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July 2002

Q.1 : Dear Sir I am a regular reader of your Magazine. Now I am receiving the Aaj Tak channel free with my digital receiver without a channel decoder! How is this possible? (Mr. Shakeel, Dadu)

Ans: For a long time now, the Aaj Tak Channel required its own, specific decoder for reception of the channel, even though this was basically, a free-to-air channel. During the past 6 to 8 weeks we have received several reports (the first was from our reader Mr. Faisal Irfan, in Sukkur) that the Aaj Tak channel was now receivable on any standard free-to-air, digital satellite receiver. At the time of writing, the Aaj Tak channel transmissions were available on a free-to-air basis. There is however no indication or press release as to how long this situation will continue. The Aaj Tak channel is broadcast from the INSAT 2E Satellite located at 83-degree east. Its transmission parameters are 3580 MHz Vertical polarisation, Symbol Rate 3255, FEC 3/4. Do note that the channel guide in our Magazine now carries details of the Dish Azimuth and Elevation for the Pakistani cities. Other can approximately align their Dish Antenna to that of the nearest city and fine tune it thereafter manually.

Q.2 : Dear Editor Could you please tell me if any Satellite Digital channels broadcast over Pakistan offer DVB-SI (Digital Video Broadcasting - System Information). Mainly this SI part contains info on events with which I can form an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) from which the user will be able to know upcoming events or what are the programs running on each channel at that moment. In Europe they transmit this information along with Digital streams. I am not sure about Pakistan I think that you people will be the best to help me in this regard.

Ans: Dear Mr. Hamid No, we are not aware of any channel in Pakistan broadcasting info with embedded data to formulate an EPG. This info stream is used mainly by DTH platforms, which have multiple channels, and so find it quite economical to provide such information through addressable decoders directly to subscribers. However in Pakistan the distribution of channels is mainly through cable networks, where the signals are converted from digital to analog and beamed to the homes through cables. Therefore that none of the channels / platforms in Pakistan currently provide this service.

Q.3 : An EWTN Africa & India Digital Service has commenced on PAS-10. A website indicates " MCPC - Nagravision CA". Doesn't Nagravision make it digital encrypted?

Ans: Dear Salman, Yes the channel is available from the PAS 10 satellite @ 68.5 deg E. Reception parameters are Freq.: 4064 MHz; Horizontal Polarization; Symbol Rate: 27,690; FEC: 7/8.EWTN is a Christian religious channel. However it is not currently scrambled and is available free to air. The NagraVision listing is an error, on the magazine that you have studied.

Q.4 : I am a regular reader of your magazine and a cable operator of the largest city of Pakistan. I was receiving the FTV and RENTV channels from Express 6A and Fashion TV from AsiaSat 2. However, recently we have not been receiving the signals. Please inform me the current position of the channels.

Ans: Dear Mr. Abid, The FTV signals on Asiasat 2 are encrypted. The frequency is 3796, Vertical Polarisation, SR 2533, FEC 3/4. The REN TV channel is Free-To-Air on the Express 6A satellite in C-Band on downlink of 4175 RHCP with SR of 20250 and FEC 3/4; or on Ku band at downlink of 11489 V. of 4055, RHCP, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. Yes, the footprint covers Pakistan. The size of the dish required is 6 feet for individual reception & a 12 feet diameter dish is recommended for ATV head Ends.

Q.5 : From which satellite can we receive the MCM channel? Is it free to air? Is it possible to receive it in Sialkot? What is the size of the dish required?

Ans: The MCM channel is available as a Free-to-air Channel from the Intelsat 704 satellite at 66 degrees East at a frequency of 4055, RHCP, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. Yes, the footprint covers Pakistan. The size of the dish required is 6 feet for individual reception & a 12 feet diameter dish is recommended for ATV head Ends.

Q.6 : Sir, I am watching Hotbird channels, but I want to see K.U. band channels on Pas-4 at 68.5 degree East. Please give me a solution how can I get these channels?

Ans: Mr. Rizwan if you upgrade your dish into motorizes you can catch all the digital channels of K.U. band on different Satellite. If you don't want to upgrade your system please purchase another dish and digital die switch, which connect into the digital receiver. Select the switching system in your digital receiver and save it. Now you can receive all the channels of K.U. band on Pas-4 and Hotbird.

Q.7 : We would like to have the specification for the Ku band dish to receive satellite channels. Kindly send us details of the focal length for the dish. What size of dish should we use, fiber or metal sheet and if there is any manufacturer in Lahore for such type of dish.

Ans: Dear Mr. Ansari Since KU band transmissions over Pakistan have commenced only recently, these dishes are just beginning to appear in the Pakistani market. Quality products are available from several Pakistani manufacturers, which include SVH and Eurostar. A sheet metal dish should provide you the best solution. Typically a 4 feet to 6 feet diameter dish should be adequate for receiving almost any Ku band transmissions. Very strong Ku band (DTH) transmissions (not currently available in Pakistan) could be received using 18-inch diameter KU band dishes. Each KU band dish is always supplied with a mounting arrangement for the LNB. This mounting arrangement will position the LNB exactly at the dish's focal point. Hence you need not review the dish focal length, as a necessary, technical specification.

Q.8 : I am a regular reader of "Dish Channels" It is a source of very useful information about Satellite world. I have some questions. a) Which is the best free to Air digital receiver that can receive all the FTA Channels available today? Humax 5400, Nokia 9200s, Eurostar 9700F, Strong, Neosat. b) Can we receive free the air digital channels with the help of a C.I. receiver? c) Is there any system crash or problems with digital receiver?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. You mention the different brand of free to air digital receiver. In your question # a, you select Neosat digital free to air receiver it is the best for receiving all free to air digital channels and your second question's answer is yes you can receive digital free to air channels with you the help of C.I. receiver. If you want to buy C.I. digital receiver ask Eurobox and Suppermax. Digital receiver can not crash any other systems.

Q.9 : Dear Sir, recently I have started Cable TV Network. Can I receive Star channels from Panamsat-4 Satellite free. Please solve my problem? Thank you.

Ans: Mr.Aftab you can not receive Star channels from Panamsat-4 Satellite. These channels disappear from this Satellite you have to buy Star package for these channels.


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