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February 2006

Q.1 : I Have an Astrovox Digital Satellite Receiver. When I turned off my receiver, all the channels go delete. Then I search again. Why it happens so? (Sujjad Ali, Abbotabad)

Ans: Programmer IC memory of your receiver is outdated. This memory saves the channels.

Q.2 : Sir, all the foreign channels are closed on cable these days. What is the reason behind it? (Mohammad Farman, Peshawar)

Ans: All the channels which we watch daily needs permission and scrambled cards from the broadcasters. These channels are closed for copyrights restrictions. All the broadcasters companies are warned to get permission of license from Pemra. You have the opportunity to watch all channels through dish.

Q.3 : I have a digital free to air receiver+CI. What means CI and where it is used? (Chaudhary Rehmat Ali, Punjab)

Ans: CI means “Common Interface”. If you want to watch decoder channels, then you will have to purchase CAM and Card. These Card + CAM will be used in the CI slot space inside the receiver and will enable you to watch decoder channels.

Q.4 : I am from Saudi Arabia. I have two receivers i.e. Star Track 2004 and Starsat 200 CI Plus. For couple of days I am unable to receive Multivisions (TPS) and Cyfra+ Package (SECA2) Channels. Please provide me the latest keys for these packages. (Zahid, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: Visit for obtaining new information about Cyfra and SECA2 channels.

Q.5 : I have a Neo Sat SX 1600 Plus Digital Satellite Receiver. May I watch Zee Sports channels on my system? What about watching Conax channels on my receiver? (Faisal, Multan)

Ans: You can’t watch Zee Sports and Conax Channels on your receiver. you will have to purchase a Dish TV Package.

Q.6 : I am a regular reader of Dish Channels. I have a Super Max FT 9900 Digital Satellite Receiver. Channel switching and signal quality of this receiver is very best. I wish to purchase this type of receiver for my uncle. Super Max FT 9900 is available in market or not? And whats its price? (Waqar Ali, Nawabshah)

Ans: The update version of Super Max FT 9900 digital satellite receiver is available in the market. The best receiver in the market is Star Track (OTA) these days.

Q.7 : I have a Supermax Receiver with 8 feet dish antenna. I watch the ARY channel on PAS 7/10. The signals quality is good in daytime, while the signals totally disappear at night and I become unable to watch the ARY. Please look serious in my problem. (Abubakar Niazi, Makran)

Ans: In order to get ARY Digital channels at night, you will have to correct the focal point of your dish at 11pm at night. You will have to use Teflon biscuit for it. It is available in all satellite markets.

Q.8 : Couple of months before I purchased Digital Satellite Receiver along with three dish antennas and set them for signals of different satellites, including Asiasat 3S, PAS7/10 and Hotbird 1.Before purchasing the whole system, my friend told me that this system will enable me to watch all channels. But after setting my system, I come to know that various channels are decoded here. Codes work only for Hotbird channels. May I will be able to use codes for Asiasat 3S and PAS 7/10 satellites. I am not able to watch the HUM TV these days, what about it? ( Zeeshan, Attock)

Ans: Codes are available on many satellites besides Hot Bird. Majority of the channels belonging to code is of Astra satellite. Codes are available in Pakistan on ST-1, LM-1 and Hot Bird satellite.

Q.9 : I have Viva Digital Receiver 9000 CI. I have some problems about my receiver. Tell me that how can I upgrade the software of my receiver and I like to watch Zee TV and Zee cinema channels. I know that after few days, codes of these channels changes. I have no more money to purchase these channels code from market, therefore give me that web site in which these codes are free available. (Usman, Islamabad)

Ans: Channels of Zee TV are available in Conax Format in these days. It also needs a Dish TV Network satellite system for it. is a useful website for getting valuable information.

Q.10 : I have a Fortec Star Receiver and 6-ft dish. I don,t know how to fit the dish towards which direction or which LNB can be used to watch star sports channel & Fox sports Will you help me please? (Mohammad Ejaz Anwar, Faisalabad)

Ans: You will need a Star TV Network decoder for watching Star Sports and Fox Sports. The price of this package in Pakistan is 8200 Rupees. It has different rates for commercial and domestic users. These channels are broadcasted from Asia Sat 3S Satellite.

Q.11 : I have a Digital Satellite Receiver and six feet fiber dish. I want to watch channels of Afghanistan. Which satellite is broadcasting it. Please tell me about HUM TV. (Khyber Murree, Quetta)

Ans: Afghanistan TV is available on Insat 93.5 East. Its frequency is 4132V and symbol rates are 4000. The frequency of Hum TV is 3774H, SR 3300 on PAS 10 68.5 East.


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