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July 2003

Q.1 : I am the regular reader o your magazine in India. I am receiving channel V India on my cable system. Tell me whether channel V international is available in India? (Sanjay, by e-mail)

Ans: Yes, the international channel V does have a footprint covering India. However, the channel is available to the DTH subscribers of star TV as a part of their pay package for direct consumers.

Q.2 : Our MSO has declared that they will be offering digital set top boxes for all subscribers, but I came to know that digital set top boxes are different to commission and may not work on all networks, unless the network is in excellent condition and also user fiber optics. Please guide me? (Parsad, India)

Ans: In an analogue channel, the signal mainly consists of two peaks, a video carrier and an audio carrier, there is also a small colour burst just after the video carrier. Except for these signals, most of the other signals are much below the video carrier peak level. In contrast, a digital channel has all the content uniformly packed through out the allocated bandwidth.

Q.3 : One of my friend told me that PTV world has become digital now. Please tell me its frequency and symbol rates, so that I may be able to receive it? (Waqas, Karachi)

Ans: Yes, your friend is right. PTV World has become digital now. Its frequency is 6.666 and symbol rates is 4080.

Q.4 : I am the regular reader of your magazine, but writing a letter for the first time. I have a Neo Sat Sx9800 C1 receiver with irdeto access. I used to watch the channels of zee and hotbird on Ku band. I want to receive Tarbs package on Thaicom 2/3 satellite. Guide me about it that how I will receive it and what will be its monthly price? (Mohammad Imran, D.I. Khan)

Ans: You may receive the tarbs package of Thaicom with your Neo Sat Sx 9800 C1 receiver your dish size must be 8 ft. to receive this package. The same CAM will be used for it. You would have to contact the local dealer in Dera Ismail Khan for this.

Q.5 : One of the new Pakistani TV channel “PTV National” has been started a few days ago. Kindly tell me its frequency, symbol rates and FEC? (Mamoon, Karachi)

Ans: The PTV National has started regular transmissions on frequency 4090 V, Clear, SR 6666, FEC 3/4.

Q.6 : I have a NeoSat SX 7000 universal digital receiver. I watch all the channels of Thaicom due to my this receiver. But now I am not able to receive the TCT world. Please guide me about it? (Amjad, Karachi)

Ans: Yes, you are right, because the TCT world has left 3551 H, and moved to 3671 H and is clear.

Q.7 : I have vortec digital receiver and 6 ft. dish. But I can't receive Sharjah TV and Sharjah FM present on Arabsat? (Shakir, Raheem Yar Khan)

Ans: First, these two channels were present on Arabsat and were clear. But now these both channels have been removed from 3720 R to 3716 H, PAL.

Q.8 : The government of India is going to implement CAS system from 14th July, please guide us about this system? (Vishal, India)

Ans: The government of India has done a great favour to millions of viewers of satellite channels by implementing CAS. This would go a long way in making “Consumer The King”. The government should have implemented CAS not only in the metros, but also all over the India.

Q.9 : How do I move my dish to get more satellites and more channels. Please, guide me through your magazine? (Sajid, Sindh)

Ans: If you have a receiver that has DiSEqC 1.2, then you will be able easily to see more satellites and more channels by adding a SG 2100 DiSEqC motor to move your dish.

Q.10 : I have a C band system and have recently replaced the Coax Cable. Since then I have got a major problem. Every time I switch on the receiver, it automatically shuts down immediately. If I remove the cable, everything seems to work perfectly. Did I connect the cable to a wrong socket? (Asif Kamal, Peshawar)

Ans: Most definitely not, but what you do probably have is a short circuit in the coax cable. The wires of the shielding can easily touch the core wire, when attaching the F plug. Your receiver notices this problem and switches itself off for protection. Remove both F plugs of your cable and carefully attach them again. After that you should check the cable for a short circuit with a measuring unit.

Q.11 : How many satellites are currently orbiting the earth and how many countries of the world are using the active satellites for any purpose? (Nadeem, Karachi)

Ans: There have been 4000 launches satellites. Nine Individual countries have launched satellites, including USA, Russia, Japan, China, France, India, Israel, Australia and UK. A large number of countries have enough money and could easily acquire the technology to launch satellites.

Q.12 : Could you tell me the minimum height of that a satellite can be at in order to remain in a geo-stationary position? (Wajid, Karachi)

Ans: It is as low as 400 km and as high as 40,000 km. A geostationary orbit is one that appears to stay above one point on the earth. This means that It has a period of almost a day.

Q.13 : I want to receive south east Asian channels on NSS at 57º East. How big an antenna do I need and what kind of receiver do you recommend? (Zahid Jawad, Peshawar)

Ans: Seriously now you would not be able to receive signals from this satellite in Peshawar, because the satellite is behind the horizon and can thus not be seen by your satellite antenna. It is possible to receive any satellite that is up to 75º East or West from your location. Visit the and you will be able to identify Asian channels of satellites that can be received at your location.

Q.14 : Is it possible to receive an antenna signal from my neighbour by using just a modified antenna? If so, how do I build such an antenna? (Ibrar, Karachi)

Ans: It will not be easier to just invest in your own receiver and antenna or does it have something to do with neighbourhood and finding out what your neighbour is watching on TV. If you already have a satellite receiver and your neighbour is using a cheap quality Coax Cable between his antenna and receiver, then it is possible by using an L-band log periodic antenna to actually get a signal. At the very last, you will be able to see all the channels on a specific polirization. But if you are more interested in knowing exactly what your neighbour is watching at any particular moment and if his receiver is equipped with a modulator, then a simple TV antenna could be the answer to this little problem since a modulator acts just like a small TV transmitter.

Q.15 : I already know that the two-offset-LNB solution for reception of both ASTRA and HOTBIRD with one antenna brings with it very little signal loss. But what if I want to receive 13º East with a properly sized antenna? Is it even possible with a 14º offset? (Ameen by e-mail, UAE)

Ans: 14º offset is not a problem. Of course the signal loss in the offset feed will be some what larger at roughly 2.5 dB. But a 1.2 meter dish in your area would still deliver plenty of gain for both satellites. A better solution will be the wave frontier 90 antenna. With this dish you could easily start with mounting the two LNB's for the two satellites you want to receive with the option of adding additional LNB's for other satellites, later if you choose.


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