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April 2000

Q.1 : You have mentioned before that I have to replace the LNB to stop TI interference my question is what is the price of that LNB is it a normal LNB or special?

Ans: The cost of the LNB of TI interference is around 500 US$. It is the special LNB and is mostly used on earth stations and by service providers.

Q.2 : In your last issue you have mentioned that in Pakistan we can receive 7 packages as per my information we receive 2 packages and they are Star TV and Multichoice what are the other 5 are?

Ans: Yes, we receive in Pakistan 7 packages known as: 1. Star TV 2. Multichoice Africa 3. Multichoice Showtime 4. Multichoice Nova Greece 5. ABSAT French 6. Orbit 7. ART For more information and channels name please visit my site

Q.3 : Which one is the best digital+analogue decoder available in the market?

Ans: The best digital ird available in the market is Fortestar its all in one analogue+digital+positioner+cimodule+fta with this ird you will be able to receive around 450 channels digital + analogue.

Q.4 : Can you please tell us why we are not receiving H polarity channels such as Global TV Mega Movie and Open TV from ST1 where as V polarity is no problem?

Ans: To receive from ST1 H polarity channels you need to enter the Vpid, Apid and Pcr for each channel. 1. Open TV vpid = 770, apid = 771, pcr = 770 2. Omega vpid = 772, apid = 773, pcr = 772 3. Global vpid = 775, apid = 774, pcr = 775

Q.5 : Is B4U pay channel or free to air as there is a rumor going around that it will be scrambled very soon and if its scrambled which decoder are we going to use and which smart card?

Ans: B4U is basically pay channel and as per my information it will be scrambled on 11th April and will be using irdeto system-3.

Q.6 : Which is the best Free-to-Air digital receiver available?

Ans: The best Free-to-Air digital receiver is Nokia. Strong, Panamsat & Pace are also good receivers. Their prices range from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- depending on their features. Some digital receivers also come with analogue receivers. They are expensive at the moment but within a year or so, their prices will drop substantially.


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