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July 2004

Q.1 : I have a Pareezma plus digital receiver with an eight feet solid dish. I love to watch Ku-band transmissions of Hotbird satellite. Due to the busy schedules of exams last month, I was not able to watch these channels. After the exams, I tried to watch the said channels, but still could not success in this mission. Kindly let me know the reason. ( Asif, Umerkot)

Ans: As you know that Hotbird satellite mostly cover the west beam. It is one of those satellites in which changes occurs daily. May be possible that your receiver have some internal problems which have stopped you from watching Ku-band transmissions. You had not mentioned in you question that which Ku-band channels you are not able to watch.

Q.2 : I am the regular reader of your magazine since last six years. I have an analog Winner Sat receiver. I am not able to buy another digital receiver. I came to know that analog receivers are going to be finished in the coming future. Kindly tell me the name of best digital receiver. Many of my friends love to watch satellite channels. (Ghulam Mustafa, Mohammad Pur)

Ans: Thanks for an interest in our magazine. As you know that the coming future will be for the digital transmissions, because analog transmissions are not able to serve the same result as digital are going to entertain its customers. Market is full of best digital receivers. You may baught that which is suitable for you and to watch plenty of channels.

Q.3 : I am reading your magazine from the last two years with great interest. I have an analog receiver, which is out of order now a days. I belong to a backward city. I want to buy a latest digital receiver. Kindly tell me the name of a receiver, its price and the size of a dish required for it. (Shahid, Layyah)

Ans: Astrovox CI receiver will be best for you along with a Ku-band LNB. Eight feet fiber dish will help you to enjoy plenty of channels. Its price is 8700 RS in Karachi, but it may be different there.

Q.4 : I love to read your magazine. I have some problems to watch satellite channels and hope you will solve my this problem. I have a VIP 9900 digital receiver and EROMAX six feet motorized dish fitted with Ku-band and C-band LNB. I am not able to watch all channels listed in your magazine. I am able to watch only sixteen satellite’s channels . Kindly solve my problem. (Mohammad Rafeeq, Quetta)

Ans: You had not mentioned in your letter that in which area you are living. It is plan or hilly. However, try to receive more and more signals of the satellite. Six feet dish will mainly help you to watch C-band channels.

Q.5 : I have a Fortec Star receiver and CI CAM. I used to watch Asiasat 3S, PAS7/10 and ST1. What is meant by Multicam and how many cards will work with it? Did the Star package work with it? What is the price of the CAM? (Mohammad Hussain, Sindh)

Ans: Funcard is suitable for Multicam. It is only for Zee package. Its price is 4500 RS in Karachi.

Q.6 : I want to enjoy DD Aizawl. How do I get the signals and from where? I shall be highly obliged to you for my guideness. (Waqas, Karachi)

Ans: DD Aizawal is available on the INSAT 3E satellite at 55 deg East with a downlink frequency of 4100.5 MHz, vertical polarisation, SR 62500 and FEC 3/4. The channel is currently available only in the evenings.

Q.7 : please let me know how I can receive the following channels 1)DD Agartala ii)BTV Channel iii)BTV World. (Farman, Lahore)

Ans: DD Agartala has not started yet. However, they have news feeds taking place on INSAT 3A. BTV World is available on the Asiasat 3S satellite.

Q.8 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I have one doubt which I would like you to clarify. If I transmit the microwave signal at exactly 4 GHz through the air, does it affect or interrupt the same frequency (4000 MHz) of C-Band satellite downlink signal (Nearest Area). Please list out the various factors to affect the downlink C-band signals. (Mohammad Ibrar, Multan)

Ans: The terrestrial point to point transmission if it falls on a dish antenna mounted for satellite reception may interfere with the satellite signal which is also transmitted at the same frequency. This interference would be minimal if the 2 microwave signals are of different polarisation. The propagation of downlinked C band satellite signals is also affected partly by rain or snow though this effect is much more pronounced for Ku band signals.

Q.9 : I recently bought a digital satellite receiver specially to view Telugu channels like ETV, MAA TV, Vissa TV, Etc and other FTA channels. I have a Coship CDVB 2000B receiver.The problem is I am not able to view MAA TV instead I see a "Scramble" label on my TV screen. Also some other channels like "Hyderabad News" show full signal but no video. My TV screen goes blank .Please suggest a solution to my problem and guide me on receiving all these channels. (Fahad Hussain, Swat)

Ans: MAA TV is a scrambled and pay television service. You would have to contact the channel to purchase their decoder and viewing card.Regarding Hyderabad news, the same problem has also been reported by other readers, the channel broadcasts as a news feed - however the uplink is kept on without any signal at times when it is not being used... therefore you see a full signal but no picture.Fine tuning and adjusting the dish and the LNB should enable you to get maximum signal power.

Q.10 : For the last few days there has been one ad about [Star Utsav] on the Star TV network. Please give me information about this channel. What are the rules? (Hameed Ullah, Quette)

Ans: This is a new channel that is scheduled for launch on 7 June. It's reception details are: Satellite - Asiasat 3S, Frequency 3780 MHz, Vertical Polarisation, Symbol Rate 28100, FEC 3/4, Video PID 519, and Audio PID 668.

Q.11 : I would like to know if it is possible to receive KU Band Eurobird 1 at 28.5 deg east & Optus A31 64 deg East, B3 160 deg East signals ? (Asghar Ali, By e-mail)

Ans: The Optus B1 satellite is mainly a Ku-band satellite with spot beams on Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries.

Q.12 : I am a knowledge hunter about satellites and very eager to know new things about this fascinating subject. While surfing on the Internet I happened to visit your website which, I thought was a end to my search about a perfect site about satellites. I was very happy to go through it.I would like to know about "DATA", channels in detail and how can I receive and use them ?For e.g. On Asiasat 3S 105.5 degree Feq. 4029 S/R 2500 Pol. H there is a data channel How can I get it? Kindly send me your reply and valuable suggestions. (Kamran Rizvi, Islamabad)

Ans: Data indicates that someone is using that transponder capacity for the private transmissions of data - either for the Internet, or for companies which need to transfer large volumes of data for processing or storage from one place to another.At most times this is private and not accessible to anyone.

Q.13 : I am unable to receive Star News channel but I am receiving full signals (Asiasat 3) has it gone pay? (Sajid, Hyderabad)

Ans: Yes, the Star News channel is now scrambled and went pay in April 2004.

Q.14 : I am a regular visitor of your site; it gives a lot of information and latest updates. I have a Samsung FTA /DVB receiver with a 12 feet mesh dish antenna. I am not able to receive any of the digital Russian channels. (Ayub Iqbal. Abbotabad)

Ans: Yes the Express satellite does have an analog channel - Telekanal Rossiya. All others are digitally compressed channels, including REN TV. I am unable to explain why you are not able to tune in. You should be able to receive the C-Band channels from the satellite, not the Ku-Band channels since the Ku Band footprint does not cover Kerala.


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