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July 2008
Dish Antenna

Q.1 : What are the basic requirements for installing a satellite dish? I am waiting for your reply through Dish Channels? (Alam Zeb, Islamabad)

Ans: There should no be no physical obstruction (such as another building) preventing the dish from receiving the signals, and the place you want to put the dish (balcony for apartments and garden or roof for houses) should offer the direction needed by the specific satellite plan. If you are not certain that your place meet these requirements you can contact us for a free check-up.

Signals problem

Q.2 : I already have a dish and a receiver in my house but they don't seem to be working. What are the causes behind it? (Tariq, Peshawar)

Ans: Your system must be expired. You can ask for a free check-up by one of your nearest satellite shop. It may be an equipment or cable failure or if you just need to purchase a new card.

Single channel

Q.3 : Can I add a single channel to my current plan? How much it will cost? (Saleem Inam, via e-mail)

Ans: Usually that's not possible, because each provider/plan has its own limited number of channels available. Nevertheless the Asia3S and the Indian packages have some paid channels that can be added for some extra fees.

More TVs

Q.4 : Can I connect the dish to more than one TV? (Tahir Iqbal, Karachi)

Ans: There is a device that helps you connect a single dish to a separate TV. The unit cost is RMB300 and there is no extra charge for installation. Nevertheless the channels on both TV are the same, if you want to watch different channels at the same time on those TVs you will need to get a separate receiver and card, meaning extra costs.

TV package

Q.5 : Can I install two or more packages in my apartment? (Aftab Syed, Quetta)

Ans: Yes you can, but in most cases those packages do not share the same dishes so you will have to get extra dishes.

Bad weather

Q.6 : Does weather affect the operations of satellite TV? What should be done to control it? (Zafar, Hyderabad)

Ans: Usually not. But for smaller dishes (dream satellite plan for instance) there may be short interruptions during heavy rains. However, our professional installation is made with signal strength optimization in mind, reducing the likelihood of signal loss during bad weather.

Converter box

Q.7 : What is a set top converter box? (Sami Ullah, Karachi)

Ans: Converter box is an easy-to-install electronic device that hooks up to your older television set and over-the-air antenna or rabbit ears and converts the digital television signal into analog so that it can be viewed on your analog TV. This allows you to keep using older television sets and lets you see all the new digital channels free of charge. The converter box is a small box with a remote control similar to the set top tuner.

HDTV Channels

Q.8 : Is HDTV the same thing as DTV? (Imtiaz Alam, via e-mail)

Ans: No. HDTV is the highest quality of DTV, but it is only one of several formats. In addition to HDTV, the most common format is Standard Definition television (SDTV). Consumers who have high-definition TV sets may receive free high definition television programming over the air using an antenna. HDTV is digital, but not all digital televisions are high-definition. You must have a high-definition set to get true HDTV.

DTV Channels

Q.8 : I often read about HDTV. What Makes HDTV Different? (Mujtaba Kamal, Lahore)

Ans: HDTV is high-definition television, a television picture format made possible by digital broadcasting (DTV). HDTV gives viewers pictures that are as much as six times the resolution of traditional television images and crystal-clear digital sound.

FTA Receiver

Q.9 : How do you share an FTA Receiver with more than one TV set with each viewer watching a different channel? ( Waqas, via e-mail)

Ans: It is not possible because the dish people or whichever provider you have does not want that to happen they want you to have to buy more from them so they can make more profit. I have tried but if you use a splitter and have wire to another room you can just be watching TV in your room when people aren’t watching on the other. It is very confusing to say but it is easy to get once you think about it.

Digital TV

Q.9 : How do I know if I have an analog or digital television set? (Sajid Mazhar, Abbotabad)

Ans: Take a look at the owner’s manual or look on the set for an indication that it has a built-in digital tuner. You can also go to the manufacturer’s web site and check the capabilities of the set by manufacturer model.

Dish Network

Q.10 : Can I use a Dish Network satellite system that I have now and order DirecTV programming? ( Sajid Aziz, Dubai)

Ans: No. Dish Network products only receive Dish Network programming and the same rule applies for DirecTV. Also, Free-To-Air (FTA) products are what they imply. They get free channels. DirecTV and Dish Network programming is not free, so therefore you can't receive FTA signals with Dish Network or DirecTV equipment. On the other side of the coin, you can't receive DirecTV or Dish Network channels with a Free-To-Air system, with a handful of exceptions.


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