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April 2004

Q.1 : I am a subscriber of your quality magazine. I am not able to receive the signal of DD Saptagiri on Insat 2E/3B at 3918 MHz, Vertical polarisation, SR 17776, as mentioned in your magazine. Till December I was getting this channel. Is there a change in frequency or SR for receiving the channel ? Kindly reply. (Jehan Zeb, Multan)

Ans: DD Saptagiri has changed parameters again. May be you could try to get it from the same satellite, at a downlink frequency of 3919V with SR 6250 and FEC 3/4.

Q.2 : I am cable operator in Lahore. Recently I have laid new, overhead fibre optic cables. After upgrading to fibre, my down time and attention required on the network has reduced to such an extent that I am thinking of also starting a new business since I have time to spare. Do you have any suggestions of how I can avoid this in future ? (Naseer, Lahore)

Ans: Nice to know that your system reliability has increased substantially after you have upgraded to fibre. Now, optic fibre cable cost less than good quality RG-11 cable ! As a result, it would seem logical that any fresh builds or system upgrades should utilise optic fibre. Also, the practically zero loss and zero slope of optic fibre cable ensures excellent signal even to distant subscribers if you lay optic fibre deep into your system (i.e. take the fibre as close as possible to the customer before the RF drop.)

Q.3 : I need your help to know the difference between arc welding and RF welding. My problem is ,Are the processes of arc welding and RF welding different? (Hassan, Peshawar)

Ans: your query is related to the Commscope 540 Series of Trunk cables, that use a process of continuous RF welding of the outer Aluminum sheath, during production. Aluminum cannot be arc welded. On heating the surface, Al forms Al Oxide, which does not accept a weld. Argon Arc welding used by Hansen, welds in the presence of an inert gas such as Argon, which does not permit the formation of Al Oxide, since oxygen is not present, around the cable, during the weld. The RF welding process, localizes the heat, without damaging the dielectric, and creates a perfect, continuous weld.

Q.4 : We have recently upgraded our trunk line to optical fibre. Unfortunately, we observe that when distributing the signal to end customers, they receive a very poor quality picture for low frequency signals such as channels E-2, 3 and 4 and the X, Y and Z channels (Sajid, Lahore)

Ans: The problem you have indicated is intriguing, as you are probably aware, all RF channels are carried on a fibre optic distribution system at the same optical wavelength of either 1310 nm or 1550 nm. Hence, when received at the fibre optic nodes all fibre signals will have the same relative output level as the RF signals fed into the fibre optic transmitter. The fibre optic transmission process essentially has a zero "slope".

Q.5 : I am the regular reader of your magazine from the last five years. It had helped me well in many satellite problems. Kindly tell me What is “Mansat”? (Zafar, Hyderabad)

Ans: In a surplus shop I acquired a small six-segment parabolic dish. It comes with a feed that is somewhat larger than Ku-band setup, but no LNB. On the back is written “Mansat”. Is there some interesting use for this thing?

Q.6 : I have a 120cm (4-foot) prime focus antenna made out of aluminum. Someone I know told me that I should polish the reflector to a high luster. This would improve the antenna's capabilities. Is this true? (Naveed, Islamabad)

Ans: Under no circumstances should you polish the reflector! If it has too much of a shine, it would reflect too much sunlight resulting in a jumble of plastic that at one time was your coax cable, feed, plastic mounting parts and other critical parts.

Q.7 : I already know that the two-offset-LNB solution for reception of both ASTRA and HOTBIRD with one antenna brings with it very little signal loss. But what if I want to receive 13° East and the 1° West position with a properly sized antenna? Is it even possible with a 14° offset (Rashid, Quetta)

Ans: A 14° offset is not a problem. Of course the signal loss in the offset feed (most likely 13° East) will be somewhat larger at roughly 2.5 dB. But a 1.2-meter (4-foot) dish in your area would still deliver plenty of gain for both satellites. Even a 20° offset would work as long as you compensate for the 4.5 dB signal loss with a large enough antenna. A better solution would be the Wavefrontier 90 antenna. With this dish you could easily start with mounting the two LNB's for the two satellites you want to receive with the option of adding additional LNB's for other satellites later if you choose. Between 12 and 16 LNB's can be mounted on this antenna with an azimuth range of about 40°.

Q.8 : What I wouldn't give to receive southeast Asian channels on NSS 703 at 57° East (3980, 28000, 3/4, RHCP). How big an antenna do I need and what kind of receiver do you recommend? (Saqib, Jehlum)

Ans: Providing you have all necessary permits I would recommend setting up an NSS 703 reception station in Asia and then broadcast the signals to an additional satellite somewhere in the Asia-Pacific region so that you can then pick up the signals. Seriously now: no, you won't be able to receive signals from this satellite, because when viewed from your location the satellite is behind the horizon and can thus not be „seen“ by your satellite antenna.

Q.9 : We are in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we would like to be able to receive the Italian channels that are on HOTBIRD (Super Beam). When we tried it with a 180cm (6-foot) dish and a Humax 5400 receiver, it didn't work. The signal level is too low. Would a different LNB help with the signal strength? (Mohammad Jalal, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: With a 1.8-meter (6-foot) dish, HOTBIRD's Super Beam delivers a C/N value of about 6dB. This is not good enough. With a 2.3-meter (7.5-foot) dish the C/N goes up to about 9 dB and for your use this would be acceptable. It should be a good quality dish and definitely should not be mesh. Switching to a different LNB won't do anything for you unless the converter you have now is from the early days of satellite reception.

Q.10 : What kind of LNB do I need to be able to get the radio stations on ASIASTAR beneath the C-band? (Mumtaz Iqbal, Hyderabad)

Ans: The west beam of ASIASTAR can be received. You don't need an LNB; instead you need a Worldstar radio. These radios come with a flip up antenna and if the unit has a clear view of the satellite, then reception is guaranteed. Better reception can be obtained with an external Yagi antenna. The Worldstar package is available via the Internet at

Q.11 : I read your magazine with a great interest. I had bought a New Television and enjoy plenty of channels through cable. Now I want to watch the adult channels of HotBird Satellite. Let me know how it will be possible and what I will have to do? (Ghulam Mustafa, Rajan Pur)

Ans: Thank for interest in our magazine we try our level best to give informaitons to our worthy readers. As I had told many times, that the Hotbird satellite mostly covers the west beam. If you are interested to watch it, then try to buy a 12 ft. fiber dish with any latest receiver. In order to watch the adult channels, purchase a viaccess card from the market.

Q.12 : I have a Neosat SX 9800 CI digital satellite receiver with a four feet fiber and six feet solid dish. I used it to watch Asiasat 3S and PAS 7/10 satellite channels. I want to watch the Zee channels. I want to upgrade my receiver. The signals of B4U Music comes well at Night, but disappear totally at day time. I hope you will solve my problem? (Mohammad Azam, Rajan Pur)

Ans: You don't need to upgrade your receiver. Try to bought a Meta box receiver, because it don't need any card and cam. Your receiver indicate that it has some software problem. B4U Music become freez at day time mostly. Neosat is the best receiver for Zee channels.


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