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March 2009
Satellite TV and a dish network

Q.1 : What is the difference between satellite TV and a dish network or DirecTV? (Mohammad Zubair, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: Satellite TV is a huge style dish made in the 90's usually but is the same as Dish Network and DirecTV. Also Satellite TV is another way of bringing you your network and local and favorite channels without having to pay a corporate company such as Cable one or Classic or COX or Cambridge. Dish Network and DirecTV or DTV.. the differences in these two are simple... Basically here's the deal Dish Network runs of 6 Great Huge Satellites but only uses 2 to 3 depending on your local stations. DirecTV uses 4 satellites but they are overloaded with 20 million customers and cause DirecTV to pixel ate or lose signal while Dish Network can hold 20 million and not pixel ate or lose signal. Another huge deal between them are the dishes and storms.

Digital video recorder

Q.2 : How does a digital video recorder work with cable or satellite TV? (Anwar Khan, Lebanon)

Ans: DVRs are compatible with most any cable, satellite or antenna setup. Your exact setup instructions will vary according to the type of DVR you purchase. You'll need to review your owner's manual for more information, but here are some tips: Depending on your current home entertainment arrangement, you'll basically hook up your cable line to your DVR, plug your DVR into an electrical outlet, and leave your cable box as is. If you have services like TiVo or RePlay, you'll follow on-screen instructions for setting up your program guide and recording your cable channels.

Saving TV channels

Q.3 : How do you program and permanently save TV channels without losing them when the receiver is restarted? (M Aurangzeb, via e-mail)

Ans: I do not understand the question. are you talking the stereo receiver or TV receiver? if it is the TV, then you would have to do a "scan channels" as some TV call it. other TV's say "add channels" either or. and some will say something along those lines. but if you have a black out it most likely will lose the channels on some TV's. I have 5 TV's and 2 have to be "reprogrammed" after a power out. Another bit on info. The TV will scan and save to memory what it sees. If the TV is turned off by way of a cable box which might actually be causing the power to be cut off, rather than shut off properly, a part called an EPROM that stores data can become corrupted..

Poor reception

Q.4 : What do I do if my reception is still poor? (Pervez Akmal, Islamabad)

Ans: It shouldn’t be so please check that you’ve got your digital receiver connected properly. Sometimes all it takes is a ‘factory reset’ or ‘re-installation’ - press the ‘menu’ button on the digital receiver remote and follow the menu options. If you are still having a problem we suggest first call the manufacturer for assistance. If this does not solve the problem then call an installer.

HD Ready

Q.5 : What does it mean when a TV is "HD Ready"? Do I need a converter box? (Jamal Yousuf, via e-mail)

Ans: An "HD Ready" television does not have a built-in HD-capable or digital tuner. The term "HD Ready" when referenced to a television set, means that the TV in question is capable of displaying a high-definition signal at 720p, or 1080i or 1080p (or all three formats) when using a device to receive the signals like a converter box or set-top digital cable box.

DTV Antenna

Q.6 : Do I need a special "DTV Antenna" for digital television or can I use my old antenna? (Ubaid Iqbal, Dubai)

Ans: You can use your old antenna to receive digital TV signals by plugging it into your digital-to-analog converter box or television equipped with a digital tuner. This includes tee old fashioned type rabbit ears antenna, roof top antenna, and yagi antennas. The truth is, antennas that are marketed as a "DTV antenna" are no different than any other type of antenna. It's just a marketing gimmick. One item to consider is that most broadcast stations will be transmitting signals on the VHF spectrum for digital broadcasts.

Digital TV

Q.7 : Will I receive more channels with a converter box or digital TV? (Ali Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: Probably. If you have optimal reception of dtv signals, you should receive a number of local stations that multicast sub channels (also known as multicasting or multiplexing). This allows a broadcaster to transmit multiple feeds of different programming on one channel (i.e.: channel 12.1, channel 12.2, channel 12.3). In my hometown of Arizona, one of the broadcasters has a full time weather update feed on their multicast sub channel.

Dish Antenna

Q.8 : I already have a dish and a receiver in my house but they don't seem to be working. (Aftab Younus, via e-mail)

Ans: Your system must be expired. You can ask for a free check-up to determine if it is an equipment or cable failure or if you just need to purchase a new card.

Pirated system

Q.9 : What are the differences between pirated and legal systems? (Salman, Karachi)

Ans: Pirated systems are cheaper, but very instable. With legal systems you pay more but you have the warranty of continuous access during the period of your subscription (six months or one year depending of your plan). But if you are here for a short period the pirated system should be OK, and for the dream satellite we offer a warranty period of six months for new installation and three months for new cards during which we can replace non-working cards free of charge within 24~48h.

Cable TV

Q.10 : Can I get those foreign channels through cable TV? (Mehtab Haider, China)

Ans: No. Currently because on restrictions on foreign programs in China the local cable networks do not offer foreign channels, other than a very limited number of them (such as HBO or Cinemax in Chinese etc.)


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