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February 2003

Q.1 : I am a cable operator in Swat and a regular reader of news from your magazine. I have been having a problem receiving the *Sky Bangla* channel on our system. A few days ago we lost the signal of *Sky Bangla* from Insat 2E, Freq. 3525, Symbol 24802. Rest of the channels - Win TV, Splash TV & Tamilan TV are available from that transponder. Could you please tell me what is the problem ? (Nazim Hussain From Swat)

Ans: Sky Bangla has shifted from its previous parameters and its now available at 3430, Vertical Polarisation, SR 6000, FEC ¾.

Q.2 : Dear Editor, I am a cable operator at Multan (Arunachal Pradesh). I would like to know full parametric details of channel Nepal. Has the satellite been changed ? (Razziuddin by e-mail)

Ans: Channel Nepal is available on the Thaicom 3 satellite located at 78.5 degrees East. The details are: Freq./Pol 3440 V, SR 3333, Audio 256, Free-To-Air. Check out the 'Satellite Chart' section on at our website or the pages in our magazine, for the downlink frequencies and details.

Q.3 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. Kindly tell me is the loss the same in all fibre cable manufactured or is it different from manufacturer to manufacturer as co-axial cable losses vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. One manufacturer sells 6 core fibre at Rs. 19/mtr while another more than Rs 20/mtr. (Raheel by e-mail)

Ans: The loss of all well manufactured CATV (Single Mode) fiber optic cables is the same. The cable loss at 1310 nm is slightly higher than the loss at 1550 nm for all cables. The price of cable varies not only with the number of cores but also with the manufacturer and brand name. The most important factor here is the type and quality of sheath used to cover the fiber cores. The substantial price variation that you have observed is primarily due to the different types of sheaths used.

Q.4 : Dear trouble shooter, I am new to your magazine kindly answer my first ever question. Does any O.F transmitter has 2 optic. (Kamran by e-mail)

Ans: Most optic transmitters have a single output. A dual output implies that internally, the transmitter output is split into 2 equal parts and provided as a dual (2) outputs. This also implies that the dual outputs would be lower than the initial, internally, single output by 3 dB. To give you an example, a transmitter providing 9 dBm of dual optical outputs is actually similar to a 12 dBm single output optical transmitter. For price comparison, you should compare a dual output 9 dBm transmitter with a 12 dBm single output transmitter.

Q.5 : Respected Sir, please inform me about rareness detail of optical Amplifiers and is there any change of losses in different coloured fibre cores? (Rehman from Sahiwal)

Ans: Dear reader, 1310 nm Optical Amplifiers are rare and expensive. EDFA based Optical Amplifiers are relatively cheaper (for the same optical output) but operate at 1550 nm. Keep in mind that the cable loss is actually lower at 1550 nm compared to 1310 nm. Hence 1550 nm is theoretically preferred. However, you will have to ensure that your optic receivers / nodes are capable of operation at 1550 nm. The cable loss of all good / well manufactured fiber cable is approximately the same and colours obviously don't count.

Q.6 : Most respected trouble shooter, I have received, satellites as following under: 1. Palapa C-2/Koreasat (113° E) 2. Asiasat 2 (100.5° E) 3. Express 6A (80° E) 4. Thaicom 2/3 (78.5° E) 5. PAS 7/10 (68.5° E) 6. Arabsat 2A/3A (26.0° E) All the channels of their C-band but after great efforts have not yet been able to get any of the Ku band channels. The dish I have is of 8ft. and receiver is Super Max AD 2900LT. Kindly guide me to get all the KU band channels of all the above mentioned satellites? (Naseem from Kalat)

Ans: Dear Reader, the satellites for whole information you have asked are only paying C-band services and their Ku band services are not being received in Pakistan. Only Express 6A is paying its Ku band services in Pakistan. If you set your dish to its counts you'd be able to get its channels, whereas Ku-band services of PAS 7/10 are not being received in Baluchistan. That is why you can't see these channels.

Q.7 : Dear Editor, I am the oldest reader of your magazine “Dish Channels” but writing to you for the first time and hope it would be printed in and my problems would also be solved. I have MARS 888CI double card receiver, 8ft. fibre dish and Panorama LNB. My problem is that picture goes locked when tune to Rambo channel on ST-1 and moves very slowly why is it so? Kindly let me know (M. Ayub, Chambar)

Ans: Rambo channel on satellite ST-1 is having a problem everywhere and some encryption has accrued in it due to which its picture gets locked. Amendments are being made and it would be OK.

Q.8 : I am not able to find Indus Vision, BBC and Sahara. Has any change taken place in them if yes kindly tell me the frequency and add my letter is your magazine? Thank you. (Nisar Ahmed, Moro)

Ans: Dear Nisar, changes really have accrued however for your convenience we are writing their parametric details. Indus Vision with frequency 3760 H, band-C, Clear, SR 26000 and FEC 7/8, can be seen on Asiasat 3-S (105.5°E).Sahara Package can also be seen on the same satellite with freq. 4020 V, band-C, Clear, SR 27250 and FEC 3/4. Whereas BBC with Nagravision and Viaccess mode is on ST-1 (88.0° E) freq. 3632 V, band-C, SR 26667, FEC 3/4 on Asian beam.

Q.9 : Dear Editor we are the readers of your magazine our first question is that we have an Opentel CI receiver and have an Asten Cam, which pay cards can we use in it. The 2nd question is that some months ago we were receiving channels on Hot bird with frequencies 11623, 11604 & 11054 but not been able to tune to these channels now kindly give us the detail and solve our both the problems? (Abdulsattar and Jalal Akhar, Badin)

Ans: Dear reader, all these channels are still available on Hotbird and their frequencies are the same as before but some of the channels of these packages are free to air and some are encrypted are available on pay cards, where the detail of pay cards to be used in Opentel receivers would be given in the next edition.

Q.10 : Dear trouble shooter I want to see some free to air channels on Hotbird kindly tell me the details of some good entertaining adult channels thanks you? (Nasir Khan by e-mail)

Ans: Many channels on Hotbird's RTL package with freq. 11054 H, Ku, Clear, SR 27500, FEC 5/6 Deutsche Telekom package with 11096 H, SR 27500, FEC ¾, British Telekom package, 11137 H, SR 27500, FEC ¾, Telespazio package, 11179 H, SR 27500 and FEC ¾ are being telecast free to air.

Q.11 : I have a digital free to air receiver and I am not able to trace signals of ETTV live, Unique TV, JET TV and BNE TV with frequency 3960 V on Asian beam. Kindly tell the details of changes in them? (Yasir, Nawabshah)

Ans: All these channels of JCSAT 3 satellite have shifted from free to air to Viaccess mode.


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