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April 2008

Q.1 : My question is if I change my CAM into Viaccess CAM, could I receive the Viaccess channels in Kuwait and where can I get this and smart cards from. (Jibran, Kuwait)

Ans: Unfortunately there is no Viaccess CAM for the Nokia Mediamaster9200. The present Viaccess CAM is build as a PCMCIA card with integrated cardreader and fits only in a slot on the Nokia Mediamaster 9600 series. On the other hand, there is no Irdeto CAM for the Mediamaster 9600, so actually you should have two receivers.

Q.2 : Can you tell me please if Multichoice (Eutelsat 11.823) is clear? I mean if I purchase a d-box can I see the programme without some members card ? (Aftab, via e-mail)

Ans: Unfortunately there are only two channels to see if you would tune into the Multichoice Hellas package without a smartcard: CCTV-4, one of the Chinese International TV channels, and ERT International, which anyway is already free-to-air analogue on Hot Bird 13 East, 12.284GHz, H, available.

Q.3 : We are living as German expatriates in Abu Dhabi and wonder what satellites are receivable here and what dish sizes are required to doso. Your help would be highly appreciated. (Verick, Dubai)

Ans: There are so many satellites available in Abu Dhabi that it would take me hours to type them all down, I have to ask you to look for them yourself. With a standard dish size of 180-240cm (big for Europe, but quite common here) you can get several Ku-Band and C-Band dishes from 150 East to around 20 West

Q.4 : I'm a subscriber to the Orbit package. I have a satellite digital receiver which I bought from Orbit dealer. Its model is D 9232 IRD. I noticed other packages receivers can be programmed to receive free to air digital channels. (Raja Imran, UAE)

Ans: The IRD (Integrated Receiver/Decoder) you own is from Scientific Atlanta and this series are specially manufactured for Orbit. It is only capable of receiving the older MPEG-1.5 digital broadcasts, which there are very, very few on satellite, except for the Orbit bouquets.

Q.5 : Where can I get CA module for Nokia 9600-S DVB? (Niaz Mohammad, Karachi)

Ans: The Nokia 9600-S Mediamaster has a PCMCIA slot, for Common Interface Modules. There are three types available at present time: VIACCESS, Cryptoworks, and CONAX. You have to select the type(s) you are looking for, i.e. check the encryption methods used of the channels you like to see.

Q.6 : I live in Iran. Here we have some trouble on connecting to internet. I want to use internet and I can use satellite but I don't know what is the necessary equipment for this purpose. Please tell me about those and what is their technical specifications, such as required receiver card, LNB and others. (Mohammad Salis, Iran)

Ans: To understand the internet offered through satellite, you have primarily to understand that this is a one way service only. The request for information goes still onto the internet in the standard way: through a dedicated phone-line to the provider. The PC-card in your computer, which is connected to your LNB in the satellite dish, receives only the requested data, but that much faster than possible through a phone-line. So you need still a terrestrial connection to the internet provider, in this case Zaknet, which is as far as I know the only Internet service covering Iran, via the Asiasat 2 satellite at 100.5 East. From the reception side you would have to be able to get a strong reception in the C-Band from 3.940 GHz, Vertical.

Q.7 : I'm a subscriber of Showtime in Cairo and I'm experiencing some strange reception effects with my system. The picture is often grainy(not soft) and usually after I'm back (to Showtime) from channel surfing, the picture seems softer (I always use the signal strength meter in the installation menu for position tuning). (Sajid, Cairo)

Ans: After reading your mail, I suspect a phase-error in the LNB or poor cabling from the LNB downwards to the receiver. In case of digital reception (and we are speaking only about this in the moment) the quality of the video and audio cannot be different from one day to another, even with a slight different location of the dish. If the signal is received and a picture without regular interuptions is established by the Mediamaster, then it should always be in an equal very high quality, as the video and audio only is generated out of a stream of related bits. There is nothing which can influence the picture quality, except some power leakage or interference on the cable


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