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April 2009

Q.1 : We set the KTN on Nilesat. It gives the signals but not going to open the channel. (Ali Akbar, Hyderabad)

Ans: KTN is available free to air on Thaicom 2/5 at 78.5°E at frequency 4170 V. Kawish Television Network (KTN) is the first private Sindhi TV channel of Pakistan. It is the most watched private Sindhi language channel based general entertainment television channel worldwide.

Technosat 9000 Receiver

Q.2 : I have a Technosat 9000 digital receiver and four dish antennas. There is an edit code option in the receiver. I want to upgrade my software. Tell me the website for upgrading the receiver. (Faisal Usman, Karachi)

Ans: For FTA receivers, firmware updates if available are provided by the manufacturer. Check the manufacturer's website and they should have the software accompanied by instructions on how to do it. You may upgrade the software of your receiver on

Star track Receiver

Q.3 : I have a Star track world receiver. How I will apply the conax code to this receiver. If I could not use the code of conax and viaccess 2 on this receiver, then tell me about any other receiver whose code can be used on this receiver? (Babir Ali, Quetta)

Ans: Star Track is a famous receiver these days. Upgrade your receiver again, you will be able to get conax mode. If you have the codes of Conax, you may watch channels through pincode.

Metabox Receiver

Q.4 : Sir, I am a regular reader of your magazine. I have a Metabox receiver. The TPS and Polsat channels have been closed. The software for these channels is available at Rs. 1000. Can I update my receiver through internet? (Sami Ahmad, Peshawar)

Ans: The software is upgraded on 300 to 500 rupees. In order to update the receiver through internet, there is a chance to loose the flush eye may not the virus attack. It is good to upgrade your receiver.

Supermax 6500 CI receiver

Q.5 : I am a regular reader of your magazine, but writing a letter for the first time. I have a Supermax 6500 CI receiver. Software of this receiver is available or not. What is meant by on air download? ( Nasir Iqbal, Abbotabad)

Ans: When you did buy this receiver, pot sat was auto in your receiver. You will have to upgrade your receiver now. Software of this receiver comes late in the market.

Technosat 6000 Plus receiver

Q.6 : I have a Technosat 6000 Plus receiver. I have upgraded it. Multivision and polsat packages are functioning well, but package SF 12399 is not working. ( Liaq Zaman, Karachi)

Ans: Yes, some times upgraded vision receivers have not pincoded channels. You will have to add SRG package manually.

Receiver upgrade

Q.7 : I have a Lgi6000 FTA receiver. Is this suiteable for pincode system? ( Asim Ali, Gilgut)

Ans: You receiver is not able to be upgraded. It’s good to buy Skycom Digital free to air receiver to watch more channels.


Q.8 : I have a Supermax 6500 CI receiver. It has two cams and cards. I have an Irdeto cam. I used to watch free to air channels mostly, but now I am eager to watch scrambled channels. Please let me know about the cards? (Mohammad Ghafran, Sindh)

Ans: You will have to buy Skycom magic embedded receiver, which will able you to watch more scrambled channels. You will need to buy cards of different channels packages like Showtime, Pehla Package and Star Network etc.

Allign LNB

Q.9 : I am trying to use 2 LNBs on fixed 180c Dish to be able to receive from 2 Satellites (Arabsat 3A, Hotbird), I know these to Satellites are close together, I can receive from Arabsat a very strong signal, but I'm trying to allign the other LNB to Hotbird but unfortunately I can’t find it, my question: - Do you have a diagram or any method to calculate the exact location of the Hotbird depending on the position of Arabsat? I'm using a digital Humax receiver. (Shafiq Ullah, Kuwait)

Ans: This two satellites are not close enough (13 degr.), to receive both of them with one antenna. Even if you carefully place one LNB in the far offset, there will be not enough reflection-power from the dish to get a signal strong enough. Why not place a second smaller fixed-dish for HOTBIRD beside the large one? To calculate the azimuth and elevation, please use the DishTrak(tm)-feature

BBC Channels

Q.10 : I am in Cyprus and trying to receive the very weak BBC channels from Astra 2 at 28.2. However, some of the channels on the same satellite are very strong. What LNB do I need? Sydney Peter, Cyprus)

Ans: Everyone knows that noise figure is important for an LNB, but in your instance, the isolation of the LNB will be just as important. This is because the very strong signals on the satellite can interfere with the very weak signals that you want to see. The strong signals act as noise, so reducing the C/N. Most people are finding that the Invacom QDF-031, used with a good quality feed horn matched to the dish, is the best performing combination for these areas, and outperforms other people's LNBs with much larger dishes.

Satellite data link

Q.11 : I have a 500 KB/S point to point satellite data link between two sites. Do I need a DRO or a PLL LNB? (Khawar, by e-mail)

Ans: A PLL LNB is much more stable in frequency than a DRO LNB. For high data rate traffic, a DRO LNB is sufficient. This is because the bandwidth of a high data rate carrier is large, so the frequency tolerance of the LNB is not so important. However, for a low data rate signal occupying a narrow bandwidth, the stability of the oscillator within the LNB is more important. For a 500KB/S link, a PLL LNB will be required.


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