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March 2000

Q.1 : Please kindly tell us how many packages available in Pakistan and how many digital channels can we watch?

Ans: In Pakistan we can receive 7 packages, regarding channels we can receive 300 digital channels for the packages and channels available in Pakistan visit my website:

Q.2 : I have a Nokia 9200, I would like to connect 4 dishes but I have v/h switch and cannot connect 4 dishes with it can you give us idea?

Ans: With digital receiver you need diseq switch 1x2 or 1x4, it is controlled by digital signal the advantage with diseq switch is that you will not face problem with long distance and where as with normal v/h switch there is a voltage drop in long distance, so its better to use diseq switch rather than v/h switch.

Q.3 : I am planning to install a cable system in my area I would like to know what channels can we install in the cable system are there any regularity applies on the channels from the government?

Ans: For the channels regularity we have to wait and see from the government what channels do they decide to allow on the cable system if you want to use channels for commercial concern for commercial concern then a commercial structure I mean you have to pay for each subscriber to the service provider now days in Pakistan all of the cable operators are showing multi choice channels which is not allowed from the service provider at all in Pakistan.

Q.4 : Is Astra available in Pakistan and what dish size do we require to view Astra channels?

Ans: I am sorry for the time being we can not watch Astra channels in Pakistan but in the near future we will be able to pick up Astra channels.

Q.5 : I would like to know why are some of the channels from Hotbird satellite disappear in the night and come back after 3 to 4 hours?

Ans: It is because we are not in the footprint of Hotbird satellite and satellite do drift from its place so if we were in the footprint of Hotbird satellite we would not experienced any problem but we are receiving side lobes of Hotbird satellite so a little drift from the satellite we face signal problem to solve this problem you have to have 0 least 12 feet solid dish.

Q.6 : Can we use Internet through satellite in Pakistan and is it available?

Ans: You can download from the satellite but for upload you have to contact local ISP and this service is available from Zaknet by their agent Logitech.

Q.7 : Is there any LNB available with S, C, KU band built-in?

Ans: For the time being there is no such LNB available able any where.

Q.8 : I have been reading few adds in the news paper offering Disney channels is it available in Pakistan and since when?

Ans: Yes, Disney Channel is available in Pakistan since last June.

Q.9 : For a given frequency in the Ku band, for the reception of TV signals, is a solid dish better than a mesh dish? If so, please explain. Also I know that the “holes” in a mesh could affect the reception of signals in either the C or Ku bands. If this is so, why are there mesh dishes? Thank you and best regards.

Ans: A accurate made mesh-dish delivers in ku-band a signal strength with the factor of 0.8, compared to a accurate made solid dish. This means you can compare a 3m mesh-dish with 2.4m solid dish. Much better is a double-mesh antenna. The holes are small enough to reflect a ku-band signal with out too much losses, but still is not very strong to keep always a perfect parabolic shape (wind/change of temperatures). On the other hand, a strong and accurate made mesh dish will survive easier the full load of a storm. The mesh is a relict out of the old c-band age and works fine on this frequency-range.

Q.10 : Hello, I would like to receive update of new channels which I can watch with my equipment, I need channel frequencies for Panamsat, Hotbird, & Nile Sat. I need to know the name of any analogue channels on as I can get high signal with the Nokia but no channels are listed?

Ans: No problem, just go to: and download the daily updated listings for the satellites of your choice into your 9200. Or subscribe the dish channels Magazine.

Q.11 : I have a GARDINER LNB with: Input: 10.95 – 11.7 GHz, IF:950 – 1750 MHz, GAIN: 55 dB, LO: 10.00 GHz. My neighbor has a Nokia Universal LNB with: LO: 9.75 / 10.60 GHz. We live in the Middle East and my neighbor is watching Europeans channels. Can I watch the same channels if I buy the same receiver that he has? Thanks.

Ans: You will get only the lower Ku-band and your neighbor receives the whole range of Hotbird. Just exchange your LNB against a Universal LNBF with the local oscillator frequencies of 9.75/10.6GHz and configure your LNB-settings in the receiver to match the new local oscillator frequencies.

Q.12 : How do we improve our BER over an existing digital satellite link? Does improving our C/N mean an improved BER? Does increasing transponder bandwidth improve BER? In dire need of advice?

Ans: C/N is important, but not necessary exclusive responsible for bad BER. Mainly a poor BER is the result of using low cost cable and connectors, some Diseq-switches are behaving strange, splitters could do quite a lot of harm and a local oscillator frequency wandering around like searching for the lost empire. I your receiver permits, you should adjust the band width to the particular service. Usually 30 will be just fine, but in case of BER trouble, you could play around with the value.


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