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July 2009

Q.1 : I am currently in Sydney. Can I subscribe to DISH TV or Tata SKY in India and use it in Sydney? I have done a bit of research and found out Dish TV uses NSS 6 Satellite and that satellite has foot prints in Australia. Can you please point me in right direction. (Musa Malik, Sydney)

Ans: You are right that NSS-6 satellite carrying Dish TV signals has its footprints in Australia but these are the footprints of their South East Asia beam where they carry mostly Thai channels. Dish TV signals are on India Beam which covers only the Indian subcontinent. Insat-4A carrying Tata SKY signals also does not have its footprints in Australia. Hence you can not subscribe to Tata SKY or Dish TV as their footprints are restricted only to India.


Q.2 : I have recently become interested in DTH, and came across your site and the satellite stuff, seems quite exciting. What I want to know is that I have bought a FTA DTH box. Can I get C-band satellite channels from it? Is the C-Band dish still available in the market since one shop that I went looked at me strangely when I enquired about a C-band dish? (Shahryar Basheer, via e-mail)

Ans: C-Band is very much in service even today. You must have gone to a DTH dealer who generally may be your neighbourhood grocery shop-owner or a television shop owner. They would not know the ABC of satellite television. To get the C-Band equipment, you should visit a cable TV hardware shop which is generally located in the electronic market.

Solid dish

Q.3 : I am a new reader of your web-site & thankful for the guidance you provide to people who don't know about dish & other satellite channels. I am living in Peshawar. I receive Ku band channels on my 90cm solid Ku band dish from a satellite at 75 Degree East. I also have 4 feet solid dish. I am using this for 'C ' band. Can I use it for Ku band for more channels? I also want to know about Yamal on Ku band & how can I get more Ku band adult channels on my dish. (Sajid Iqbal, Peshawar)

Ans: You are receiving the Ku-Band signals from ABS satellite at 750 East. You can definitely receive the Ku-Band signals on your 4 ft C-Band solid dish provided you use the Ku-Band LNB with it. You can use the same receiver for receiving Ku-Band. The LNB frequency to be used is 9500 and 10600 MHz. You can see our website or the magazine for different FTA channels on all satellites. You must check if the foot print of the satellite cover your city or not. Yamal 201 satellite at 900 E and YAMAL 202 at 490 E do not have Ku-Band transmissions.

DiSEqC setting

Q.4 : What is a DiSEqC setting, how it is set in a receiver for different satellites? (Ausaf Husain, Karachi)

Ans: The DiSEqC 1.2 system has been adopted as a standard by satellite receiver manufacturers. It needs several adjustments to achieve correct dish alignment including correct eastern/western alignment, manual setting of all the satellite positions, limit setting etc. Configuring an installation to receive signal from various satellites like you want to do, is possible with multiple dishes and a simple switch system as shown in the diagram. DiSEqC- enabled peripherals allow users to automatically select the desired dish and satellite.

Cable TV

Q.5 : I came to know about your website on the net. I am glad that you started such a wonderful service that not only solved other's problems but also cleared many basic doubts. I have no knowledge about satellite, dish, types of cables used in cable TV and Dish TV. (Kamran Amin, Hyderabad)

Ans: A satellite system consists of a satellite receiver box that connects to your TV, an outdoor satellite dish, LNB and a remote control. You have to decide if you wish to receive C-band or Ku-band channels because for C-band you will require a large dish of 6 ft or more diameter and for Ku-band you will require a small 60-120 cm dish. Even there are different LNBs for these frequency bands. If you wish to receive both these frequency bands, you will have to go for a C-band dish with perforations smaller than ¼ inch or a solid dish with a universal LNB.

Ku Band LNB

Q.6 : I want to buy a Ku Band LNB and dish for watching Free-to-Air channels, particularly any French TV? (Aman Kashif, Rawalpindi)

Ans: A. There is only one French channel available on Ku-Band in India. It is TV 5 on NSS-6 at 95 Degree East, at 11.038 GHz frequency in vertical polarization. This is available on Dish TV DTH, so you will have to buy their DTH package to receive this channel. This channel is also available on Asiasat 3s at 105.5 Degree, as a free to air channel on C-Band. For this you require a large C-Band dish and LNB. A digital receiver can receive Ku as well C Band signals.

FTA channels

Q.7 : I am residing at Dubai. Previously with a Dish I could view FTA channels viz sun TV, DD Podhighai etc but for the past one month I could not view the same. Please tell me how can I see these DD channels and other free to air Indian channels? (Asghar Ali, Dubai)

Ans: You have not mentioned the satellite from which you were receiving the free-to-air channels including Sun TV, DD Podhighai etc. We presume that you were watching NSS-6 satellite and DD Direct FTA signals on a large Ku-Band dish. NSS-6 foot-prints touched Dubai so you could receive them. However, now DD Direct Channels have shifted to Insat-4B which does not have footprints over Dubai.


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