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March 2001

Q.1 : I am in trouble, I need your help and information. I have 7 ft. fiberglass dish and 912 Super Winnersat receiver and K.U. band universal LNB. I want to see the K.U. band channels. Please solve this matter in your next issue?

Ans: Mr. Farooq if you are interested in watching KU Band channels on different Satellites, you need a 10ft Fiber glass dish and KU Band LNBF it is available in the market. If you have a Winnersat Super receiver then you can change the frequency by pressing menu select LNB option. Select LNB1 input and feed the LNB frequency 10600 and than press Store button, now again press menu and put the required frequency of the channels.

Q.2 : I am a big fan of your Magazine specially your columns Trouble Shooter. Please indicate reception details for ESPN, and Star Sports are these free to Air Channels. Is it Scrambled? Which decoder are we going to use and which smart card?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine, Dish Channels. The details of ESPN channels and Star Sports are available in star decoder. You have to buy Star decoder then you will get 13 digital channels on this package. Now on Panamsat4 Satellite you will get free to air Star Plus & Star Sports digital channels on KU Band LNBF, but you have to purchase Free to Air Digital receiver to watch Star channels.

Q.3 : I would like to know how can I watch the following channels? Hallmark, Kermit, AXN, Action TV. I hope my problem will be solved?

Ans: Dear, if you install SPTV antenna on your roof top you will get all of the above channels.

Q.4 : I have two LNBs attached and I am receiving Asiasat3S and PAS4 channels. But firstly, I want to watch all channels of PAS4? Secondly, please tell me the way I can receive Zee Movies and Zee English?

Ans: Dear Reader, If you clearly want to watch PAS4 channels, please purchase 8ft Fiberglass dish and attach LNBF C-band on it then you will get clearly all picture of PAS4 channels. Secondly, your requirement is Zee movies and Zee English channels these channels were coming some time ago on Asiasat3 on Free to Air digital receiver now they have disappeared from the Satellite.

Q.5 : Dear Sir, we know that we have six different packages as follows:- (a) Show time (b) Multi-choice (c) Nova (d) Star (e) Orbit (f) Art But I want to ask you that how many channels are on this different packages. Please write the prices of the decoder and card?

Ans: Dear Reader, different packages of the channels, are as follows: Show Time have (12) Channels. Multi-choice have (32) Channels. Nove Packages Star Packages have (13) Channels. Orbit packages have (14) Channels. Art packages have (8) Channels. The Prices of the above decoder and card is: 1. Show Time decoder price is Rs. 22,000 Card Price is Rs. 22,000/= per year 2. Multi-choice decoder Rs. 22,500 Card Price is Rs. 51,850/= per year 3. Nova decoder price is Rs. 22,500 Card Price is Rs. 48,800/= per year 4. Star decoder price is Rs. 19,950 Card Price is Rs. 9,950/= per year 5. Orbit decoder price is Rs. 22,000 Card Price is Rs. 10,000/= per year 6. Art decoder price is Rs. 23,000 Card Price is Rs. 27,000/= per year You can buy Novasat digital receiver its performance is very good and strong plus analogue receiver is the best for Searching the channels-All prices of card receiver is depend on U.S. dollar.

Q.6 : Sir, can you help me, how can I get B4U (Music) channel and on which Satellite is it transmitting?

Ans: Dear, Panamsat4 Satellite is transmitting B4U Music channel through Free to Air digital receiver on C-band LNB, on horizontal polarity. Frequency is available in our magazine.

Q.7 : Assalam-u-Alaikum, I am Ansanullah, I have a problem, will you solve it? I am sure you will. I want Super Sports 1, and Super Sports 2 channels, and I want to watch TNT cartoon Network, so what would I have to do?

Ans: Dear Reader, if you want to watch Super Sports 1 & Super Sports 2 and TNT channels you have to purchase South African digital receiver and Card. These channels also require 10ft solid fiberglass dish and point your dish Panamsat4 on BBC polarity to get your required channels.

Q.8 : My question is that I want to install digital Satellite system on this System I want Star and Zee network and also PAS4 & Hot Bird channels. Is it possible to watch all of the channels through one receiver?

Ans: You cant watch all of the above channels in one receiver. Because all the channels are in different LNBs Zee band LNB, so you can’t watch all the channels in one receiver. You have to purchase Digital with analog receiver and Star decoder, to get all channels.

Q.9 : I live in a village and I have a Analog receiver & 8ft fiberglass dish and I want to buy Digital receiver but is it not costly?

Ans: Dear Reader, if you want to buy FTA (Free to air) digital receiver. Vortec is the lowest & cheapest receiver available in the market @ Rs.10,700/= but the price varies in the market

Q.10 : How can I watch all digital channels of Asiasat3, and which receiver will be required to get these channels?

Ans: Dear, if you want to watch all the digital channels of Asisat3, you have to purchase Star Digital decoder and its cost is Rs.29,900/= but it depends on US dollars.

Q.11 : Can you give me the approximate prices of different digital receivers. And What is the minimum cost of buying it?

Ans: Following are the different prices of Free to Air digital receivers: Vortec @ Rs.10,700/= Neosat @ Rs.11,000/= Eurostar @ Rs.11,400/= Strong @ Rs.11,100/= Note: Prices varies in the market.

Q.12 : Dish channels, how can I get crystal clear picture of ETC channel, I have a 6ft. dish please give me a suitable solution?

Ans: Dear Reader, if you want crystal clear channels of ETC, you will require an 8ft fiberglass dish & C-band LNB of Gardiner company.


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