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April 2007

Q.1 : I have a small Ku-Band dish and LNB for Doordarshan DTH service. Can I receive any other does not provide good signals and I would need a 8 feet C- Band dish to receive other channels with good quality. I want to view channels from Express A-2 Yamal 102 and LM1. (Parkash, Kolkatta)

Ans: Your Ku-Band Dish has an FTA receiver that will enable you to receive any Ku-Band free-to-air(FTA) Yamal 102(90oE) all cover only some northern and eastern part of India. You can see the footprint charts given here. If your location is covered by the footprints, you can receive these satellites.

Q.2 : : I am a small cable operator. I operate 42 channels but in my network some channels(E2,E4-E7 and S 14) experience a bar moving from top to bottom. Sometimes this bar increases in size and some times becomes thin. Please tell me what is causing this bar? Also tell me the correct out put signal level at the optical node. Also what should be the signal levels at the first four amplifiers? (Nazim Hussain, Hyderabad)

Ans: In CATV network the same problem may arise because of various reasons. However the possible cause of your problem i.e. Hum Bars are: Ground Loop, .Low Voltage.

Q.3 : I have been reading your magazine for a long period. I wish to receive signals from Hotbird satellite. I know some one near by receiving the signals using a Space Link 16 feet dish. Please tell me how can I receive the signals and where do I get the Space Link Dish? Can I receive Euro Bird(28oE) and Astra with a 16 feet dish? (Zafar Iqbal, Quetta).

Ans: The 16 feet dish meant for Ku-Band reception is a specially built dish by Space Link. Its perforations are very small to reflect Ku-Band signals that you have much smaller wavelength compared to C-Band.

Q.4 : Are there any English language FTA channels available in India? If possible, Please answer the query. (Saurabh Raj, Via email)

Ans: Yes, There are many English language FTA channels available in India. Kindly see the channel choice charts for details. Where the channel is not encrypted, it is an FTA channel.

Q.5 : What will be the LNB frequency for receiving Ku-Band Signal through any satellite? (Imtiaz Ahmad, Swat)

Ans: . Ku-Band LNB has two frequency Bands. The higher band of 11.70GHz to 12.75GHz with an IF of 10.500 GHz and a lower Band of 10.7GHz to 11.7GHz with an IF of 9.750GHz. By setting these IF frequencies in the digital receiver, you will be able to get all the channels in upper and lower Ku-Band.

Q.6 : In Pakistan how will we receive HotBird-8? (Suleman Khan)

Ans: For receiving HotBird-8 satellite you should install a fibre dish of atleast 8ft-10ft or a dish of 180cms. Then try to catch the frequency 10719 V about 72%. Now try to receive 11681 H about 70% and auto-tune the receiver. Now clear the frequency 12144 H 3333. Now enjoy the HotBird-8 channels. Note: Work on 8ft in the evening from 5 to 11 pm and before 8 am, in the morning. Whereas, on dish of 10ft or 180cms, you can work 24 hours. In Azad Kashmir, Peshawar and Baluchistan viewers can receive this satellite at 6ft.


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