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December 2006

Q.1 : Q1: I have a 10 feet dish with Fortec Star digital satellite receiver. I want to want German channels. Can you help me at my search about receiving German TV programmes. Hope your team will guide me better on this issue. Azmat Saifi, Qatar

Ans: PAS carries as Pay-TV the German channels RTL, SAT-1, ARD, ZDF and DW-TV. To receive this encoded signals you should contact the general coverage of the footprint. I can't give you specific information on the dish-size. If a reader of this service got some receiving experience in the region, I will pass the information on to you.

Q.2 : : I own an Ecostar 2500Ip with common interface, which is a fine FTA receiver. Recently I bought an Italian Stream card for the small package and the suitable Irdeto access module. I am now very disappointed, because the unscrambling is done, but only with disrupted video and audio. Like a mispointed antenna. No problem with FTA-channels on different satellites and also SCPC great. Did I do anything wrong? (Perkash, India)

Ans: Not at all. There are some problems reading Irdeto-cards properly. The Praxis DigiMaster 9800Ci (which is identical) has the same problem. It could be one of the first access-moduls which makes the trouble and one should use a new version and also download the latest software for the 2500Ip. We did and the problems still arises. After testing both receivers with different modules and cards for Irdeto, we tried Viaccess and got no problems at all.

Q.3 : I am very new to FTA satellite reception and I am reading as much as possible to be better informed. I would like to buy an FTA system that is capable of receiving free Brazilian programming in the USA. Is that possible with a 31-33 inch dish or not? I don’t want to buy the wrong dish and receiver. Can you give me direction? Also can a dish receive C-band and Ku-band at the same time, or is it just one or the other? (John Peter, USA)

Ans: : Unfortunately, most of the Brazilian programming available via satellite can only be found on the Brasilsat series of satellites. Their beams are pointed to Brazil and not towards the USA making reception here impossible. There are a few Brazilian channels on Intelsat 805 at 55.5 deg west but these cannot be received with a 31-33-inch dish since this is a C-band satellite. You would need a much larger dish for this, on the order of 8 feet in diameter. 10 feet would probably be better.

Q.4 : Can I use a BUD (Big Ugly Dish) instead of a small dish? I suppose that I would have to modify the feed horn. The big question is: would using a 10-foot dish improve the quality of the 18-incher’s? (Shahid Mehmood, Kuwait)

Ans: Yes, you can use a BUD in place of the 18” dishes. It would be overkill, especially if that would be the only use for the BUD, but it should work. The LNB that you may currently have on the small dish is not designed to be mounted on a BUD. A reputable satellite dealer should be able to provide you with a modified scalar ring on which can be mounted a special LNB for DishNetwork or DirecTV. Keep in mind that the larger dish will not improve the quality of the picture you are watching. A digital signal is a digital signal no matter how large the dish is. The only thing a larger dish will do is giving you a useable signal in fringe areas or improved bad weather signal reserve.

Q.5 : I have a new FortecStar Blind Scan FTA receiver with an old C-band dish and a new FTA Ku-band dish in the backyard. With all of the Ku-band channels preprogrammed in memory, I wish to scan all of the C band channels on the same satellite. Will it erase all of the previously programmed Ku-band channels or will it just add to them when scanning the C band channels? (Anwar Jamal, Afghanistan)

Ans: Yes, you can scan both Ku-band and C-band signals on the same satellite and it will simply add any new channels to the end of the existing channel list. The existing channel list will not be erased. For example, Intelsat Americas 5 has both Ku and C-band signals. If you scan first for Ku signals and then scan again for C-band signals, You will get a list a both Ku and C-band channels with the Ku-band channels listed first. Keep in mind that every time you want to switch from watching a Ku-band channel to one that is C-band, you have to go into the receiver's menu and change all the necessary parameters (LOF, DiSEqC switch, etc.)


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