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June 2003

Q.1 : I am a regular reader of your magazine but writing to you for the first time. I live in Saudi Arabia. I have a 1.8 meter antenna with a C-band feed / LNB for receiving GEO-TV on Pas 7/10. I am also using a Eurostar digital receiver. Even though the antenna is perfectly aligned with the satellite. I still can't receive this channel. Is there any solution to this problem? (Wajahat, by e-mail)

Ans: Yes, for any problem there is always a solution. You would have to change your 1.8 meter dish with 3.3 meter in diameter. On this satellite GEO-TV is an SCPC signal with a symbol rate of 3.300 Ms/Sec and for some receivers this could be a problem. The antenna should be even larger.

Q.2 : I need some information regarding Eutelsat Seasat, Turksat 1B, Europe Star, Arab Sat 2B, and Arabsat 2A/2D/3A. How will I receive them and what will be the sizes of dishes to receive them? (Mohd. Ibrahim, Raheem-Yar-Khan)

Ans: Eutelsat Seasat at 36.0º E, Turksat 1B at 31.3º East, Arabsat 2B at 30.5º E and Arabsat 2A/2D/3A at 26º E and present in a digital mode. To receive these satellites, your dish size must be 8 foot, while Europe start is present on 45.0º E. You will have a 12-foot dish to receive it.

Q.3 : I am an occasional reader of your magazine. I would be very thankful if you would guide me about a new channel, similar to fashion TV, was to launch. Has it started? Please indicate details of the satellite, frequency, symbol rate and FEC details of the channel? (Vishal, India)

Ans: Fashion and Style, a new channel started test transmission on the same transponders from NSS 703 at 53 degree east. Unfortunately, fashion and style was not able to continue its transmission. However the zee has launched “Trrend3” an Indian fashion and style channel, specially for Indian audience.

Q.4 : I have a satellite TV which I enjoy to watch. I have sold my house and now living in a rented house. I can't have any satellite or cable. I can't install loads, wires around the house as I have a contract with them of no damage is done to the walls and floors. I have a computer which is really upto date, so I am willing to try anything? (Nasir, Peshawar)

Ans: If your flat has a window facing roughly south-east with a clear view of the sky at about 25-3º elevation, you may be able to use a satellite dish in front of the window. You will need a larger-than usual dish for reception through the window and you will do best with the window open. Alternatively, if there is a south facing balcony, you could push a dish there. Another option is digital terrestrial TV. If you have terrestrial TV already delivered to the flat, then you could use a cheap ex-ITV digital box to get at lest reasonable selection of multi channel TV.

Q.5 : I am new to satellite and interested in buying a digital satellite system. So can you tell me if it is possible to replace my current Sky Digibox for one that would handle, both sky digital and foreign channels from other satellites. If so, could you recommend such a system with the added possibility of digital recording? (Anwar Jamal, Karachi)

Ans: Reception of digital requires a digital receiver with the right videoguard decoder inside. This decoder can not be bought to add to another receiver and only sky digital are produced with this decoder built-in and they can't have additional decoders added. In other, words, you can not have a single receiver to watch sky digital and any other services.

Q.6 : For the lost couple of months, I have been a big reader of your magazine. I would like to know if it is possible to receive the Astra Satellite in Behrain, Middle East. I am using a Humax 5400 free to air receiver? (Amjad, Bahrain)

Ans: There are two groups of Astra Satellites. Astra 1 at 19.2ºE provides a good few analogue channels and many digital channels, mostly to Europe. Astra 2 and Eurobird at and around 28ºE provides all the sky digital services to the UK. Unfortunately, all these satellites are intended for reception in Europe and so reception in Behrain with any thing like a normal sized dish even up to a couple of metores is hot possible.

Q.7 : Dear Editor, give me an information about the Headlines to-day channel from the Aaj Tak channel, could you also give me its frequency and symbol rate? (Javed by e-mail)

Ans: The Headlines News Channel is available from the Insat 2E Satellite on downlink of 3573 V with SR 4340 and FEC 3/4.

Q.8 : I obtained a small 60cm dish with a sub-reflector from an electronic company. The dish comes in six segments and is really portable. On the back is a mark “Mansat” will you kindly guide me for what purpose this dish is been build? (Saller, India)

Ans: Your little dish probably belongs to a MAN-SAT 2000 terminal used by the British, French and Spanish forces to communicate in the frequency range 7.25/8.4 GHz. This dish usually comes with transceiver and tripod. To use this antenna in the X-band for listening. It will disappoint you, because all communication system is mode digital.

Q.9 : I recently found a large selection of feeds and waveguides. How can I determine which of these are for C-band and which are for Ku-band? (Waqas, Karachi)

Ans: Wavesguides are rectangular. Its inside height is equivalent to ½ lambda of the highest frequency. The lower frequency of the waveguide is reached when ½ lambda of this lower frequency is greater than ½ lambda of the upper frequency. The operational range of KU is from 10 to 15 GHz and the lower frequency is 7.87 GHz. This value goes up as you go lower in frequency.

Q.10 : have a Euro 9200 receiver. It was working well, but after two months I receive no reception on it. There is no picture or sound except the message “E49”. Do you have any advice? (Saeed, Karachi)

Ans: Your receiver indicates an electrical short in your Coax Cable. Check you Coax Cable for any shorts and replace the cable if necessary. A single strand of wire from the shield may have come in contact with the center conductor of the cable.

Q.11 : What kind of LNB do I need to be able to get the radio stations on Asia star beneath the C-band in Saudi Arabia? (Roshan by e-mail)

Ans: The west beam of Asiastar can be received in Saudi Arabia. You don't need an LNB, but you will have a Worldstar Radio. These radios comes with a flip up antenna and if the unit has a clear view of the satellite, then reception is guaranteed. The world star package is available via the Internet at

Q.12 : I am a cable operator in Karachi. I want to know how many channels are transmitted through MMDS, Analog @ PAL-B, and frequency range 2.4G to 2.7G. What type of equipment is used for this purpose? (Imran Khan, Karachi)

Ans: through an analogue, PAL-B channel on MMDS system you should be able to accommodate approximately 35 channels you will need to install equipment costing US$100.


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