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July 2010
Asiasat 3S in Australia

Q.1 : We used to receive several free to air TV channels such as Sanskar TV, Divya & India TV from Asiasat 3S in Australia. Suddenly, they have all disappeared, about a fortnight ago. Any news as to what happened? From which other satellite we can receive Indian channels in Australia? (Kamran Ahmad, Sydney)

Ans: Several of the Indian channels have moved to the Indian INSAT satellites, since the rates offered by these is much lower than the Asiasat satellites. For details of the channels available on the Asiasat satellites currently, please do check at our website at

TV channels

Q.2 : How many analog satellites TV channels are still available ? A few years ago, some European satellites did transmit programs in both formats - analog & digital. (Ubaid Kamal, via e-mail)

Ans: Today, very few satellite channels broadcast in analogue. With the advent of compression technology - analogue becomes a very expensive since they occupy about 6 times more satellite transponder capacity than a digital channel. A satellite transponder costs US $ 1 million to 2.5 million per year, to rent a satellite transponder. Further, digital satellite receivers are now available at a very low cost, making them easily affordable for even individuals to purchase.

Satellite TV

Q.3 : Are there any functional problems with satellite TV, as opposed to regular cable? (Inam Ullah, Karachi)

Ans: Yes, satellite TV may have interrupted signals when it is cloudy or you may not get your local stations through that satellite, and sometimes you get more foreign channels than English channels.

Best picture

Q.4 : I am regular reader of your magazine. I also visit your website. How do I know if I have the best possible picture? (Sajid Iqbal, Peshawar)

Ans: It's what we call Tweaking. Once you've found the satellites and are getting pictures, bring up the dish aiming information on the screen. Carefully mark the current position of the azimuth and elevation angles on the dish, so you can get back to where you were. An easy way is to use a piece of masking tape across the movable surfaces and cut it with a razor blade or very sharp knife. Then, loosen the bolts that hold the elevation angle and move the dish slightly up and down until you get the highest signal strength. Do the same thing, side to side to peak the East - West position.

Weather interference

Q.5 : Can weather interfere with my reception? I lose signals in rain. (Zafar Ullah, Hyderabad)

Ans: Television reception on the system is mostly reliable. Contrary to popular belief dish systems are only minimally affected by weather, under extreme conditions.

TV broadcasts

Q.5 : How do current TV broadcasts and DTV compare to each other? Hope you will give me the answer via magazine. (Aman, via Saudi Arabia)

Ans: There are some similarities. Both use VHF and UHF broadcast frequencies, although some stations may wind up switching frequencies after the full implementation of DTV. Once the transition to digital TV is complete, TV channels 52 through 69 will be re-assigned to other services. While analog and digital television broadcasts have a modulated carrier wave, the way that signal is modulated is quite different. Analog TV uses an amplitude-modulated (AM) signal for pictures and frequency modulation (FM) for audio, while DTV signals use digital "packets", or bursts of data, to transmit pictures and audio.

Digital broadcast

Q.6 : Is the difference in image quality that much better in a digital broadcast? (Afzal Ahmad, Dubai)

Ans: Absolutely! Switching from an analog TV system that is subject to impulse noise, ghosts, color errors, and "snow" to an all-digital system will make a tremendous difference. And it gets even better as image resolution is increased AND the picture aspect ratio becomes wider. Many people have commented that watching HDTV is like "looking out a window", or "actually being there". That's how good the picture quality is. Many people have commented that watching HDTV is like "looking through binoculars," "looking at a photograph", or "actually being there". That's how good the picture quality is.

favourite programmes

Q.7 : Can I record my favourite programmes with satellite TV?

Ans: You can record satellite TV programs with the DVR (digital video recording) receiver you can get from your satellite TV dealer, or with your VCR. Both DISH Network and DIRECTV offer free DVR receivers when you order one of their program packages.

Getting more channels

Q.8 : How many televisions can I watch with digital satellite television? (Masood Khurram, Korea)

Ans: Many people have the misconception that digital satellite television can only be watched on one television. This is not correct. Digital satellite television can be watched on multiple televisions up to eight rooms. If you have more than one television you will need additional receiver boxes to be able to watch different programs at the same time in separate rooms.

Checking LNB

Q.9 : How can I check if my LNB is analogue or digital? (Aftab Syed, via e-mail)

Ans: You can check whether your LNB is digital or not by looking at the frequency range, which is usually written on the LNB. When your LNB is digital this frequency range goes up to 12.75 GHz. If it is analogue this frequency range only goes up to 11.75 GHz.

Dish antenna

Q.10 : I already have a dish and a receiver in my house but they don't seem to be working. (Tahir Azeem, Islamabad)

Ans: Your system must be expired. You can ask for a free check-up by a team to determine if it is an equipment or cable failure or if you just need to purchase a new card.


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