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August 2001

Q.1 : Can I watch South African Channel on FTA digital receiver. Is this possible or not?

Ans: Dear Reader you can not watch South African Channel on Free To Air digital receiver. You have to spend the money for buying South African digital receiver and Irdeto Smart Card. Than you can watch South African digital channels.

Q.2 : Where can I get ZEE TV Indian Channel and which satellite Zee TV Channel is available?

Ans: Zee TV Channel is available on Pehla Plus Package. You have to purchase card and digital decoder. This Channel is available on Arabsat 2A on KU Band LNB.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, is it possible to receive Zee TV channel on any other satellite with Analog receiver. If this is possible then please tell me which satellite is transmitting this channel?

Ans: It is not possible to receive Zee TV Channel on any other satellite with Analog receiver. You can receive Zee TV Channel only through Pehla Plus Package. It is available on Arabsat 2A. You have to buy a Digital Receiver and a card.

Q.4 : Dear Editor, can you please give me information on AB Sat Digital Package. Can I receive this channel on my present digital receiver free to Air. Sir please solve my problem ? Thank You !

Ans: AB Sat package is available on HOTBIRD Satellite. You can receive this package through digital receiver and smart card. You have to subscribe for this package. This package signal can be received on 10 or 12 ft fiber glass dish with KU Band LNBF.

Q.5 : : Which size of dish is required for Show Time channel in Sialkot. Please give me the answer as soon as possible because I have spent a lot of money on this system?

Ans: This Channel is available on Apstar 2 on digital 12 ft. dish in Sialkot. This Channel is on KU Band LNB. Its one year subscription is 800 US $.

Q.6 : Dear Sir, how can I get HBO channel from the satellite. Please do me a favor? Thank You !

Ans: You can receive HBO channel through Digital decoder and card. You can purchase this decoder from LEO Communications, but they only sale it to cable operators.

Q.7 : Sir can you tell me the price of Pehla Plus Package which is available on Arabsat. Please tell me the decoder and subscription price? I will be very thankful !

Ans: The Pehla plus package decoder's price is Rs.20,000 and subscription of six months is Rs.15,000. There are sixteen channels available on this package and you can watch them on 10ft. dish.

Q.8 : Sir, I am a fan of your magazine. Every month I buy your magazine. I like to read your column Trouble Shooter. Sir I am facing a problem with my satellite system from last two weeks. I was watching the B4U Channel on 6 ft. dish, but now it is freezing?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. The B4U Channel signal is weak from the satellite. Now you have to fix 8 ft. dish on Panamsat-4 for receiving B4U Channel clearly. It's new video frequency is 3812 MHz, Pol: H, FEC: 6620.

Q.9 : I'd like to know the difference between LNB, LNBF, digital LNB, LNC?

Ans: To say it in a (hopefully) easy way: LNB stands for Low noise block and consists of one unit the LNA ( Low Noise Amplifier). In the old days, both units were separated and even today on commercial antennas. LNBF is the LNB with Integrated feeds usually for offset dishes. This LNBF is mainly used on direct to home installations. Digital LNB: There is not much digital with this type but digital signals require a much more stable local oscillator frequency (LOF) then analog signals. That the difference to get rid of unwanted interruption, the LOF of the hi-band is changed from 10.750 GHz to 10.600 GHz . And finally, the LNC converts the in coming signal from the satellite (3.6 to 4.2 GHz in the C-band and 10.700 to 12.750 in KU Band) into a lower frequency (900 to 2150 MHz). A range of satellite receivers can cope up with it.

Q.10 : Sir, I want to know that from where we can receive the channel Anjuman and on which Satellite its is available. Please also give me the frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity and FEC. Thank You !

Ans: Dear Reader, the Anjuman Channel is available on digital receiver (FTA) on Thaicom Satellite. The frequency of this channel is as follows: Frequency: 3.600 MHz, FEC: 3/4, Symbol Rate: 2667, Polarity: V.

Q.11 : Can we receive Free to Air Transmission with the help of C1 receiver like Humax IRCI-5400. Which is the best receiver (FTA digital) in the market. I am a regular reader of "Dish Channels". It is the best magazine of our country about Satellite world. Thanks , I hope you will reply me soon.

Ans: Thank You for your nice compliment about our magazine. You can receive FTA transmission with the help of Humax IRCI-5400 receiver. Neosat is the best FTA digital receiver in the market.

Q.12 : Dear Sir, I want to take a suggestion from you and I hope you will suggest me in a better way. My question is "Whish one is the best Digital receiver available in the market which has the price between Rs. 10,000/= to 15,000/=?

Ans: Dear Reader, Neosat digital receiver is the best available in the market. Its price is also between Rs. 10,000/= to 15,000/=. NEOSAT is the best receiver for receiving all FTA digital channels.


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