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February 2000

Q.1 : I would like to know what is the difference between FTA and digital receivers because I am confused which one is better to buy?

Ans: The difference between FTA and CI is say like FTA stands for free to air where as CI stands for common interface so as now most of the digital receiver are with CI and can be used for encrypted programs and free to air where as with free to air, encrypted programs can not be viewed.

Q.2 : Please kindly tell me the meaning of smatv and for what is it used? Is it a new digital receiver?

Ans: Smatv stands for satellite master antenna television for example if there is a building all the people are having local terrestrial TV and radio channels will be called matv system and when they add satellite channels in it will be called smatv system.

Q.3 : I have a star select decoder and some time I have a problem with my picture it freezes time to time I have changed the cable and the LNB as well but the problem is still there?

Ans: Star select are transmitting on C-band in Pakistan and C-Band is from 3.4 to 4.2 GHz where as KU band are quite high 10.9 to 12.7. Usually radar harmonic are the main cause for these problem when a radar sends a harmonic to detect its object it goes straight in to the sky strikes with the thin layer of could and hits back and hit your dish and create signal disturbance you can detect these radar harmonics from spectrum analyzer so to avoid these problem you need to replace you LNB.

Q.4 : I am having cable connection in my house and watching only 12 channel where as my cable operator says that he is providing 22 channel and tells me to replace my TV to get more channels is he right?

Ans: To solve the problem its better to have hyper band tuner with remote control through this tuner you can tune rest of the channels on your TV plus more in the future.

Q.5 : I like to enquire about the Nokia 9500s software. I have the original software, upon power on, the unit message “B2.00UnS”, “0560003” & then “NOKIAe3_”. The problem I have with this software is the channels download limitation and also the SCPC download problem. I had to use the read menu to download, which is quite troublesome. Can you please advice me on this or even direct me to a website where I can downloaded it from?

Ans: There are two solutions for your problem: You may download the latest original Nokia software for the 9500 via This will solve the scpc-problem, but not the channel-limitation. Another way could be to download the DVB2000. This sophisticated software gives you> 2000 channels, scpc, search-routines, the use of a external hard disk for recording and much more. The handling is complete different. So have to get used to this. Have a look at In both cases you need a piece of hardware (BDM-Interface), which must be installed into your 9500. If you do not have two left hands the job could be done by yourself. Otherwise, a specialist should do the soldering. This interface is also available via Mascom. For both solutions you may update your channel-listings for the region via our website:

Q.6 : I’ve purchased Star Digital Receiver and 18 ft dish, IT seems my programming is limited with this system. Is this system set up to only receive signals from one satellite? and if so, is there any adjustments I can make so I can pick up all my favorite satellites like I did on my c-band Analogue Receiver? Also my c-band receiver is a Winnersat, is it’s a good receiver, and if so, how much would you invest to have it upgrade my Star decoder?

Ans: The Star-system is limited to one pay-TV service only, you could buy a combined Free to Air receiver (digital/analogue) with build in positioner and a 10ft moveable dish with C/Ku Band feed and LNB, you will be able to get a lot channels for ref. See channels charts.

Q.7 : I would like to know how can I get more English Channels I would like English Channels not only from Star, but also from America & also UK. Is it possible to obtain a list of all the available Channels in Hotbird or how can I find out what Channels are available for the Hotbird Satellite?

Ans: Dish Channels publishes a frequency list with dish size for the different areas of Pakistan and the magazine is also available in Saudi-Arabia. For a daily up-date just go to: and choose Hotbird and you will get all channels with analogue and digital data.

Q.8 : I need information how and where to get download software for the HUMXF1CI and the PRAXIS 9800CI?

Ans: Humax offers s/w under To download firmware please go to “utilities” and download the tools and also the nice Formula-1 PC Channel Editor. The service page of Praxis is still “under construction”, but you may directly write to Praxis for the s/w: or Praxis Homepage:

Q.9 : I desperately need your expertise on the following question – nobody that I know can answer it- you are my last hope. Need some help with picking up the Arabsat bouquet on Hotbird 13 deg. Digital in particularly, Saudi 1 (12.654H3/4). According to the xxxxxx euro digital channel guide (UK magazine), I require a receiver that can de-crypt Power Vu. I already have an 80cm dish pointing at 13 deg. East from my analogue days. Can you advice me on receiver, that will allow me to receive these channels please. Is the Echostar 2500IP a good bet? PS. I have had a look at the Set Edit channel guide and this bouquet is listed as FTA. – je ne comprend pas? Many thanks in advance.

Ans: If you like to get reliable charts and background information, please use for daily updated charts and subscribe to Dish Channels to get everything about satellite communications, provided by international experts. Saudi 1 is broadcasting as FTA MPEG-2 (DVB). This means, a 2500IP will do the job. But have a look on the Echostar 3000 (analogue/digital, FTA and CI) which will be tested in one of the next issues of Dish Channels Similar is the PRAXIS. Just check pricing and service.


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