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March 2003

Q.1 : It is for the very first that I am writing in any magazine. Kindly tell me about any web-site through which I could get the codes of CAM's such as Conax, Irdeto and Viaccess? (Asim Anwar – Bahawalpur)

Ans: Hi, Asim, thank you for your letter please visit it would help you

Q.2 : I am a regular reader of the “Dish Channels” but writing for the first time. I want to know the names of such programs on which I could copy almost all the card programs? (Abdul Rauf by e-mail)

Ans: Dear reader, it is difficult to tell the name of any program of your likes because every program has its own qualities but they do have some bad ones too. The difficult thing is that most of the channels have their own different version-CAM-systems for example now a days S+-1 satellite's channels are being shown on viaccess CAM whereas XXL programs do come on the same card but you can't and neither can it be copied. For this purpose you'll have to use an Irdeto CAM with version 2.

Q.3 : Dear trouble shooter, I want know the details of channels other than Bloomberg & CNBC with the business of currency? (Shahid by e-mail).

Ans: Dear Shahid, there are too many channels which show the currency business but you'll have to buy a digital receiver consisting promising features of teletext decoder or teletext system. NeoSat and Opentel are also offering these features.

Q.4 : Dear Editor, please let me know what type of LNB should be used to receive Hot Bird signals? (Zubair Luqman – Sukkur)

Ans: To receive Hot Bird signals, you can use ANY KU band LNB that is capable of receiving 12 GHz transmissions. You will of course have to use a KU band Linear feed horn with the LNB mounted so as to receive vertically polarized signals.

Q.5 : I am an electronics service engineer. Please give me the information to receive 'MMBN' and 'RAINBOW' channels. These channels are Viaccess channels. Through which type of Receiver can they be received? Could you also give the information about KU band transmission in HOTBIRD at 30 degree East. How many channels can we receive and which type of Receivers should be use? (Nasir – Multan)

Ans: The Rainbow channel is a part of the package of channels called MMBN being broadcast from the ST-1 satellite located at 88 degrees East. Almost all of the channels on this package are scrambled using the Nagravision scrambling technology and require the use of a decoder and smart card supplied by the broadcaster for the same. Details of the channels and programs are available at our website and the magazine as well. There is no hotbird satellite at 30 degree East. However we have been receiving reports of the reception from a Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees East from parts of the country.

Q.6 : We receive good knowledge from your magazine. I have seen that an English movie channel "CN TV" is available free to air from "Agila @146 deg. E". Is it true ? Can I receive it on an 8 feet dish ? Please give me the details? (Munaf by e-mail)

Ans: You have not mentioned where you are located ! However the AGILA 2 satellite located at 146 degrees East. It covers most of the sub-continent with a decent signal strength and should be receivable with an 8 foot dish. However please note that depending on where you are located it would provide for a very low degree of elevation and is preferable for the dish to be installed as high from ground level as possible. Due to this low elevation angle you may also face various degrees of local / terrestrial interference. The CNTV channel is available on a downlink frequency of 4070 MHz with Horizontal polarization, SR of 10445 and FEC of 7/8 as a FTA channel at the time of writing this reply.

Q.7 : Dear Trouble Shooter, I am regular reader your magazine and have collected too much knowledge out it. Would you kindly tell me about FDM? What is its touching point with the telephone signals on Arabsat? (Ansar by e-mail)

Ans: FDM stands for Frequency Division Multiplex. A single transponder is made up of a number of telephone or data signals. A significant portion of this is telephone traffic. The individual signals are put together into groups at the ground station and converted into 3kHz wide SSB signals (upper and lower sideband). Within one of these groups the signals are spaced apart from each other by 4 kHz. Through multiplexing, these signals are stuffed into larger packages (3600 Channels) and sent up to a satellite’s 70 MHz transponder. Reception is quite easy. A good old low threshold analog satellite receiver is connected with its base band video output to the antenna input of an amateur radio receiver that can work in SSB in the range from 10kHz to 5MHz. The satellite receiver is scanned until the typical FDM signature is visible on the screen. If the SSB receiver is carefully scanned in the upper and lower sidebands between the two above-mentioned frequencies, it won’t take long before you can reap the rewards for your efforts. ARABSAT in C-band guarantees the quickest results.

Q.8 : Kindly tell me the name of any good digital receiver which should not be very costly as well. Is every digital receiver free to air or not? Does digital receivers show ku-band programs free to air or not. Are VoX and RTL free to air or have gone in card-modes? (Kanwal from Vehari)

Ans: These days analogue channels on satellites being launched in digital features because digital require less capacity than those which are analogue. Vox, RTL, CMM, SABe TV, B4U Music and ETC channels are being telecast digitally free to air and most of the Pakistani private channels are also digitally free to air. You can buy an Opentel receiver that offers embedded features and its local cost is Rs. 11,500.

Q.9 : Dear Editor, kindly tell me which equipment are to be added with CAM Set to see pay cannels through digital receiver NeoSat 9800ci? What would be its cost? Can the receiver consisting MPEG-2 system also show the channels with MPEG-4 or not (Taimur, Chakwal)

Ans: There is a system in NeoSat 9800ci to add CAM separately. The costs different CAMs are as below:- Viaccess…………..Rs. 3200 Irdeto………….…..Rs. 4200 Aston………………Rs. 4500 Viaccess CAM would be suitable for you and you can see more adult channels with least price whereas for family channels Irdeto is the best it also contain fun card and its price for 3 months is Rs. 5000. All the digital receivers support MPEG-2 and DVB systems but MPEG-4 is an upgrade system of MPEG-2 which is only being used in Europe for the time being.

Q.10 : I have a winersat receiver and through a boaster & broadcast channels in my village the signals do not exceed more than 500 meter. Kindly tell me about any other booster which could broadcast signals minimum up to 3 kilometers? (Raheel by e-mail)

Ans: You can send loaded signals up to 240 meters through Ab500 and you have to set another boaster to gain full and exceed your signals for next 240 meter. If you are telecasting a UHF channel then you can send the signals up to 305 meters from one boaster to the other. If you want to transmit the signals up to 3 kilometers without any boaster then you need to take license from the government to use wireless communication up to all area of 25 kilometers as you can see TV transmission by a simple antenna.


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