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June 2004

Q.1 : On your website you have indicated that Doordarshan has started DTH transmissions from NSS 6 at 95 deg. East. This is less than 2 degrees away from DISH TV, which is transmitting from INSAT 3A at 93.5 deg. East? (Saqib, Lahore)

Ans: Yes, DISH TV and DD's DTH platform are transmitting from almost the same point in the sky. Hence, the same dish antenna should be able to simultaneously receive signals from both DTH platforms. Doordarshan's DTH platform downlinks signals from the NSS 6 satellite @ 95 deg. East. Freq. 12650, Symbol rate 19546, vertical polarisation.

Q.2 : I have a DISH DTH set up but cannot receive Doordarshan's KU band transmissions. Please advice? (Anwar, Karachi)

Ans: Install 2 LNBs on the same KU Band dish. Unfortunately, the necessary faceplates are not (yet) commercially available.Replace your existing KU band LNBF with a switchable polarity LNBF. The polarity can be switched from the satellite receiver, allowing you to receive either DISH TV or DD DTH without disturbing your dish antenna and using the same digital satellite receiver.Switchable polarity LNBFs are currently not available but I am sure that they will come into the market (because of DD and DISH TV DTH) within the next month.

Q.3 : please let me know whether the MCM music channel has been relaunched with a changed name "trace" on AsiaSat 30. If so please send me the frequency details. As per your magazine it was supposed to be relaunched on April 1st. Eagerly expecting your kind reply? (Shehzad, Rawalpindi)

Ans: TRACE TV has been launched so far only on Subhash Chandra's DISH TV DTH Platform.

Q.4 : Please give us the name & details of Korean channels? (Asif, Multan)

Ans: There is only one Korean free to air channel - Arirang TV. This is available from the AsiaSat satellite.

Q.5 : I am from Saudi Arabia and interested in viewing EKUSHEY TV. Is the channel not beaming or what is their satellite name, frequency etc? (Mohammad Ibrar, by email)

Ans: Yes, Ekushey TV has stopped broadcasts some time back. Not known if they will restart again.

Q.6 : Being a Cable Operator I am a permanent reader of your satellite magazine and have been subscribing to it since 1998. I have a problem with my headend. I am giving the last channel that is S-33. I have installed two optical fibre transmitters in my control room besides two amplifiers for RF signal. I already have 3 channel combiners with their own losses. I request you to guide me so that I may be able to run it smoothly? (Shabeer Hussain, Hyderabad)

Ans: Yes, you are correct in using splitters for combining RF inputs or dividing them amongst multiple fibre optic transmitters. Losses in splitters is inevitable. You can minimise the splitter loss by ensuring that you use the appropriate splitter, e.g. do not use a 4 way splitter to combine or split two inputs. A 4 way splitter will present a loss of 8 dB. While a 2 way splitter will have a loss of 4 dB. Ofcourse if you want to combine 4 RF inputs, you have no alternate to a 4 way splitter.

Q.7 : Sir, I am the regular reader of your monthly magazine. May I know that when the three channels of PTV will start and which satellite will broadcast it? Some one told me that Paksat1 had been started, is it true? (Syed Shehyar Ali, Sindh)

Ans: Thanks for haiving an interest in our magazine. PTV had not yet announced their three channels. As soon as they will start, we will tell our all readers about their frequency, Symbol rates ,FEC and the name of satellite which is going to broadcast it. Paksat1 had started its transmissions.

Q.8 : I have a Neo sat SX 9800 CI digital receiver with four feet fiber and six feet solid dish. I used to watch the channels of Asiasat 3S and Pas 7/10 respectively. I am not able to receive the channels of CMM music and B4U Music from the last few days. Please solve my this problem? (Mohammad Azam, Sindh)

Ans: CMM music had been renamed. The signals of B4U music some time become freeze. Try to get more and more signals of the same channels and locate your dish at the proper place.

Q.9 : I am a cable operator. I have a two feet fiber dish and new sat and fortec star receivers. I want to know that which card is going to broadcast the Ten sports channel? (Mohammad Yaqoob, Sargodha)

Ans: You may watch the Ten sports channels through Viaccess card. This card is not available here in Pakistan.

Q.10 : I take more interest in your monthly magazine. Let me know the difference between analogue and digital receivers? Can we watch both the signals through one LNB?What about the new channel of GEO and Doosti TV? (Yasir Ali, Sindh)

Ans: There is no difference between digital and analogue receivers. The digital signals are first transmitted by analogue , than we come to watch the digital signals.GEO TV had not yet started their new channel. Doosti TV will be started soon and will be broadcasted by the Thaicom Satellite.

Q.11 : I am reading your magazine from the last few months. I have an analogue receiver. Now I want to buy a digital receiver.What is meant by Viaccess, M Guard and Encrypted?What is meant by FTA? What is the price of CAM?( Mohammad Asghar, Punjab)

Ans: The words written in front of channels represents the name of cards and cams. FTA means free to air channels, means which one can watch with out cards and cams.Cams have different prices.

Q.12 : How about using offset dish? How much difference in the degrees between prime focus feed dish & offset dish? What is the formula in finding the elevation? Is it depends on your location? One of my friends told me it is 22 degrees difference. When I cheked from actual instaulation using offset dish beamed at 13 deg east with elevation at 44 degs with respect my location. I found it was 22 deg elevation and it was right. So, can you give me the answer? (Wajid, Karachi)

Ans: Quite a lot of offset dishes are working indeed with a difference of around 22 degrees, but not all, since the offest angle could be different. Usually there are markings on the mount that you can use to measure the true elevation. There are also formulas that can be used to calculate the elevation angle.

Q.13 : Recently one of my friends who has Eurostar Digital Receiver (9700F) has forgotten his PIN and can't go to it's setup, because there is no technical service center here, so I want to ask you how can solve his problem because I had internet access.( Haneef, Peshawar)

Ans: The model 9700 and two other Eurobox models used a code of 0000. Good luck!

Q.14 : I noticed that Panasat IRD 500D series need a smart card to work which means for each package I receive, I must subscripe to that package. If this is correct, then I am looking for a decoder which can work without the need to subscripe. (Ayub, Jehlum)

Ans: There is no such device. You always need a valid card to watch digtial pay tv. With one exception: if you live inside the ASTRA-footage, you could use your IRD 520 with the old version 2.1 of the iredeto-module to watch the dutch pay-tv channels (MultiChoice) free of charge.


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