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March 2004

Q.1 : I want to receive the FTA channels from Astra 2, but don,t want to subscribe to Sky Digital. I understand I will need a free viewing card from the BBC to get the terrestrial channels? ( Waqar, Rawalpindi)

Ans: Your old analogue dish and LNB should do just fine for receiving the Sky digital signals from Astra 2. This dish will need to be realigned onto Astra 2. This means moving it about 10 degree East and 2.5 down.

Q.2 : Dear Editor, I am the regular reader of your magazine. It provides us better informations about the satellites. Let me know which satellite is broadcasting the Sony Channel. May we watch the Asiasat 2 on analogue receiver. I am waiting for your response? (Fazal Subhan, Mardan)

Ans: Thank you for writing us. Sony Channel is broadcasted by Hotbird satellite located at 13 degree East. Asiasat 2 is no further more available on Analogue receiver. You will have to use the digital satellite receiver to watch the Asisat 2 satellite located at 100.5 degree East.

Q.3 : I am a great admirer of your magazine. I am writing to you for the first time. I have a Neosat Digital Receiver SX9800 CI and Eight feet dish. I have also a Irdeto CAM. I want to watch Don't Panic TV and Discovery Package on Hotbird. Please guide me which one CAM and card will be suitable for it. I shall be very thankful to you? (Akbar Ali, Swat)

Ans: Don't Panic TV may be watched through a Irdeto CAM. Its frequency is 12092 H and FEC is 3/4. The discovery package is available through a Crep-Me2 card.

Q.4 : I have a Digital 800 receiver. I want to watch ETV TV. Please tell me its frequency and which satellite is broadcasting it? (Kamran Khan, Raheem yar Khan)

Ans: ETV is broadcasting by Insat 2E/3B located at 83 degree East. Its frequency is 4005 V, while the symbol rates is 27000.

Q.5 : I am a regular reader of your worthy magazine. I have a 6900 SX Neosat digital receiver with 6 feet dish. How many satellites I can watch through it. Tell me the whole process through a chart? (Qasim Sabir, Balochistan)

Ans: Thank you for having interest in our magazine. You can watch up to 15 satellites with your 6 feet dish. How to watch the channel, read the directional chart of our magazine.

Q.6 : I have a Tandberg TT1260 satellite professinal receiver. It has the SNG code facility. How I will look the encrypted channels of Hotbird. I have also Eight feet fiber dish. I hope you will guide me well? (A Chaudhary, Pindad Khan)

Ans: Market is full of different cards and plenty of CAMS. Hotbird mostly covers the west beam. To watch the encrypted channels of Hotbird, you may choose any card and CAM of your interest.

Q.7 : I have a Neosat 9800 digital satellite receiver and Irdeto CAM. I want to watch Zee TV and Discovery AXN on Hotbird. Please guide me that which CAM will be suitable for it? (Tariq, Jehlum)

Ans: You will have to buy a Multicam to watch these channels. Along with it, you will need a card too. Multicam has the ability to run every kind of card.

Q.8 : I am not able to receive the B4U and ARY on Pas 7/10. which satellite is broadcasting the DD Sahayadri Channel. I have a Ten feet dish? (Maqsood, Sargodha)

Ans: B4U is now free to air on Pas 7/10 located at 68.5 degree East. The FEC of ARY had been changed from 7/8 to 3/4. DD Sahayadri is available free to air on Insat 3A satellite located at 93 degree East.

Q.9 : Dear Sir, I love sports and mostly watch programmes related to sports. I am in search to buy a receiver, which is able to perform without Card. Also tell me the size of dish along with it and what will be the price of receiver? (Waseem Iqbal, Chakwal)

Ans: Like many Pakistanies, you have a love to watch sports. Korea had introduced a new receiver named Data box, which will help you to watch programmes with out the card. Its price is Rs. 9500 here in Karachi. It may differ in other places. Try to buy 10 feet dish to watch all the programmes easily.

Q.10 : I have a Opentel 2000 Ci digital receiver and Eight feet dish. I am watching mostly programmes of Asiasat 3S, and ESPN and Star Movies. Which satellite is broadcasting the star movies and how I will receive it? (Akhtar Nawaz, Khushab)

Ans: Star movies is broadcasted by Telkom 1/AAP located at 108 degree East. Star movies is free to air on the same satellite. Its frequency is 3580 H, while symbol rates is 28000. You can watch it with your eight feet dish.

Q.11 : Its my first letter to any magazine. I have a Fortic Star digital receiver I want to watch all channels of Star and ESPN. Which CAM will be suitable for it. I am waiting for your suggestion? (Mehboob Khan, Peshawar)

Ans: In order to watch the star channel programmes, you will need a via guard card, while for watching ESPN programmes, you will have to buy a Irdeto CAM.

Q.12 : I have a C band analogue receiver. Now I want to buy a digital receiver. Guide me which digital receiver will be well for me in order to watch more and more channels? (Atta-ur-Rehman, Rawalpindi)

Ans: Market is full of different receivers. They vary in prices and technology. Try to buy a pin code receiver with a multicam, because it will enable you to watch different channels of different satellites.

Q.13 : Dear Sir, I am a regular reader of your magazine. I have a Neosat SX9600 Digital receiver. I am currently receiving programmes of four satellites. How I will receive the channels of other satellites? (Mohammad Khan Sabir, Balochistan)

Ans: Thank you for writing to us. You have not mentioned in your letter the size of your dish. In order to receive the programmes of different satellites, you will have to locate the dish in that direction.

Q.14 : I have a Technosat 777 ultra FTA digital receiver. Now I want to buy another receiver, which is also Free To Air and have the capacity to run a card too. I also found in your magazine written in front of channels encrypted, Irdeto, M.Guard, V. Guard etc. What is meant by it? (Idrees, Nawab Shah)

Ans: Try to buy a Astrovox Receiver. It needs no CAM and Card. If you are interested to buy a CAM, than Multicam is the best, because it is suitable almost for all kinds of cards. The words written in front of channel represents the name of Cards and CAMS.

Q.15 : How I will receive the Ten Sports. May I watch this channel through my Multicam. I have a Opentel receiver with eight feet dish? (Saeed, Islamabad)

Ans: Ten Sports is only for the cable operators in Pakistan, which is only broadcasted through decoder.

Q.16 : I have already a digital receiver, but now I want to buy another receiver with card. But now I don't know that which receiver will be suitable for me. Please tell me the price and name of receiver. Also tell me the price of card? (Mohammad Naeem, Quetta)

Ans: There is no need to buy any card or CAM. You will have to buy a Metabox digital receiver with pin code, it will solve your problem.


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