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April 2001

Q.1 : Nokia Multimedia 9800S of which I could not receive picture except audio from NTSC Channels. I would like to know if there is anyway I could rectify this problem? Recently I managed to ask a technician and he told me that it is impossible to solve as the 9800S Multimedia was meant for PAL reception only?

Ans: Your receiver has been stated as not NTSC-compatible. It is built entirely for the European market. Only a software-change to a non NOKIA-approved software would solve the problem. But be aware that you loose the warranty after such manipulation.

Q.2 : I am an Engineer at one of the operators in my city. I would like to know if you have any suggestions on band of spectrum analyzer that can be connected directly to LNB with out external power use for the LNB. I mean the spectrum can provide the voltage to the LNB?

Ans: Your problem could be solved with the DILAN 2150 from the German manufacturer NTI. This unit from analog and digital signals comes with power-supply and delivers the LNB-voltage.

Q.3 : Is it possible to capture a dish signal (from the neighbor) to my home using modify antenna? If yes, how can I make the antenna?

Ans: Would it be not better to invest in your own dish and receiver? Or do we want to play the little spy-game “What is my neighbor watching?” Anyway I tried it just for you: if you own a sat-receiver and your neighbor uses real cheap sat-cable for the IF down from the antenna, a log-periodical antenna for the L-Band directed to the IF-cable delivers some kind of signal. At least you see more or less all channels (only analog) on a given polarization. Now, if we want to know what the lovely neighbor is actually watching and his sat-receiver works with a modulator, then a special tuned TV-antenna (to the correct channel) will do the job, because this modulators are working like little transmitters. But first you have to find out to which channel the modulator is tuned and then adjust your TV-set to the very same frequency. But please do not be ditch, just buy your own equipment and enjoy real satellite-TV.

Q.4 : I would like to know – how can I program my decoder to receive lower frequencies than 15000. And if not how and where can I get a decoder that can? I have PACE receiver.

Ans: I think you are actually referring to the symbol rate and not the frequency. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that even though your Pace is a fine receiver, it can’t handle any symbol rates lower than 15 Ms/sec. You Pay TV provider doesn’t care if you’re interested in FTA reception. The only solution would be to buy a receiver that accepts symbol rates between 1 and 45 Ms/sec. (SCPC+MCPC). Just be certain that the box you select is able to support the CA system of our Pay TV provider.

Q.5 : I have a question that is probably not that easy to answer. Maybe this isn’t exactly the right place to ask this, but anyway… I inherited a Pace 7000 XT Sat receiver. I connected this receiver to my existing dish antenna. I even get a very good picture, yet whenever I try to use the “Menu” button on the remote for fine adjustments, the red light on the receiver blinks but nothing appears to happen on the screen. All the other buttons on the remote seem to work fine. My question: is it possible to lock-out certain buttons (Menu button) on the remote like you could with several other older receivers? Or is there a problem with the remote or the receiver itself? Unfortunately, I don’t have the user manual for this box and Pace’s homepage has no longer any information on this box. Maybe you can help me?

Ans: With this little gem of a receiver, the AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) was activated by pressing the Fine adjustment button. The tuner automatically centers it self on the signal. With some older receiver model. This function could be activated or deactivated (AFC on/off) in the menu. In case the AFC function doesn’t work anymore, there is also the DRO function. The correction factor between the actual signal frequency and the deviation in the receiver can be entered. The “real” frequencies can be obtained from the Dish channel's List. Pick one channel and use the DRO to center the signal. This will take care of all the other channels.

Q.6 : Recently one of my friends who has Eurostar Digital Receiver (9700F) has forgotten his PIN and can’t go to it’s setup, because there is no technical service center in my city Gujranwala so I want to ask you that how can I solve this problem?

Ans: Dear Reader, the model 9700 and two other Eurobox models used a code of 0000. Good luck!

Q.7 : We were given an out-of-band downlink frequency of 3,687 MHz for our TV program by Apstar 2R Satellite. We received feedback from overseas countries that they have reception problem. We are now given two alternative frequencies, viz; 3,700 MHz or 3,709 MHz. We think 3,709 MHz is better because it is inside the C-band 3.7 – 4.2 GHz. Is it a correct choice. Can you advise us on the criteria on the down-link frequency selection?

Ans: C-band LNB’s cover also the low frequency of 3.687 MHz. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not take care about this lower range. Even it should be known to them that Russian satellites always use the low spectrum too. The tuner are able to work on this frequencies, but the software stops by some receivers at 3.7 GHz. In order to reach all your viewers, I advice to take 3.709 MHz.

Q.8 : I can watch some programs very good to my digital receiver satellite. But some program channels (i.e. TBNE from Hotbird at 13 deg. East) in my viewing is very bad as well as the audio are totally not appreciable. Please let me know on how to solve this problem. Do I have to do the following steps: 1. Offset the received frequency. 2. Alter the Video and Audio PID. 3. And or change the symbol rate and FEC?

Ans: If you mean TBNE (TV-7) then you should not see anything with your digital receiver because TBNE comes down analog (HB 5, 11.565, horizontal) and this means that you need a suitable analog receiver or a combination of both. To make your life a bit more easy, Dish Channels Magazine keeps you informed about all satellites and channels's World Wide updates.


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