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December 2004

Q.1 : I have a TopField 3000-FI Receiver and it is working very well with FTA channels. The receiver has a slot on the front side. One of my friend said that it is not an original slot and it is only a dummy one. Can I use this receiver to receive the paid packages? I know that there is a lot of different types of encryptions used. Can a Receiver with 2 CI slots be able to receive all types of encryptions by inserting the corresponding cards? Some receivers say that it comes embedded with certain encryptions. What is the difference between the CI slots and embedding? If I buy a new receiver with 2 CI slots, will it work with all the types of encryptions now used all over the world? Please help me. (Tariq Aziz, Quetta)

Ans: Yes, there are several types of encryption technologies (eg Conax, Viacess, Iredeto, NDS etc) in use by the satellite channels. Typically any receiver with a CI interface will be able to receive 2 or 3 technologies only. The user manual of your receiver or alternately the manufacturers website should be able to tell you which ones your receiver can work with. You will be able to use this receiver for those channels which use these technologies only. Your friend is correct, there are several receivers available in the market, that have only "dummy" slots. These receivers often need to be fitted with the appropriate CI Module, before they can be used for decoding the corresponding pay channel. Further, after buying and fitting the appropriate CI module, you will need an authorised viewing card, to be supplied to you by the concerned channels.

Q.2 : wanted to know whether I can receive DD DTH channels in Saudi Arabia. I have a 90cm Dish KU Band with LNBF and Eurostar 9000 decoder? (Hameed Ullah, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: No you cannot receive the Ku-band signals of the DD DTH from the NSS 6 satellite in Saudia Arab. The footprint is localised for India. You can however receive India DD channels from the C-Band broadcasts on the PAS 7/10 satellite.

Q.3 : I am a cable operator. I am searching for TARA TV. Kindly give me full information about TARA TV (Frequency & Satellite)? (Saqib, Karachi)

Ans: Currently, TARA Bangla is available on Thaicom 3 as a free-to-air channel at 3600 MHz, Horizontal Polarisation, SR 26667 and FEC 3/4. The other TARA channels have shut down, long ago.

Q.4 : How can I receive SURYAN & VISHAKA FM radio?What is the equipment necessary to receive these FM stations from satellite ?Please guide me? (Faheem, Abbotabad)

Ans: You can use any standard digital satellite receiver and tune into the downlink frequency using the parameters as you would for the television channels. The digital receiver will automatically tune into the Radio frequencies.Some digital receivers allow Radio channels from satellite to be tuned in separately at the time of setup. Check your receiver user manual for this feature.The Suriyan FM Radio channel is available along with SUN TV from the NSS 703 satellite at 57 deg East.

Q.5 : First of all I would like to thank you a lot for such a good, comprehensive and informative magazine. You guys are doing a great job! I am a cable addict and love to watch satellite channels. I have a query from you. Can I receive HOTBIRD-3, ARABSAT-2C, APSTAR-1A, PALAPA-C2, JCSAT-3, ST- 1, EXPRESS-6A, TELSTAR-10, satellite channels?If possible what will be required ? Pease give the details? (Alam Zeb, Multan)

Ans: Yes, you should be able to receive Apstar 1A, Palapa-C2, JCSAT-3, ST-1 & Telstar-10 satellites. For details of the channels available from these satellites, just check our website. To receive the C-band frequencies you would need a perforated C-Band dish of at least 8 feet diameter, along with a C-band LNB & feedhorn, including of course a satellite receiver. The satellite receiver required will be either digital or analog, depending on the channels you wish to receive.

Q.6 : Can I access C Band channels on KU Band dish antenna ? Thanks for your advice? (Altaf Hussain, Balochistan)

Ans: Ku Band reception is possible with a 1 meter or smaller dish. However, C Band reception typically requires a larger dish.A 120 cm diameter Ku Band Dish will also receive strong C Band signals, for personal reception.

Q.7 : Where do I have to point my dish to receive BOLTS by VSAT ? Can I use a normal Digital DVB satellite receiver to receive BOLTS? (Sajid, Karachi)

Ans: VSAT ( Very Small Aperture Terminal ) is a 2 Way ( send & receive ) data delivery system, using satellites. It does not use the DVB standard, which is for Video and audio. VSAT signals are completely different from TV signals. Infact the same transponder on the satellite is almost never shared between TV and VSAT applications. However, different transponders on the same satellite do provide these services simultaneously. Hence a DVB receiver cannot be used to receive VSAT signals.

Q.8 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I have a Meta Box Receiver and I want to watch Ten Sports with my receiver and dish. Please help me how I will watch this? (Mohammad Sajid Hussain, Jampur)

Ans: Thank you for writing to us and having your interest in our magazine. Ten Sports is only for cable operators in Pakistan and you cant watch it with your satellite system.


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