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May 2004

Q.1 : This is my first letter to any magazine. I have a Neosat 9800 digital receiver. I love sports and want to watch all sports channels including Star Sports, Espn Sports etc. may I watch it through any cam or card. I am waiting for your response? (Mohammad Wali, Noweshera)

Ans: Thanks for writing us. You may watch the sports channels through a decoder, which is allow only to cable operator through a proper license.

Q.2 : I want to know about the DTH system in Pakistan. When it will be started and what will be the amount per month and connection. May we watch it in Nawabshah too? (Shoaib Ahmed, Nawab Shah)

Ans: We had not received any latest news form the ministry of broadcasting and information about the DTH system. As soon as we receive, we will mention all the procedure and amount of the Direct to Home Technology. It will be started initially in Major Cities of Pakistan.

Q.3 : I have a Fortec Star receiver and eight feet dish. I am receiving the signals of Asiasat 3S and PAS 7/10 satellite. I am unable to receive the signals of other satellites. Tell me the suitable process to over come this problem? (Altaf Hussian, Multan)

Ans: Try to locate the dish on the roof of your house. Try to receive more and more signals, then you will be able to watch all the channels of the satellite.

Q.4 : My friend told me that "Smile TV analog FTA is available on Asiasat 3S" but I cannot receive any new analog channel. Please check the channel and let me know? (Mohammad Ramazan, Punjab)

Ans: SMILE TV is a package of channels consisting of Malibu TV, Blue Kiss and Casino TV on the Asiasat 3S satellite. (Freq: 3669 V, SR:13333, FEC : 3/4). While the main channels are encrypted with Viaccess, their corresponding promotional channels (Malibu TV Promo, Casino TV Promos, BlueKiss promo) are FTA.

Q.5 : I am a regular reader of your monthly magazine. I am from a rural area so I have a personal dish to watch satellite channels. I have a Humax digital receiver Model VA FOX capable of receiving Viaccess channels. My querry is that where can I get a Viacces card to receive BLUEKISS TV channel available on ASIASAT 3S. I will be obliged for your information. (Yasir Iqbal, Hunza)

Ans: The channel was launched on 1st Dec and is available across Asia. The decoders and viewing cards cannot be officially sold in the country.

Q.6 : Few days ago, DD News has stopped transmissions on the INSAT 2E satellite @ 83 deg E satellite. Please advice. (Faraz Ahmad, Quetta)

Ans: DD News is also available from the PAS 10 satellite, as part of the DD bouquet which consists of : Doordarshan: DD Bharati, DD Sports, DD India, DD News & AIR Rainbow FM radio. The receiption parameters are : Freq-4034 V; SR-19565; FEC-3/4.

Q.7 : I have subscribed to the Zee DTH service. Using the same Dish & LNB, can I receive other Ku Band transmissions such as those from Hotbird, NSS 703, Express 6, NSS 6, Apstar 2R ? Do let me know. ( Mohammad Irfan, Abbotabad)

Ans: Yes, the DISH TV LNBF & dish & receiver will be able to receive other KU band, free to air broadcast. However do keep in mind that you will have to realign the dish to receive transmissions from alternate Ku band satellites. Hence you would typically need a larger Ku Band dish, to receive these FTA signals.

Q.8 : Please give me a full details (Freq & Symbol Rate) of SAHARA SWAR (RADIO) Channel. (Waqas, Lahore)

Ans: Sahara Swar is a radio channel that is available from the same transponder on the Asiasat 3S satellite as the Sahara TV bouquet. Downlink details of the Sahara TV channels are : Freq-4020 V; SR-27,250 & FEC-3/4.

Q.9 : Please advise how to get Turkish programs ? (Sajid, Karachi)

Ans: There is a Turkish language channel that is available - currently Free-To-Air, from the Thaicom 3 satellite.

Q.10 : From our control room we want to provide a line through BSNL's DFC in our whole disrict. BSNL provides their fibre to various coporates e.g. LIC, HDFC, ICICI, etc. Many companies also lease capacity from BSNL on their Fibre Optic Cables. We also would like to hire bandwidth on BSNL's fibre, and provide our CATV feed throughout our district. But BSNL does not have any type of informaion for CATV. Please provide some guidlines. (Asif Shah, Lahore)

Ans: I presume that in your message, DFC refers to Digital Fibre Cable. A single DFC can be shared by several separate users, based on bandwidth required by each user. However, CATV uses Analog modulation & transmission on the fibre. Hence CATV cannot be carried similtanously, on the same fibre, as other users. CATV requires the Full use of a dedicated fibre. I doubt if BSNL will be willing to provide you, a dedicated fibre, at a reasonable cost. Therefore you cannot use the BSNL DFC capacity, for your planned CATV project.

Q.11 : Currently, how many channels are offered by the Zee Dish TV, are ESS and Ten Sports offered by them and also can you give me the different bouquet options of DISH TV as well as the hardware cost? (Farhad Hussain, Peshawar)

Ans: DISH TV DTH platform currently offers more than 40 DTH channels. These include “free to air” and pay channels as well as a premium bouquet. Yes, ESPN and STAR Sports have joined the DISH TV bouquet last month. Ten Sports is not currently on DISH TV but may join it later.

Q.12 : Will an official Viaccess card for the reception of a pay TV channel package work with a Viaccess -equipped MPEG-2 receiver of a different make, other than that in which it had been activated. ( Qasim Khan, Abu Dhabi)

Ans: if the card works with your 9600 (enbedded Viaccess), it also will work with the XCOM 350, but to be on the safe side you buy the XCOM.

Q.13 : I want to know if I can receive digital signals on the present C or Ku band LNBs which I am using to receive analogue signal. The second question: Are there dish receivers capabale of handling both analogue and digital signals? What is their cost? (Imtiaz Shah, HyderAbad)

Ans: Your first question get´s a simply YES, because all Free to Air-receivers will accept different types of lnb. Prices differ from place to place, depends what equipment you choose.

Q.14 : I am a beginner on the satellite receiver and dish. I fill that there are a lot to learn but I have no information. I have a Yuri 300 receiver. I want to know how to make full use of it. I beleive there are more channel I can receive but I don't know how to use it. Can you tell me how? (Ghulam Murtaza, Jehlum)

Ans: It would take too much space to start here with the beginning of all. A good way to learn about enjoying satellite-tv would be to subscribe to a magazines. You should get quite a lot of channels, using a motorized dish of 150cm or more. I wish you best luck and welcome to the world of satellites.


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