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May 2008

Q.1 : Q: It is fact that satellite channels provide us unlimited information, but it is difficult to understand the Satellite TV. Will High Definition TV be available through Freeview? (Faraz, via E-Mail)

Ans: Freeview Broadcasters will need to agree amongst themselves whether the technology that will be used will be capable of delivering HDTV at some point in the future. There are currently higher costs involved for both broadcasters and consumers– the set top box would be more expensive and producing material in HD costs more. By the time DTT is rolled out, however, it may be that those costs have come down and broadcasters can then look again at this option. The government strongly encourages broadcasters to consult and agree on standards in relation to digital transmission, including the delivery of HDTV.

Q.2 : : Dish Channels has improved too much now. Test Reports and the satellite articles are full of information. Does terrestrial have any advantages over satellite? (Shehzad, Karachi)

Ans: : Both platforms will deliver similar content. The main advantage of terrestrial is that people who live within the coverage area won't need to install a satellite dish to receive it. Terrestrial is also likely to be better suited to delivering a local service (such as CTV in Christchurch) because the transmission signals can be contained to a single geographical region.

Q.3 : : I am currently experiencing problems with my Denon AVR3803 receiver, the picture is not showing even though there are gray stripes on the side to indicate that the cable box is working. does anybody know how to fix this problem? (Rashid Ahmad, UAE)

Ans: Try connecting the cable box direct to the TV. If you get picture, the receiver is at fault. Check the setup menu. Does is have assignable inputs? The video may be mapped to another output

Q.4 : I am not able to get the pay channels free to air? How much does it cost to “descramble” the scrambled channels? ( Mohammad Iqbal, Islamabad)

Ans: First you need a descrambler. If you get a new system, most likely you will get an IRD, which comes with the descrambler built in. Just make sure it will upgrade to the VC-II RS, and understand that this upgrade may cost you additional money when this system is implemented. The descrambler will add around $400 to the cost of your satellite system. Next you need a subscription. Movie channels will run you around $7 a month or so, actually less than cable, but you do get taken for a bit of a ride on the "generic" cable channels such as DISCOVERY, CNN, etc

Q.5 : I want to hook up more than one TV. What's the best way to do it? ( Aftab Alam, Hyderabad)

Ans: Even with a basic single-receiver system, you can hook up more than one television — although you will be limited to watching the same satellite channel on each TV. Simply connect the satellite receiver's antenna-style "RF" output to the input of your second TV (for this connection, RG-6 or RG-59 cable is fine). Some satellite receivers include two tuners, letting you watch two different programs on two different TVs using a single receiver. These receivers give you two sets of audio/video outputs as well as two remotes (one remote operates via radio frequencies, so you can control the receiver from the second room).

Q.6 : If I get a satellite system with a dual-output dish, can my family watch two different satellite channels simultaneously in different rooms? (Alamzeb, Peshawar)

Ans: If I get a satellite system with a dual-output dish, can my family watch two different satellite channels simultaneously in different rooms? (Alamzeb, Peshawar)

Q.7 : What equipment do I need to receive HDTV satellite programming? (Imran, via E-Mail)

Ans: To receive satellite's HD offerings, you will need a triple LNB multi-satellite dish, an HDTV-capable satellite receiver, and a compatible HDTV-ready TV.

Q.8 : If I buy two satellite receivers, will I have to pay twice as much every month for programming? (Imtiaz, Abbotabad)

Ans: No, as long as both receivers are continuously connected to a phone line (see next question). Satellite providers do charge a small monthly fee on each additional receiver.

Q.9 : When it rained, my TV picture become weak sometimes. Can weather affect my satellite reception? (Waqas, Quetta)

Ans: : On rare occasions in some parts of the country, severe rainstorms may interrupt your reception for brief periods of time. If that should ever happen, your picture will return automatically.

Q.10 : : I have an Echolink EL-700 FTA receiver. I have loader and software files of this receiver in my computer. But I don’t know the method of uploading it. Please explain the method to me. Furthermore, I have heard that the receiver can also be upgraded through satellite. Is it possible? (Nasir Ahmed, Rawalpindi)

Ans: : Upgrading Echolink receiver is very easy. Firstly, keep your receiver on a STAND BY mode. Now turn off the POWER button on the rear panel of the receiver. Then connect RS-232 DATA CABLE with your computer. Now open the loader in your computer and select the software file in it and press NEXT button, turning on the POWER button of the receiver at the same time. This will start the uploading of software and after a little while will be uploaded in the receiver. Don’t remove the DATA CABLE till you see the FINISH option and also don’t turn off the POWER or else the receiver can get defected. You can upgrade Echolink receiver through satellite. You will get this option in the TOOLS menu. You can upgrade it through Astra satellite, which is on 19o East. But this satellite is unavailable in Pakistan, hence you cannot avail this facility. However, the residents of Germany can be benefited from this option.

Q.11 : : I have an 8 ft fibre dish, which has been set on Paksat satellite. I want to receive HotBird satellite on the same dish. How do you suggest should I do it? (Nadeem, Karachi)

Ans: You can receive Paksat with HotBird satellite but it is difficult to receive all the channels this way. If you set your dish on EuroBird which is on 26o East. With side LNB, you can acquire Paksat. Through this method, you can get all the channels of Paksat easily, as well as HotBird with good signals. To achieve this, the setting of the LNBs should be accurate. It is better to contact a dish fitter.


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