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August 2000

Q.1 : I have Nokia 9200s and I am interested to watch ABSAT on it I already have ABSAT card when I insert smart card it says check card. Is my card faulty?

Ans: You said you have ABSAT card and Nokia 9200s I am sorry you need Nokia 9600 or 9800 because both are compatible with viaccess system where as Nokia 9200s is only for irdeto system you need to replace your decoder to view ABSAT package.

Q.2 : I have a hotbird system receiving 120 channels with it I have a package called nova receiving 16 channels, my problem is that I get half the channels not all the channels all the time, at night time I get all the channels but in the morning, half of the channels disappear. What shall I do to solve the problem?

Ans: The answer to your problem is that hotbird satellite is a drafting satellite nova package are transmitting on 2 transponder 11823 and 12169 you can get the 12169 transponder easily but the 11823 transponder you need bigger dish the best way to tackle the problem is use a 12 foot solid dish, because I am using 12 foot solid dish and receiving this package without any problem.

Q.3 : We are the cable operators and are based in Lahore, we want to add up Multichoice and Show Time package in our system can we receive this package here and what will be the size of the dish?

Ans: You can receive both packages in Lahore from same satellite Panamsat-4 Multichoice is on c-band and Showtime is on KU band to receive multichoice you need at least 16 foot mesh dish for Showtime you need 8 foot solid dish.

Q.4 : Can you please tell us when will B4U be scrambled? Many people say different dates and what does B4U stands for?

Ans: B4U stand for “Bollywood for You” and is already scrambled and has gone on subscription you need a smart card and a valid subscription to view B4U in September they are going to add 4 more channels including B4U sports they have got the rights for all the cricket matches for 4 years the subscription rate for B4U is 200 US Dollars if you are interested to have it call @ this # 0300243901.

Q.5 : Hi I would like to know before that I install my satellite system I have little problem I bought Humax FA digital free to air receiver and a diseq switch with it to connect 4 dishes together when I read the specifications of the receiver it says diseq version 1.0 and my diseq switch its version 2.0 so I am a bit confused weather it would work or not?

Ans: You can use that diseq switch with your Humax FA digital receiver without any problem the difference between diseq switch version 1.0 and version 2.0 is only when the receiver sends the signal to diseq switch version 1.0 the switch receives command and do the job but the version 2.0 it receives the command do the job and gives back reply that it has done the job.


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