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June 2007

Q.1 : Q: After several scans of Eutelsat W2 with my Topfield 5000, there are several transponders that it simply won't find. For example, 11.499H, 12.499H or 12.697V. The receiver will not let me store additional transponders besides the ones already stored. The frequencies mentioned above are not in the list. What am I doing wrong? The receiver is connected to a Wave Frontier antenna. ( Faisal Usman, Lahore)

Ans: We will assume that the DiSEqC switch used with the Wave Frontier is correctly connected otherwise you wouldn't be receiving anything from W2. Go to the installation menu of the 5000 and then into the Channel Search menu. Switch the search mode to manual and take a deeper look at the list of pre-programmed transponders. You will discover several useless frequencies that even when activated will show nothing on the signal quality bar graph. Simply type in your desired frequency over the frequency of the inactive transponder and change the existing values for the symbolrate and polarization.

Q.2 : : Up until now I have been receiving the C-band with my 3-meter dish with exceptional results. Is it possible to use this antenna to also receive the Ku band? Your magazine is an absolute "must" for me. (Hamid Jan, Islamabad)

Ans: There is the possibility to replace your existing feed/LNB with a combination C/Ku band feed. This type of combination is also known by the name corotor. It was originally offered by Chaparral but other manufacturers such as ADL have appeared in the meantime. You should expect there to be some signal attenuation in the Ku-band. Your 3-meter dish would behave more like a 2-meter dish when in the Ku-band. But this is still more than good enough to receive every DTH satellite and also numerous weak satellites.

Q.3 : I live in the United Arab Emirates and receive digital TV and radio via Hotbird with a 90cm antenna. Supposedly there is also two-way Internet via satellite available via Hotbird. Is it enough to install a satellite tuner card in my PC? (Naveed Hussain, UAE)

Ans: Unfortunately, no. To enjoy Internet via satellite uplink and downlink it would be first of all very expensive and second the satellites Arabsat 2B and NSS6 would come into question. You would need a proper antenna with a receive LNB and a transmitter plus a satellite modem

Q.4 : As the owner of a Topfield TF4000PVR, I would love to be able to upload new software. Unfortunately I can't use the ASTRA satellite to upgrade my receiver because I can't see this satellite from my location. Is there a loader program that I can use for this receiver? (Fareed Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: You can get what you need from You will also need a null modem cable to connect the PC with the receiver and of course the current software. It only takes a few minutes to upload the new software. To properly activate the new software you should perform a factory reset. Unfortunately, this will delete any saved transponder data you may have and a new scan will be necessary.

Q.5 : I want to know if I can receive digital signals on the present C or Ku band LNBs which I am using to receive analogue signal. The second question: Are there dish receivers capable of handling both analogue and digital signals? What is their cost? (Rasheed Khalid, via email)

Ans: You first question get's a simply Yes, because all Free to Air-receivers will accept different types of LNB. Dish Channels published during the last months quite a lot of test-reports on digital/analog satellite-receivers. With and without build-in positioner and able to control a servo-polarizer. Echostar, Praxis, NextWave etc. to name some of them, offer suitable equipment. Prices differ from market to market.


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