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December 2003

Q.1 : I am living in the north of Pakistan and there are high mountains. I used to watch Express 6A, PAS 7/10, yamal 102, but I can't watch all other channels. Kindly guide me what I should do to watch easily all other channels? (Sher Khan, Hunza Valley)

Ans: You had not mentioned in your letter that what size of antenna is under your use currently. However, the high mountains create obstacles in receiving the signals of all other satellites. You should buy a 10ft fiber glass antenna, which will help you to receive the signals of all other satellites.

Q.2 : I am the regular reader of your magazine. I have a Opentel ODS 4000 CiR Digital receiver and eight ft dish. I watch the lashkara channel on NS 703, but now I am not able to receiver its signals. Please guide me? (Zeeshan, Hyderabad)

Ans: Lashkara is now broadcasted on Insat 3A. Its frequency is 3894 V, and symbol rates is 3800. You may watch it with eight ft dish.

Q.3 : I am not able to receive the signals of Sahara TV with eight ft dish and free to air receiver. I heard the voice, but there is not picture kindly advice me what should I do? (Bilal, Peshawar)

Ans: Sahara TV is continuously increasing the number of channels. There must be some defect in the focal point of your dish and LNB. The channel also freezes sometimes.

Q.4 : Dear Sir, can I watch ku band channels on Pas-4 satellite. If ku-band channels are available on pas-4, will you kindly tell me which polarity have ku channels are? (Mohammad Amin, Quetta)

Ans: On Panamsat-4 satellite, there are many channels of ku-band on different polarity. You may observe our frequency charts

Q.5 : I am the reader of your magazine for the past few years. Could you please explain this, I receive some scrambled signals, the video is scrambled but the audio is clear. I need your help? ( Hassan Wahab, Punjab)

Ans: Thanks for interest in our magazine. This is quite common problem. On different satellites, you may find channels with just the video encoded (digital and analogue) and clear audio.

Q.6 : I would like to know why some channels of Hotbird satellite disappear in the night and come back after three to four hours? (Mazhar, Karachi_)

Ans: It is because we are not in the footprint of Hotbird satellite and satellite do drift from its place. If we were in the footprint of Hotbird satellite, we would not face any problem. You have to buy a solid Dish from 10 to 12 ft.

Q.7 : Can you give me information about ABSat Digital Package. Can I receive this channel on my present digital receiver free to air. Sir please solve my problem? (Jehan Hassan, Karachi)

Ans: ABSat Package is available on Hotbird satellite. You can receive this package through a digital receiver and smart card. This package signals can be received on 10 or 12 ft fiber glass dish with Ku band LNB.

Q.8 : I have 8ft fiber glass dish and Neosat 912 digital satellite receiver. I can't receive Ku band digital channels from Turksat. Please solve my problem? (Ahmed Jan, Kohat)

Ans: If you want to receive digital channels from Turksat satellite, you have to purchase 10ft fiber glass dish and good quality of LNB.

Q.9 : Dear Editor! Can you tell me how can I receive the Sony TV decoder, and where I can purchase it. Please tell me about it, I shall be very thankful to you? (Abid Nawaz, Sindh)

Ans: If you are a cable operator and having the license of cable TV, than you can buy this decoder from LEO communications offices.

Q.10 : I am thinking to buy a DDS system with two receivers, but I have been told that I can't run two receivers of the same dish, unless I have a dish with dual LNBS. Is it true? (Sajid Iqbal, Abbotabad)

Ans: In order to run both receivers with their own polarization control, you will need a dual LNB. If you use one receiver as master and the other is slave, than only a splitter can be fitted.

Q.11 : Sir, can you help me how can I get B4U Music channel and which satellite is transmitting it? (Farhad, Lahore)

Ans: Panamsat 4 satellite is transmitting B4U music channel through free to air digital receiver on C-band LNB on horizontal polarity. Frequency is available in our magazine.

Q.12 : purchase your magazine regularly. I want to know about Arabsat and Panamsat digital packages. Can I receive these packages on my analogue receiver or I have to buy another digital decoder. Please tell me? (Tahir Abbas, Islambad)

Ans: For the receiving of Arabsat and Panamsat packages, you will have to buy a Multichoice digital receiver and card.

Q.13 : I want to just clarify, for my knowledge. I have read that on Insat-3, a Zee package is also available on the KU band frequency 11630 H S/R 27500, FEC 3/4 and 11670 H S/R 27500 FEC 3/4. Is it true? Please advice me? (Saqib, Raheem Yar Khan)

Ans: Yes that is correct !Zee is testing its Ku package from this satellite, possible for the DTH service that they are to launch. It is sometimes available in FTA - but is mostly scrambled on both transponders

Q.14 : I have been unable to receive Fashion TV on PanAmSat. The receiver locks on to the transponder at 3863

Ans: Yes FTV is no longer available on the PAS satellite. It is however available as a free-to-air channel from the following satellites: * NSS 6 downlink freq. 12688 V SR 26,087 FEC 3/4 * Asaisat 2 downlink freq. 3796 V SR 2626 FEC 3/4

Q.15 : DD Bangla on Isat2E 3830V 5000SR is not broadcasting. Any idea where it has gone? Can't get anything on 3,849 V either? ( Azeem, Kohat)

Ans: Yes the DD Bangla channel had stopped broadcasts in digital mode from the Insat 2E satellite - Now they have started aain since 6th September and is available on a downlink of 3830 with vertical polarisation, SR 5000 and FEC 3/4.

Q.16 : Dear Editor, I have a digital 200 receiver. I want to watch channel three. Which satellite is broadcasting it? (Mohammad Farman, Raheem yar Khan)

Ans: Channel 3 is broadcast by Thaicom 2/3 (78.5°East). Its frequency is 3610 V and SR is ¾.


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