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February 2005

Q.1 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I am always in search of new channels and satellites. I want to watch channels from more than one satellite. What should I do for it? (Mohammad Niaz, Balochistan)

Ans: Normally you need one dish per satellite. Each dish needs to be aligned to the correct satellite. Using an LNB switch your receiver can automatically switch between the dishes as you select a channel with your remote.

Q.2 : I come across the word rainfade many times in your magazine. Please explain what is meant by it? (Umair Hassan, Sindh)

Ans: Rainfade is what happens when a heavy cloud comes between you and a satellite. It cuts the signal down to a level where the receiver can no longer perform function. A bigger dish gathers more signal and so is not subject to rainfade as often as a small dish.

Q.3 : What exactly can I do with a Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Receiver? (Tahir Mehmood, Quetta)

Ans: A Free to Air satellite receiver has 3500 TV channel capacity, remote control for any TV (even volume adjustment from the remote that works on old TVs that do not have a remote), teletext even on a TV with no teletext function, receive radio stations, receivers even have built in games.

Q.4 : I am watching Hotbird very well. May I receive the signals of Eurobird and Astra satellite in Pakistan? (Mohd. Akram, Qasoor)

Ans: The signals of Astra satellite can only be received in Sibi, Pakistan. The footprint of this satellite is not available in Pakistan. Few channels of Eurobird satellite can be received through 10 feet fiber dish

Q.5 : I want to see Arabsat 2-C, 3-A and 2-D. I am not able to receive its signals kindly tell me few of its Analog channels? (Adnan)

Ans: You had not mentioned the name and location of your city. You may not receive C-band channels. You may receive Ku-band digital channels easily. Install a universal LNB. The analog freqeuncy is 11075.

Q.6 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. In January 2005 issue of your magazine, I come across the software of multivision. Kindly give me the website for downloading the above software? (Iftikhar Ahmed, Swat)

Ans: For the auto upgrade of pincode, visit

Q.7 : I have a Neosat SX 9800 CI digital receiver. Kindly tell me the whole process of installing a new software step by step. How I will put pincode? (Mansoor, Multan)

Ans: First made the database inorder to upgrade the software of the receiver, then on the upgrade receiver first. Then bring the menu on software upgrade and touch the receiver to receiver. Now on the receiver. Your receiver will automatically upgraded at standby position. Keep out the data base. Check the upgraded receiver.

Q.8 : I have a Fortec 5100 Plus satellite receiver. The receiver is programmed to open the Nagravision channels. When I turn the station on Polsat, the reply comes data is being downloaded. After few moments, the screen is showing please input data. Any suggestion how to input this data? (Ramin Khan, Hyderabad)

Ans: Upgrade your receiver one again. You will come across this problem.


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