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May 2000

Q.1 : Sir, We are facing problem in getting big satellite dish 3-4 m solid in diameter. Can you recommend some company, which can supply this size of dish? The local shops here do not have these sizes, so do I need to buy from abroad?

Ans: You can get these dish here from .8 m to 5.5 m in Karachi. To fulfill your requirements, contact Sailani electronics in sadder Karachi. They manufacture all types of dishes fiber glass, mesh, solid, aluminum.

Q.2 : I am using a 8ft fixed dish pointing at hotbird 13 deg. East. Sometimes in good/clear weather conditions the received picture appears distorted, while other transponders are perfect. Are there the symptoms of too strong signals?

Ans: Indeed the effects are the same as on week signals. The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) of the receiver cannot handle the strong signal and all you get is a noisy picture. A relatively easy and cheap way to correct the situation would be by using a so-called sat-slope inserted between the receiver and the Lnb right behind your receiver unit.

Q.3 : Recently during the bad storms, water entered my LNB and ruined it because the original installer had not sealed it with silicone. I have now replaced the LNB and realigned the dish, but some channels have very bad sparkles. The higher frequency seems to be worst effected?

Ans: If water enters the coaxial cable, it is imperative to replace the cable if you don’t water can work its way down and damage the satellite receiver tuner module or worse (check the LNB cable connector at the receiver for signs of corrosion). What’s more, water in the co-ax affects the frequency response and you might find that some or all the channels suffer picture degradation-usually in the form of sparkles. Replace your cable.

Q.4 : I have a Humax F1-CI digital receiver with 8 feet dish on most channels reception is fine, but I have noticed that on some there is almost constant picture break-up. The channel service 1/2/3 and Babylon are examples ones I am having problem with. Sometimes these channels can stay blank for hours some times they flicker in and out of reception. Is it to do anything with my dish? I don’t think so since I have paid a professional to do it for me?

Ans: At first erase the channels on your HumaxF1-CI and download the whole package again. If the HumaxF1-CI, the symbol rate quite right initially, this will allow it to have another go. But the problem is more likely to be the lack of a quality signal Get another installer to check the alignment.


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