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May 2001

Q.1 : What are DiSEqe and LNB control parameters and how to set them for an installation containing three dishes (Arabsat 2-A, Hotbird, Astra)?

Ans: Dear Reader, its not a difficult job you need a receiver with DiSEqc 1.0 or higher, a DiSEqc menu of your receiver A or 1 to Arabsat, B or 2 to Hotbird, and C or 3 to Astra. The If cable from the dishes must be connected to the switch in the same order.

Q.2 : I purchase your Dish Channels since three months and my hobbies is to watch WWF wrestling every week since ten years. Suddenly 1st March 2001 it will cut off from Star Sports and I am very upset because you know this is hobby. So my problem is if you can tell me where is gone WWF to other Channel or any other package tell me early. I will oblige you?

Ans: Dear thank you for your for your interest in our magazine. Before 1st March 2001 you are watching WWF on Panamsat-4 on KU band digital free to air receiver now it is crypted. If you want WWF Star Sports you need Star Package. Than you will get Star Sports and other channels.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, I want to know from where I can get SPTV antenna. And what is its price and what’s the price of cheapest SPTV antenna Please guide me and solve my problem. Can I get AXN, Hallmark, and Kermit be seen in small town like Bhawalnagar?

Ans: Dear, first of all check with any TV Dealer that SPTV signals are available in your town or not. If its their then you can buy SPTV antenna as cheap as Rupees 1750/- to 2000/- and get your required channels when you install it properly.

Q.4 : I am a regular reader of “Dish Channels” It is a source of very useful information about Satellite world. I have some questions. a) Which is the best free to Air digital receiver that can receive all the FTA Channels available today? Humax 5400, Nokia 9200s, Eurostar 9700F, Strong, Neosat. b) Can we receive free to air digital channels with the help of a C.I. receiver? c) Is there any system crash or problem with digital receiver?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. You mention the different brand of free to air digital free to air digital channels and your second question’s answer is yes you can receive digital free to air channels with you’re the help of C.I. receiver. If you want to buy C.I. digital receiver ask Eurobox and Supermax. Digital receiver can not crash any other systems.

Q.5 : Dear Editor, I have Neosat SX 9600 (digital receiver) and Viva 555 Lt for analog reception fitted with 270 cm (equal to 9 feet) solid dish. I want to see Koreasat-3 (116 degree East). Please intimate whether it is possible to see above satellite on my present system. At this time, I fix solid dish on Hotbird side. I will be very thankful to you. Advise me to catch Koreasat-3 as stated above?

Ans: In your present system you can watch Koreasat-3, but you have to purchase another dish and digital die switch for selecting the different LNB. Purchase the dish and point that dish on Koreasat-3 connect this cable in to die switch and select the system of switching in you present digital receiver. Now you will get Koreasat-3 channels in your receiver.

Q.6 : Sir, I am watching Hotbird channels, but I want to see KU band channels on Pas-4 at 68.5 degree East. Please give me a solution how can I get these channels?

Ans: If you upgrade your dish into motorize you can catch all the digital channels of KU band on different Satellite. If you don’t want to upgrade your system please purchase another dish and digital die switch, which connect into the digital receiver. Select the switching system in your digital receiver and save it. Now you can receive all the channels of KU band on Pas-4 and Hotbird.

Q.7 : Dear Sir, recently I am started Cable TV Network. Can I receive Star channels from Pas-4 Satellite free. Please solve my problem? Thank you.

Ans: Dear Reader, You can not receive Star channels from Panamsat-4 Satellite. These channels disappear from this Satellite you have to buy Star package for these channels.

Q.8 : Sir, I am a regular reader of your magazine. I like to read Satellite Trouble Shooter. It is very useful for us. I want to purchase FTA digital receiver can you tell us which receiver is the best for receiving all FTA digital channels?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our Dish Channels, if you want to purchase FTA digital receiver, our advise for you to purchase Neosat 9600 or Eurobox 9700F these receiver are the best for receiving all digital FTA channels.

Q.9 : Sir, Can I watch KU Band channels on Pas-4 satellite. If KU band channels are available on PAS-4, can you tell me which polarity have KU channels are?

Ans: On Panamsat-4 satellite there are many channels of KU band on different polarity you refer to our frequency charts.

Q.10 : Recently one of my friend who has Eurostar Digital Receiver (9700F) has forgotten his PIN Code and can’t go to it’s setup, because there is no technical service center in my country IRAN so I want to ask you how can solve his problem because I had interest access.

Ans: The model 9700 and two other Eurobox models used a code of 0000. Good luck!


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