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February 2010
Local cable

Q.1 : I am a regular reader of Dish Channels. Is satellite TV better than local cable Or cheaper? Hope I will be answered in your magazine. (Babar Khan, Lahore)

Ans: Well...I have satellite and relatives have cable...I find that both are pretty much comparable with price...The piece that I have found is that pretty much the cable companies dictate what stations you receive My satellite provider gives me new stations as unlimited channels.

Satellite TV

Q.2 : How correctly to choose the satellite aerial? (Sajid Bhutto, Larkana)

Ans: There are two types of aerials - parabolic and offset. Parabolic aerials - aerials with direct focus, i.e. what focus a signal from the companion in the centre of the circle. A lack of such aerials is sticking of snow in the winter and absence of possibility to establish the second converter (the device for focusing and reception of the satellite signal reflected from the aerial). Offset aerials - aerials with the displaced focus, having the oval form of a reflector. The given aerials more modern and popular as give the chance to establish the second converter for reception of 2-3 companions depending on a site of companions on a polar axis.

Analog TV

Q.3 : Q: What is the difference between digital TV and Analog TV?

Ans: The difference between Analog TV and Digital TV boils down to the way the TV signal is transmitted. Standard analog TV is transmitted in a manner similar to radio. In fact, the video signal of analog television is transmitted in AM, while the audio is transmitted in FM. Analog TV is subject to interference, such as ghosting and snow, depending on the distance and geographical location of the TV receiving the signal.


Q.4 : Why do Analog TV signals often look worse on an HDTV than on an Analog TV? (Ahmed, via e-mail)

Ans: It is true that, in most cases, an analog video signal displayed on an HDTV will not look as good as it would on an analog set: there are two basic reasons for this: 1. The video processing circuitry in an HDTV upscales the image, which can improve the good aspects of the image. However, at the same time, the video processing also will magnify the defective parts of the image, such as interference and video noise that is not as noticeable on a lower resolution analog set. In this case, the quality of the video processing in the TV can have either a positive or negative effect on the degree of correction for poor analog signals.

Hotbird Satellite

Q.5 : Can you please help me with this problem. I just installed an h-h motor and set the dish on Hotbird Satellite true south. I can get almost all satellites but there are some like Hispaat 30 W and the 5 E which I need and seem unreachable. if I tilt dish by hand from top or bottom I seem to get them but I lose all the others almost. could it be pole alignment but I could swear I fixed it properly. (Hasan, Spain)

Ans: It is very simple. The pole must be absolutely vertical after everything is attached to it. The dish elevation must be correct. Your dish size should be suitable for receiving those satellites. Check for footprints and dish sizes.

Sky channels

Q.6 : Every time we get light rain I lose most of my sky channels when it rains quite heavy I lose every single channel on sky and it says loss of signal. But when the weather is good all channels are OK .Could you please give me any advice. (Younus Imran, Karachi)

Ans: Your dish isn’t perfectly aligned. Without undoing any bolts, push the dish slightly in all 4 directions and watch the quality bar on screen. If anything changes, undo the bolts, do a tiny(!) adjustment and tighten the bolts again.

Quad LNB

Q.7 : I recently purchased a quad LNB so that I can install Freesat for my kids. I currently have sky with a single LNB and have good signal and quality. But when I fit the quad LNB I get no signal on all f connectors. I have tried rotating the LNB in its bracket but still nothing- do you think the LNB is faulty? ( David Thomas, Virginia, US)

Ans: Is it really a quad LNB and not a quattro LNB? You need a quad LNB. Maybe you moved the dish while installing the LNB– try the single again. Is it all well connected? It might be faulty.

UK channels

Q.8 : I live in Spain and receive most UK channels but cannot get ITV 2, 3 or 4 but can get ITV + 1. Many neighbours get all channels with better signal strength, mine is only about 20% on the bar indicator. What can I do to rectify this? I am not technically minded so plain words would be appreciated. ( Zian Ahmad, via e-mail)

Ans: Is your dish 100% aligned? LNB skew properly adjusted? Same dish size as your neighbours, good quality make dish? Same LNB? Good cable which is not too long? Same receiver?

Dish installation

Q.9 : Can I install a satellite dish system myself? (Athar Abbas, Rawalpindi)

Ans: Yes, certainly but you have to be handy and possess the ability to follow instructions properly. You may make use of the installation manuals but professional installation is especially recommended due to their vital pointing and more complicated wiring requirements.


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