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March 2006

Q.1 : I have a Star Track SR –X1050 Digital Satellite Receiver and eight feet fiber dish. My system is working well, but I lose signal in a rain or snow storm. Slowly my signal strength is getting weaker. What is the problem? What should I do to over come this problem? (Sajid Hassan, UAE)

Ans: It is normal for signal loss to occur temporarily during a heavy downpour. If signal loss occurs during a snow storm check and see if the dish is clear of snow and ice. Make sure that the dish is still properly secured to its mount. Has anything moved in front of the dish to obstruct its clear view of the satellite. Trees and vegetation can grow to the point were they can effect signal. This problem is more pronounced in the spring when trees and vegetation grow rapidly and leaf over.

Q.2 : I have a single dish and I am using two LNB's connected to a DiSEqC switch to a single receiver. Now I want to connect my neighbour’s receiver to my antenna so that both he and I can watch every channel. Remember, my DiSEqC switch has one output. Please how can you help me? And if I connect via the loop output from my receiver to my neighbour’s receiver, is it possible to watch every channel? (Javed Umer, Oman)

Ans: Yes it is possible for you and your neighbor to have receivers connected to your single antenna system. If you connect his receiver to the looped-through output of your receiver, then both you and your neighbor can watch satellite TV. But there are limitations. If you are both watching TV at the same time, you and your neighbour can only watch TV channels from the same satellite and also only those channels that are on the same polarization. And if you are using universal LNB’s on your dish, then you are further limited to watching channels that are either on the upper or lower Ku band. It is the first receiver that controls the DiSEqC switch and the selection of the upper or lower Ku-band.

Q.3 : Why are satellites not visible in the middle of the night? (Mohammad Shakir, Kuwait)

Ans: Satellites are only visible when they are lit by the sun, but the observer on the ground is already in darkness. These conditions are met only when the sun is below the observer's horizon, but not too far down or the satellites themselves are also in the earth's shadow. So normally, satellites are only visible a few hours after sunset, or before sunrise. In the middle of the night the sun is simply too far below the horizon to light them. In summer however, especially at latitudes far north or south, the sun is never too far down, even at midnight, and satellites can be seen the whole night through.

Q.4 : Where the Tiflone Patee is used in LNB? How it is used? (Ahmad, Kabul)

Ans: Tiflone Patee divides Left Hand Circular ( RC) and Right Hand Circular ( RHC). These transmissions may be received on either side. It is weak on one side and strong on the other side. RC and LC transmissions are available on Arab Sat and Russian Satellite. In order to receive better transmissions of these satellites, Tiflone Pate is placed in the centre of the glass. It not only produce a good picture quality, but also the picture produce shining. It is used for Arab Sat in Middle East and for Russian channels in Asia. Mostly, the Tiflone Pate is used for C-band transmissions.

Q.5 : I want to watch the Free To Air English movies. Please tell me any FTA satellite, so that I may enjoy these FTA channels? (Ali, Qatar)

Ans: Most of the movies channels are scrambled. They are available only on the decoder. However, in Pakistan, Iran, Middle East and Turkey, the Arab Sat deliver MBC2, MBC3 and One TV for FTA movies 24 hours English movies. The movies are transmitted with Arabic sub title. Visit our chart for frequencies.

Q.6 : I have two digital receivers. One of them is Nextwave and the other one is Fortec Star CI. When I watch Asiasat 3S C-band channels, then the second receiver Ku-band channel disappear. While PAS10 and Hotbird satellite channels are working. I had tried to solve this matter, but still not succeeded. (Faizan, Islamabad)

Ans: The Nextwave receiver having you is creating problem for you. Because the LNB is combined in Fortec Star receiver. While the LNB can be store in the Nextwave receiver according to your own well. It will be suitable for you to change your Nextwave receiver.

Q.7 : I have a Supermax digital FTA receiver. I had forgotten the password of this receiver. Please tell me its password? (Sujjad Ali, Iran)

Ans: The Supermax receiver password is 6969. This password is also useful for Strong FTA digital satellite receivers.

Q.8 : What about the scrambling systems used by broadcasters, how do these work? (Anwar Jamal, UK)

Ans: There are a number of "other" scrambling systems used for analogue video information. These systems are used by broadcasters and closed circuit channels, and not available to the home user. Piracy is a crime in the USA and in other countries. Pirates are caught, fined and in some cases jailed. The justification for this is that the scrambled signals are the property of the programmers. If you watch without paying you are stealing. Some people try and justify piracy by saying the signal comes on their property uninvited


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