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May 2005

Q.1 : Sir, I have an Eight feet dish and a Fortec Star Lifetime Free to Air Receiver. There is no built in CAM in my receiver. I want to watch the Multivision packages and also want to watch ZIK, XXL, XPLUS and FREEX TV. So what can I do.

Ans: Please write the name of your areas along with mails and letters, so that we can answr you with the local beam position. You can watch the multivison and double X channels after upgrading your Fortec Star Lifetime receiver. But for Free X TV, you had to change your receiver to 5100 Life Time receiver along with I irdeto CAM and delta card. Your receiver can easily be upgraded.

Q.2 : I am a regular reader of dish channels since last 8 years,1- Does ever Zee TV comes on pin codes again? 2- I want to watch Trace-Music TV? It is lost on Asiasat3s how I can watch it? 3- How to adjust the proper focus of dish and LNB? (Nusrat Ahmad, Dera Ghazi Khan)

Ans: Thanks for favouring our magazine. The Zee network will take time for pincode. We will must tell our readers as soon as the Zee network comes on pincode. Last month Trace TV become closed on Asiasat 3 and aired on Eutelsat W5 (70.5E). 52 inch distance is necessary for net to net VIVA dish, while the updown of LNB must be 1½ inch. Then stand in the front of your dish to watch the feed horn.

Q.3 : I have an Eight feet dish of 24 Rods and NeoSat 1600 PlusDigital Receiver, I want to know that how many satellites I can see on this Dish, especially Sports Channels like Ten Sports, ESPN and Star Sports or Cricket Channels of different countries like DD Sports of India from there We can see the cricket matches in India. I have my own computer in my Village and I want to Up Grade my Receiver, but I did not know about this That which Software and Switches/Leads to be required for Up Gradation Process. Please tell me in detail about Up Gradation method? (Nasir Bhatti, Faisalabad)

Ans: You can watch all those C and Ku-band satellite with your dish, which have 6 to 8 feet dish size requirements. In order to watch cricket channels, you will have to buy a decoder. Ten Sports is only for cable operators. You can upgrade your receiver through your computer. You will have to made two types of data lead for it. Visit to download a software.

Q.4 : I have an Astrovox 2600 FTA plus and its working well. I upgrade it regularly. Now a friend has brought me a Zehnder DX 1700 (FTA) receiver from Austria but i don't know how to open its key code menue. I tried to upgrade it from the Zehnder's web site but I guess they don't give pay TV codes in upgrades? (Sulaman Jafar, Quetta)

Ans: The Zendar receivers are not in upgraded version and have no pincode system. Please change your receiver.

Q.5 : Kindly let me know about the latest Pin codes of Zee TV. Hope you will guide me well and on the right direction? (Wajahut Hussain, Gojra)

Ans: The upgrade code of Zee network is in Seca formate, while now-a-days, Zee is being broadcast in Conax formate. The Conax version has no solution till. Please wait for it.

Q.6 : I have a Starsat SR-X1500D receiver. I am not able to receive NSS 6 Satellite. I want to watch the channels of the said satellite. May I upgrade my receiver? (Shahnawaz, Hala)

Ans: First set the ST-1 satellite. Now adjust the C-band LNB on Ku-band LNB. Now tune the Hotbird satellite and make the frequency 12729 V and symbolrates 27500. Now make dish down to earth and move it to Asiasat direction. You will get your desired satellite.

Q.7 : I have a Neosat SX-9800 CI receiver. I put a code in my receiver and now forget that code. Now I am not able to watch the new channels. How I will open the lock. I am waiting for your response? (Abdul-Majeed)

Ans: Neosat receiver has two master codes. First put 2580. If your problem is not solved, then put 3842.

Q.8 : Please tell me the latest pincodes of Multivision. I shall be thankful to you? (Ali, Rawalpindi)

Ans: The software of Multivision changes regularly. Please update your receiver.

Q.9 : Sir, can we watch the Ku-band channels of Asiasat 3S, Express 6A and PASS 10 satellites. I have Opentel ODS 2000 CI satellite receiver. This receiver has a software or not. We have also two satellite receivers, when open at the same time, then the signals of Horizontal and Vertical channels are not able to received? (Ishtiaq Alam, District Shangala)

Ans: You are not able to watch Ku-band channels of these satellites. The new software of Opentel is not available. Check the LNB installation of your receivers. Make sure the V and H same in both receivers. Otherwise check it from expert.


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