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December 2002

Q.1 : Which head-end set up will be best for giving out 40-50 channels ? We currently give out 29 channels. We are planning to change our Modulators to give out the best picture quality with no channels mixing, what combination of control room amplifiers, channel equilizers, combiners and modulators should we use, and which company brand(s)? (Ovais by e-mail)

Ans: Are you currently using Winersat SAW Filter Modulators ? If yes, then you do not need to upgrade this for a 60 channel system. Good picture quality is strongly dependent on the Headend setup, which is atleast as important as using good quality equipment. Use Good quality SAW Filter Modulators at the Head end. When combining the Signal at the Headend, the output of all the combined signals, before they are fed to the headend amplifiers should be mixed at exactly the same level ... within a maximum variation of 2db. It is best that you do not include or set any slope when mixing the signals. The exact level of the mixed signal (e.g. 80 dbU) is not important. What is important is that all channels should come out mixed at the same level.

Q.2 : I have not been able to find DW TV & DWTV Afghani on its parameters 11196V, SR9100 FEC 1/2. Kindly inform me about the changes these have gone under. Thank you? (Agha Khan by e-mail)

Ans: Dear Reader, DWTV & DWTV Afghani has left from these parameters and is available on 11143 V, Clear, SR 5500, FEC 7/8 on European beam.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, what has happened to the channels Alpha Digital, Disney Germany and Universal Studio? Kindly send me the details? (Joshi by e-mail)

Ans: Alpha Digital has gone off whereas the Disney Germany and Universal Studio have left the parameters 11262 H, SR 27500 FEC 3/4 for the time being.

Q.4 : Dear Editor, Kindly give me your opinion about G.I. Indoor Amplifier, for head end amplifier? (Ahmed by e-mail)

Ans: At the Headend use a good hybrid IC based Amplifier, preferably a "Power Doubler" amplifier that utilizes Motorola or Philips ICs. This can be identified physically by removing the lid of the Amplifier. Set a slope through the Headend Amplifier. Ensure that the slope does not exceed 9 db. Further, ensure that the maximum output from the Headend Amplifier does not exceed 100 dbU, at the output end of the Amplifier. Along your entire distribution network, you should preferably use only IC based Amplifiers. Each Amplifier on your distribution network should be fed a minimum input signals of 65 dbU to 70 dbU. The output of each Amplifier should not exceed 100 dbU to 102 dbU max, for the highest channel level on your system. Correct your system slope for each Amplifier to ensure the difference of minimum and maximum channel levels is less than 9db.

Q.5 : Respected Sir, we are wring 432 FD Line Amplifier (Cat Vision). Do we need to change this for a better line signal ? (Sunil by-e-mail)

Ans: If your trunk line exceeds 5 Kms, I would recommend that you consider an upgrade to fiber. I ofcourse understand that your main problem will be splicing and line maintenance at the remote area where you are situated. However, in major Towns and Cities Fiber is an attractive option if your trunk line exceeds 5 Kms. Prices of fiber optic equipment have crashed and products are available at extremely attractive prices. Indicative prices of products that are available in the market are:- A Fiber Optic Node / Receiver Rs.9,000 or less, 2 Core Fiber Optic Cable @ Rs.11 or less, But keep it in your mind that a Fiber Optic System does not need any Amplifiers from the Headend to the Final Node. Also there is no "slope" for the signal transmitted on a Fibre Optic network. The 860 MHz & 48 MHz channels will be received, after several kilometers of transmission, at exactly the same relative strength that they were fed to the transmitter at the headend.

Q.6 : Dear Editor, Please let me know how can I obtain the - Viaccess, Nagravision, Cryptoworks, Powervu & Irdeto channels through a digital satellite receiver. (Ram Parsad, By E-mail )

Ans: A CA Slot & appropriate CA ( Conditional Access ) module, in a digital receiver is necessary through which you can receive - Viaccess, Nagravision and Irdeto encoded transmissions, if you have an authorized SMART card. PowerVu encrypted transmissions can only be received on Scientific Atlanta's Propriety Digital Satellite IRDs. "Normal" Free To Air Digital satellite receivers, without the correct CA module cannot receive any encrypted transmissions.

Q.7 : Respected Editor, kindly tell me the parameter details of NTV Hayat and Jamahirya Sat. Channel? (Pathan by e-mail)

Ans: NTV Hayat is available on these parameters Freq: 11540, Pol: V, Mode: Clear, SR: 26000, FEC: 3/4 on Nordic 2 beam, whereas Jamahiya Sat. Channel has started with Freq: 11823, Pol: V, Mode: Clear, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4 on Egypt beam.

Q.8 : I could not detect MITV and Super Sports on Turksat K (42° East) have they gone under any change and what are the parameters of Euro Sports News on PAS 7/10 (68.5° East)? (Rani by e-mail)

Ans: Dear Rani, MITV and Super Sports on Turksat have gone off whereas Euro Sports News is available on Freq: 4064, Pol: V, Mode: Clear, SR: 21000, FEC: 3/4 on Central beam.

Q.9 : I am regular reader of your magazine "Dish Channels." Would you kindly tell me What is RS232? Can I upgrade my Digital Satellite Receiver with a computer ? I am extremely happy with the channel frequencies you provide in your magazine. I have seen other magazines but they do not provide the correct frequencies. I am glad that each and every channel frequency in Dish Channels is correct. (Hasnain By E-mail)

Ans: We thank you for your generous praising comments. The RS232 port is usually located on the rear of the Digital Receiver. The RS232 port provides for exchange of data with a computer or other device, in a serial format. The RS232 port on digital satellite receivers can be used to upload or download data that may be transmitted by a digital transponder. It can also be used to update the digital satellite receiver's software. I however recommend that the software upgrade only be done by knowledgeable service personnel. Errors in the procedure, could even corrupt existing software on the receiver, and make it unusable.

Q.10 : I am regular reader of “Dish Channels” Magazine and it is the only full fledged magazine providing details of recent changes in satellite world. Kindly tell me what has happened to Tara Marathi and ABS CBN News channels? (Narveen by e-mail)

Ans: We are grateful to you for your appreciation on our efforts. Tara Marathi has gone off and Tara Bangla has taken its place whereas ABS CBN News channel has been closed for the mean time.


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