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June 2009
DTH platform

Q.1 : Congratulations on your excellent website ( It contains very useful data not available elsewhere. I have a problem - For the past 1 week, I am unable to receive the KBS channel on the DD DTH platform. I receive all the other channels on this platform, as listed on your website. Has KBS been taken of the air or it is problem at our end? (Anil Dutta, via e-mail)

Ans: You are correct; the KBS Channel (Korean Broadcasting Service) has recently been pulled off Doordarshan's DTH platform - DD Direct+. This year, DD Direct+ doubled its carriage fees, for both Indian & foreign channels. Last year the carriage fees were Rs 30 Lakhs per annum + Service tax for Indian channels and double that for foreign channels. Apparently KBS preferred to withdraw its channel, after its existing contract was completed.

Orbiting satellites

Q.2 : Do satellites in orbit need some adjusting at times or do they stay perfectly in orbit? (Ijaz Ahmed, Lahore)

Ans: Most of our closer low orbit satellites need periodic course corrections from micro jets ... but there are special points where the satellite will not need periodic boosts to maintain orbit ... referred to as "Lagrange Points"

Dish Network

Q.3 : Is Dish Network the largest satellite TV Company in United States? (Chris Cork, by e-mail)

Ans: No, Dish Network is the second largest satellite company in United States; the largest is DirecTV instead. They own about 15 million subscribers at the time of writing; while more than 18 millions subscribe to DirecTV.

C-band Dish

Q.4 : Can I use my C-band dish for internet without changing the LNB that comes with the satellite initially? (Khurram Anis, Islamabad)

Ans: First of all, your TV dish has nothing to do with computer networking. Second, your C-band dish may provide too strong of a signal for your tiny little LNB. Digital satellite dishes are not very expensive.

Dish TV Antenna

Q.5 : I wanted to know how to align a dish antenna to a particular satellite. I live in Mangalore Karnataka. Say I want to align my dish to Agila2 at 146.0 E, how do I do that? Idea in my mind is take a compass find out the east direction. And take a protractor and turn the dish to 146.0 E. But this does not work at all! Can you please tell me how to go about aligning a dish antenna? I have a doubt. Does 146 degree east mean 180-146 =34 degrees West? NSS6 is at 95E does it mean it is 85W? Because my Dish TV Antenna seems to be oriented at 6 E!! (Abid, New Delhi)

Ans: You are really a confused person as far as the system of cardinal directions are concerned. The direction are measured as given in the diagram. There are 360 degrees in a full circle. Secondly all the directions, after east or west are measured, in relation to the true north which in taken as 00.

Hindi channels

Q.6 : We are living in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Can we get these channels here, instead of taking from the local provider? The problem is the local provider doesn’t contain all the channels we can see in India Andhra Pradesh. The local provider gives us only Zee, Sony, Sahara one and Star Plus. We are looking for business channel in Hindi and also TV9 of Telugu. Please suggest us. (Pir M Shah, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: If you go clockwise from 0, it is the eastern side and if you go anticlockwise, it is the western side. Thus, way to measure 1460 East will be to stand looking at the 00 direction (True North) clockwise till you see the 1460 East. If you see the diagram, this also relates to (3600 1460 = 2140 W) But remember what is written in degrees alongside a satellite name. See the Channel Choice Chart in the magazine to locate these channels. As far as we know all business channels are encrypted. So you may not get them free. TV9 in a free to air channel.

Dish from India

Q.7 : I want to setup my dish for Indian channel. I am currently living in New Zealand. I brought my Dish from India. Please provide me the complete information regarding settings/programme. So that I set it up in New Zealand. (David John, by e-mail)

Ans: Dish antenna size does matter in receiving satellite signals. If size of the dish in large, it will capture more signals. But remember it may also capture signals from other satellites causing interference in your signal. If the signals are weak, you need to have a large dish. You may receive only those satellites, which have their footprints on New Zealand.


Q.8 : I have recently become interested in DTH, and came across your site and the satellite stuff, seem quite exciting. What I want to know is that I have bought a FTA DTH box. (a) Can I get C-band satellite channels from it? (b) Is the C-Band dish still available in the market since one shop that I went looked at me strangely when I enquired about a C-band dish? (c) Will I have to have multiple dishes or a single dish will do? (Uzair Alvi, Kuwait)

Ans: C-Band is very much in service even today. You must have gone to a DTH dealer who generally may be your neighbourhood grocery shop-owner or a television shop owner. They would not know the ABC of satellite television. To get the C-Band equipment, you should visit a cable TV hardware shop which is generally located in the electronic market. The LNB and the feed-horn is fixed in front of the dish and used to capture the signals reflected by the dish surface, convert them into electrical signals and send them to the receiver.


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