carries 5 news bulletins, features on topical events, entertainment programs and films, among other programs. Besides English and Hindi, the channel also airs programs in Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati and Marathi. Global tenders had been floated for selecting distributors and marketing agents for the channel in the US, UK and Canada.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, when I was in Sharja I read the news about the Asiasat4 Satellite that it will be launched in May 2002.Please tell me that when that Satellite was launched. Please give me the exact date. Thanks.

Ans: Dear Aleem, it was announced by The Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) that the launch of its fourth satellite, AsiaSat 4, would be rescheduled to sometime in September, from its original launch date May 2002. The rescheduling is due to manufacturing delays at Boeing Satellite Systems. AsiaSat is also in talks with International Launch Services (ILS), the launch services provider, for the new launch date. AsiaSat 4 will be located at the 122 degrees east, providing region-wide C-band coverage over Asia and focused Ku-band beams for East Asia and Australia. The satellite will carry 28 C-band and 20 Ku-band transponders including the 4 BSS (Broadcast Satellite Service) transponders to be used for Hong Kong's proposed DTH services.

Q.4 : What is DTH? Sometimes the personal dish antenna is also called DTH. What is the difference between DTH and DBS?

Ans: Dear Mr.Moin-ur- Rahman, DTH stand for Direct To Home. The waves can be received of multi- channel program from the Satellite directly by using one's own dish without the need of any mediator (Cable Operator). Plans are underway to use this in the KU- Band. Then it will become possible to receive multi- channel program by using a small 18-inch to 3ft dish antenna and decoder directly from the Satellite. If the multi- channels are received directly in the C- Band then also it is called DTH. DBS stands for Direct Broadcasting Service and it is similar to the DTH. It is used to receive direct radio broadcasts from the Satellite. BBC and Voice of America are presently offering this type of services.

Q.5 : Dear Editor, Please tell me what is meant by Spurious output?

Ans: Dear Mr.Ali, Spurious output are the unwanted frequencies, which are received along with the main output frequencies. These enter the system due to inter modulation or due to some other sources of distortion. These signals should be kept below 50dB so that their effect is not seen on the screen.

Q.6 : I am the fan of Dish Channels Magazine since last three years. Can you tell me when disturbance is received on the channel S-7 from the cordless phone and the pager? Why is it so? Please help me.

Ans: Dear Mr.Imtiaz, thank you for your entrust in our magazine. When the cordless phone is switched on then it always disturbs some of the TV channels. There are many frequencies on which the cordless phone can be operated. But these can be changed. Try to tune the cordless phone on some other frequencies so that the channel should not be disturbed.

Q.7 : Dear Sir, can you tell me, what is the correct method of adjusting a dual feed horn for the Satellite PAS-4?

Ans: Mr.Khalid, the correct method of aligning a dual feed horn is to rotate it in such a way that on the Vertical LNB you get almost zero horizontal signal. If necessary then readjust the feed horn to ensure zero vertical signal on the horizontal LNB. If the feed horn is adjusted in this way then you will find good reception.

Q.8 : Dear Sir, I want to know what is meant by MMDS and what is a MMDS system?

Ans: Mr.Khan, MMDS stands for Multi channels Multi point Distribution System. A MMDS transmits its signals in exactly the same manner as the transmission. However, the transmission of the MMDS is in the S-band i.e. at 2.5GHz. The transmission range of the MMDS system is within a few kilometers only. In the initial stage, MMDS system is not able to transmit more than 30 channels within the allotted frequency range.

Q.9 : Sir I want to know can we use those decoders, which are currently being used for receiving the Discovery channel from the PAS-4 satellite to receive the Discovery channel from Palapa C2 Satellite?

Ans: Mr.Rahim, although Discovery channel is being transmitted from both the satellite Palapa C2 and PAS-4, but the programs are different. Every decoder/ encoder has its own individual identification in the world. This identity is encoded within the satellite system. Thus the decoders being used for receiving the transmission from PAS-4 will work only for this satellite because its identity code is recognized only by the PAS-4. As such you cannot receive the channel from the Palapa C2 by using these decoders.

Q.10 : I have an 8 Feet Dish Antenna and a Eurostar 9700f FTA Digital Receiver with Eurostar 17 Kelvin LNB. My problems are: 1. From Insat 2E I am able to receive Star Vijay, Win TV, Aaj Tak, and DD, but when I try Asianet and Asianet Global the picture always freezes. Also I am not able to receive MTV From PAS 4. 2. I am not able to receive MCM from Intelsat. 3. Not able to receive channels from Arabsat, Intelsat 902, 804, 704, Express6A, Yamal 102, Insat 2C, Gorizont and Palapa. 4. Not able to receive 5 Starmedia from Arabsat3S. 5. Is the problem with the size of the dish? Should the Kelvin of the LNB be changed? Should the cable be Triscope APD or any other thing? Should the alignment of the Dish be changed? 6. Can I upgrade my receiver through the PC?

Ans: The channels being received clearly by you are on the Zone Beam. The Asianet channels are on the Wide Beam, which could be one of the possible reasons for your problems. We have not received complaints from other viewers. All of the problems you have with the various satellites and channels can be easily solved by doing the following: 1. Use a larger dish; the recommended dish size for most satellites is 12 feet. 2. Check your cable connecting the LNB to the satellite receiver. There should be no joints. Use a good quality cable and if the distance is not very large then a high quality RG 6 is sufficient. If the distance is long then you may need to use an IF amplifier (or a bullet amp as it is sometimes termed in the market) 3. Check the connectors at both ends of the cable. A loose or badly fixed connector also causes signal loss.


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