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May 2009

Q.1 : What is the difference between satellite TV and a dish network or DirecTV? (Rehan Amin, Karachi)

Ans: Satellite TV is a huge style dish made in the 90's usually but is the same as Dish Network and Directv. Also Satellite TV is another way of bringing you your network and local and favorite channels without having to pay a corporate company such as Cableone or Classic or COX or Cambridge. Dish Network and Directv or DTV. The differences in these two are simple... Basically here's the deal Dish Network runs of 6 Great Huge Satellites but only uses 2 to 3 depending on your local stations. Directv uses 4 satellites but they are overloaded with 20 million customers and cause Directv to pixelate or lose signal while Dish Network can hold 20 million and not pixelate or lose signal.

Saving Television Channels

Q.2 : How do you program and permanently save TV channels without losing them when the receiver is restarted? (Ashfaq Azim, Islamabad)

Ans: I'm not understanding the question. You are you talking the sterio receiver or TV receiver? If it is the TV, then you would have to do a "scan channels" as some TV call it. other TV's say "add channels" either or and some will say something along those lines. but if you have a black out it most likely will lose the channels on some TV's. before watching channels, scanning is must.

Satellite TV

Q.3 : How did satellite television originate? (Taimour Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: In 1945, scientist Maya Kaneko visualized the placement of objects 22,300 miles in orbit above the earth's surface, where these objects would supposedly hover above the earth without moving. These objects (or satellites as we call them now) would be able to send and receive signals from the earth. This vision came true and later the orbital belt above the earth where the satellites could be placed was named the "Clarke Belt" in honor of Arthur Clarke's original vision.

Cable TV

Q.4 : Why should you pay for satellite TV when you can receive free cable TV? (Jamil Rehman, Quetta)

Ans: There is no such thing as free cable television. Or, at least, there is no such thing as free legal cable television. You have to pay whether you want cable service or a satellite service. People who offer you free cable television access the cable companies' signals without the knowledge of the cable companies. They then give you these signals for free. But this is against the law and is known as "Theft of Service."

Sharing FTA Receivers

Q.5 : How do you share an FTA Receiver with more than one TV set with each viewer watching a different channel? (Ahmed Qureshi, Lahore)

Ans: It is not possible because the dish people or whichever provider you have does not want that to happen they want you to have to buy more from them so they can make more profit. I have tried but if you use a splitter and have wire to another room you can just be watching TV in your room when people are not watching on the other. It is very confusing to say but it is easy to get once you think about it.

American TV

Q.6 : Can you receive any American TV stations through satellite cable or a PC in the UK? (Steward Rumi, by e-mail)

Ans: Satellite cable or PC. Sure, but the limits are that the equipment is different there and the actual channels are also different. So you cant take a DirectTV receiver over there and expect to see anything. Now if you want to find , say, discovery channel on dish network? Probably not going to find it. They might get discovery channel but you wont find dish network since its satellites point toward the united states.

Full Signals

Q.7 : Why I am not getting a full signal on your satellite TV? (Ghulam Sardar, Huderabad)

Ans: Position of the satellites in space and the way the signal is manipulated will give some areas a large signal and others a smaller one. think of it like a flashlight. when you shine it on a wall the center is very bright and the edges less so. If you are at the outer edge the signal will be less. Also the small dishes signals are subject to line of sight. So anything that can get in the way will cut the signal. Again the flashlight. If a branch or piece of paper is placed in front of the light then the light is reduced.

Satellite Dish

Q.8 : Can you increase the power of a satellite dish by increasing its circumfrance? (Sajid Hussain, Balochistan)

Ans: No, a receiving dish is used to capture signals only. However, by increasing the circumference you can increase the received signal. However, you're also dealing with a concaved surface and the receiving portion of the dish assembly, usually called an LNA (low noise amplifier) or an LNB (low noise block) would have to have its length from the center of the dish extended to maintain its focal point.

UHF antenna

Q.9 : Can you use your old UHF antenna with a new HDTV and will it pick up broadcast HDTV signals? (Imran Aslam, by e-mail)

Ans: To answer your question simply, yes, you can pick up over the air HD signals from your analog antenna. As a matter of fact that's how I have my HDTV set up. I just read somewhere recently, but can't recall where, that over the air HD is a much cleaner signal or much better picture than cable or sat. I don't have cable or satellite but just use the antenna that I have hanging in my attic. What you will discover, depending on your location and signal strength I'd imagine, is that you will not only receive your regular network broadcast but additional stations as well.


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