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December 2007

Q.1 : : I read Dish Channels with great interest. Kindly tell me what are the differences in the various satellite receivers? (Aftab Alam, Karachi

Ans: The receiver electronics process information and change channels. The interactive TV Guide and Menu system is like a computer operating system. The hardware and the Guide/Menu system work together to continually retrieve programming information from the satellite. With up to 500 channels, you will be using the TV guide and Menus all the time, so ease of use and speed are very important. The early model receivers required a download from the satellite every time you wanted information on a listed program. The new DP301 has a memory chip that stores about 4 hours of the program guide information at a time. The DP510 and DP721 are fantastic because 7 to 9 days of program information is stored on the hard disk with every download.

Q.2 : : I have purchased a new digital satellite receiver. How do I connect the TV's to the receiver? (Imran, Abbotabad)

Ans: You should put the receiver(s) on or near the most important TV's. With a newer TV, you should connect the S-Video, or the Video and Left and Right Audio RCA output jacks on the back of the satellite receiver to the matching inputs on the TV. For older TV's an "Out to TV" cable type connector on the satellite receiver(s) which you can switch to either channel 3 or channel 4.

Q.3 : I have a Star Track receiver with 8 feet fiber dish antenna. My programmes are fine in the day but some of them break-up or disappear in the evening. Can you kindly tell me the problem? (Mujtaba Kamal, Peshawar)

Ans: This is because the satellite beam gets weaker in the evening when it goes from solar to auxiliary power. If you have any weakness with your equipment it will become apparent in the evening first and will gradually get worse. Normally a change of LNB or re-alignment of your dish is needed.

Q.4 : I am living in Dubai and fond of watching satellite channels. Can two satellite receivers share one antenna? Hope to get a satisfactory answer from your side. (Mazhar Iqbal, Quetta)

Ans: : Two satellite receivers can share one off air antenna by placing a two way splitter between the antenna and the receivers. Two satellite receivers can share one satellite dish if the dish has two or more LNBs. If the dish only has one LNB, you can install a multi switch to split the signal to both receivers.

Q.5 : Is there a home high definition satellite receiver which has both component and s-video output simultaneously? I have talked with Sony ref: SAT HD-200 and it does not. (Dan Williams, via e-mail)

Ans: You’ve requested information about a home high definition satellite receiver that has both component and s-video output simultaneously. The Mitsubishi SR-HD400 is a High-Definition Satellite Receiver System with both component and s-video The Mitsubishi SR-HD500 also includes the satellite dish.

Q.6 : Is there someone in Vancouver WA who is able to provide me a Satellite Receiver that actually receives Nilesat? Hope Dish Channels team will answer me. (Amad, via e-mail)

Ans: Any FTA receiver can pick up Nilesat , the problem is that you cant get that satellite in Vancouver WA .The Earth is Round and the satellites are on the Clarke Belt over the Equator , it is possible in North America to get satellites from 15.0 west to 148.0 west depending on your location , Nilesat is at 7.0 west and can only be picked up in the middle east

Q.7 : How do I programme a 2007 dish network satellite receiver? I am not talking about the programme card that comes with the box, I am talking about actually programming the box to receive channels? (Danyal, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: Well first thing you have to do is connect it to a properly align antenna. Then you have to call dish network and give them the numbers for the unit in question. It takes about an hour at most for the system to recognize the new receiver.


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