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February 2007

Q.1 : Q: How can I get new Iran satellite TV which is called Jaam-e-Jam2 in Persian Gulf States? (Anwar Jamal, Dubai)

Ans: This channel is transmitted via Inelsat 706 (53°W) and Telstar 5 to the USA and not yet available to the Persian Gulf Region. For more information, please consult:

Q.2 : Is it possible to capture a dish signal (from the neighbour) to my home using modify antenna? If yes, how can I make the antenna? (Muneer Ahmad, Karachi)

Ans: Would it be not better to invest in your own dish and receiver? Or do we want to play the little spy-game "What is my neighbour watching?". If you own a satellite receiver and your neighbour uses real cheap sat-cable for the IF down from the antenna, a log-periodical antenna for the L-band directed to the IF-cable delivers some kind of signal. At least you see more or less all channels (only analog) on a given polarization. Now, if we want to know what the lovely neighbour is actually watching and his sat-receiver works with a modulator, then a special tuned TV-antenna (to the correct channel).

Q.3 : I can watch some programmes very good to my digital receiver satellite. But some programme channels ( i.e.TBNE from Hotbird at 13 degrees E) in my viewing is very bad as well as the audio are totally not appreciable. Please let me know on how to solve this problem. Do I have to do the following steps: 1. Offset the received frequency. 2. Alter the Video and Audio PID. 3. And or change the symbol rate and FEC. (Naveed Hussain, Peshawar)

Ans: If you mean TBNE (TV-7) then you should not see anything with your digital receiver, because TBNE comes down analoge (HB 5, 11.565, horizontal) and this means you need a suitable analoge receiver or a combination of both. To make your life a bit more easy, ( keeps you informed about all satellites and channels worldwide with live-updates

Q.4 : Is it possible to receive Arabsat satellite in Sydney. How can I receive more Arabic channels? (Zafar, Sydney)

Ans: All Arabsat satellites are beyond the horizon of Sydney; therefore, it is impossible to receive them in Sydney. However, there are a variety of Arabic channels at Telstar 10/Apstar IIR, 76.5 East provided by UBI World TV. Visit if you are interested in subscribing.

Q.5 : I want to get information about satellite channels and receivers. What is a CI slot and what is the advantage for a receiver to have it? (Mohammad Ubaid, Sukkur)

Ans: The CI slot is a feature that gives a receiver the capability to receive Pay TV channels. "CI" stands for "Common Interface". A receiver with one or two CI slots usually can decode a variety of different encryption systems (such as Nagravision, Viaccess, etc.) as long as the appropriate Conditional Access Module, or CAM, is inserted into the CI slot. The CAM that is used will determine what encryption system is to be decoded. In other words, if you want to watch Viaccess encrypted channels, you would need a Viaccess CAM. The SmartCard needed to authorize the reception of the PayTV channels would be inserted into the CAM.

Q.6 : I live in the United Arab Emirates and receive digital TV and radio via Hotbird with a 90cm antenna. Supposedly there is also two-way Internet via satellite available via Hotbird. Is it enough to install a satellite tuner card in my PC? (Aftab, UAE)

Ans: Unfortunately, no. To enjoy Internet via satellite uplink and downlink it would be first of all very expensive and second the satellites Arabsat 2B and NSS6 would come into question. You would need a proper antenna with a receive LNB and a transmitter plus a satellite modem. The company Planet sky in Cyprus offers the necessary hardware and software in addition to the service itself.


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